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With so many different types of brokers available online, even for an experienced trader - especially for beginners - it can be really difficult to choose the best trading brokers and best trading sites that can meet all their needs.

We have trading reviews of the online brokers to determine which of all are the best trading brokers in the industry as well as trading websites that can truly help you achieve your goals.

 When we started working on our trading reviews, we were confronted with reality, in terms of trading, that had radically changed in recent times.

We are experiencing a particularly volatile period due to the COVID-19 and also the financial markets have undergone unprecedented changes, which have involved all investors, from the most important to the most inexperienced. Therefore, choosing the best trading brokers is essential.

AtoZ Markets Recommended Brokers

How AtoZ Markets Finds the Best Trading Brokers

AtoZ Markets helps you make informed and thoughtful decisions about the best trading brokers on how, when and where to invest, in order to achieve the desired results. Given the recent market volatility and the important changes in the online brokerage sector, trading online today is easier and many are approaching this sector.

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There are many trading websites but we do a thorough analysis to help you understand how to trade online. We are more committed than ever to providing our dear readers with unbiased and trusted broker reviews or trading reviews, covering the best investment platforms for investors and traders of all levels, but also for all types of markets.

Here is the summary of the best trading brokers and best trading sites for the year 2021 according to our trading reviews.

Trading reviews of the best brokers

The trading websites that we have listed below represent the best trading brokers for a trader looking for maximum reliability in a platform. Let's go, therefore, to see in detail the individual platforms, highlighting the most important criteria for each broker to make the correct choice by reading our trading reviews:

  • Platform and tools made available by the broker;
  • Security and authorizations in possession;
  • Customer service;
  • Costs and commissions for the trader.

For a more in-depth broker trading review, we refer to the guides we have dedicated to each platform.


Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Israel, eToro operates in trading and has millions of traders in over 140 countries. At its inception, eToro was a high-quality cryptographic forex and cryptocurrency platform, a tool that has led to crypto trading over time. You can trade with a demo account, trade contracts for difference (CFDs), trade cryptocurrencies and stocks on different trading websites.

In our trading reviews, eToro ranks among the best trading brokers also due to the fact that it offers a high-quality crypto platform that serves cryptocurrency traders all over the world, traders can trade stocks and CFDs. The key feature of eToro is to have one of the best trading sites that enable its traders to carry out trading; unique is the ease with which a single client can implement copy trading.

 eToro, which owns one of the best trading sites, features traders who make their work public and who follow the rules that allow risk control. This very interesting and useful function in online trading, therefore, allows retail account holders to imitate the operations and trading strategies of the most successful customers, automatically and in real-time. It should be noted that copy trading itself has no guarantee of gains or losses. But this does not affect the fact that they are, perhaps, the best broker always mentioned in various trading online reviews.

Opening a new account is simple and can be done online. Once you have submitted all the required information, there is a 1-4 day wait to verify your identity and at the end of this period, you will get your account opened. Non-US residents, if they want to start trading online,  they need around $200 to open an account. eToro uses Plaid to link a bank to your trading account. In some countries, however, it is possible to fund an account with a credit card, as well as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Rapid Transfer, iDEAL, and Sofort.

 Placing a trade is simple: just click the "Trade" button while viewing the relevant currency on the watchlist. There is a "Buy" button on your wallet card. To sell a particular coin, click or tap the drop-down arrow and select "Sell" from that list. It is possible to close an entire position or only a part of it if you have bought in several lots, but you cannot sell a part of a single lot. For example, if you buy $100 worth of Bitcoin and then go to sell it, you have to close the entire $100 transaction.

Click on "Markets" to see other available asset classes which include approximately 1,700 stocks, 47 currency pairs and approximately 20 contracts for difference (CFDs). You can also use leverage. Checklists can be customized and shared with mobile apps.

Some non-US asset classes allow you to set a stop-loss when entering a position. Also, if you copy a transaction, you can set the maximum drawdown.

Placing a trade on a mobile device is very similar to the online shopping experience. The online broker offers fewer analytics features on mobile apps, but the difference is small.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers  (IBKR) ranks very close to the top position in our 2021 trusted broker reviews due to its wealth of tools for sophisticated investors who are interested in tracking global investment trends. As an online trading broker, the company is able to connect to any electronic trading platform globally, so that you can trade stocks, options and futures around the world and around the clock.

 Interactive Brokers introduced a Lite pricing plan in the fall of 2019, which offers commission-free stock trades on most available platforms but still charges a small fee for IBKR Pro users.

It mainly serves institutional investors and advanced and active traders all over the world. That said, the company continues to introduce new products, educational resources and services aimed at investors who are not as active. Making the experience less intimidating for newer or less active investors is still a work in progress for the incredibly competitive company. In addition to unprecedented access to the market, IBKR has equipped itself with an impressive set of tools that can satisfy almost any possible trading need.

Clients are able to connect to any electronic trading platform globally, so you can trade stocks, options and futures around the world around the clock.

Until recently, Interactive Brokers had not focused at all on simplifying the process of accessing and starting their services. You have to sign up for quite a few forms to get your account enabled, but most of the features are available for use as soon as your account is opened. You can open an account without making a deposit, but it will be closed if you don't fund it within 90 days of opening. These are elements to consider if you decide to use these trading platforms.

 Once your account is set up, you can afford to run and try all the tools in your demo account. In your personal area of ​​the platform, you will find the most accessible and easiest-to-find IBKR tools. The company has also added IBot, an AI-powered digital assistant, to help you achieve your goals - the best brokerage stuff.

 Everything Interactive Brokers revolves around Traders Workstation (TWS). TWS is a powerful and extensively customizable downloadable platform, which is gradually adding some comforts, such as a list titled “For You” that keeps links to your most-used tools. You'll need to take some time to get to know TWS, which looks like a spreadsheet. The Mosaic-integrated interface in TWS is much more aesthetically pleasing and allows you to organize tools as building blocks to form a workspace. You can create your own mosaic layouts and save them for future use. In short, it's going to take some time to get the exact experience you're looking for, but the design tools you'll need are all there.

 The Interactive Brokers mobile app has almost all the functionality of the web platform. All available asset classes can be traded on the mobile app, mobile watchlists you create are shared with web and desktop platforms, and live data streams. Mobile streaming news includes Bloomberg TV, Real Vision and IBKR Traders Insight. The research is solid, the charts are very good for mobile, and there is a whole range of indicators. Also, the broker provides free trading guides to the new trader. This trading experience can only be experienced when you choose to work with the brokers in this trading reviews.


XTB, one of the trading websites, ranks among the best forex brokers on our list. It is a solid choice for traders who want to minimize their costs. As we’ve seen in several trusted broker reviews, XTB is the way to go, whether it's the inherent cost of placing a trade (bid/ask spread) or not having to be burdened with extraneous costs, such as transfer fees. This broker offers maximum leverage of up to 500: 1 for non-UK accounts while UK accounts have leverage of up to 30: 1. The firm places an emphasis on customer support and offers relevant educational tools and research services that would be suitable for a novice trader. This company is one of the best low-cost Forex brokers.

XTB offers potential clients many of the tools they need to be successful in the online trading arena. What it does better than anyone else is offering clients the lowest forex spread cost in the industry. The costs (spread + commissions) for other product offerings are more in line with the industry. xStation 5, while limited, is intuitive and functional, and some features, such as the instrument scanner and heat map, add to its appeal for any type of trader.

Being FCA regulated gives credibility while negative balance protection gives customers peace of mind. Customer service is slightly above average and the training catalog is adequate. MT4 offers expert advisors, back-testing and auto-trading for the most technologically advanced traders. Overall, XTB is best suited to cost-conscious clients who wish to engage in trading on the forex markets.


Do you want to become the best CFD trader? or looking for CFD trading websites? Here is the one! Plus500 is a CFD trading broker providing users around the world with a wide variety of asset classes to trade along with a user-friendly experience on mobile and desktop applications. Known for its zero fee model, Plus500 traders have the tools at their disposal to quickly capitalize on changing global market trends.

Investors from over 50 countries can trade with confidence knowing that Plus500 is regulated and licensed in all jurisdictions in which it operates and the service is available in 32 different languages. Additionally, individual risk and security can be optimized with a full set of order types and margin trading tools, as well as segregated account measures to protect all of the trader's funds.

Plus500's platform is aimed at more experienced traders who are able to research and analyze the markets on their own, so its steep learning curve can prove detrimental to novice traders. made it into our trading reviews as it is among the best trading sites for forex and CFD trading. The feature on which focuses most is certainly the development of a particularly valid trading platform with great versatility, being also available for mobile devices.

In this way the user can consult the charts and trade in real-time since the configuration of the platform that you have on the desktop is also available on mobile or tablet. Furthermore, the possibility for users to be able to count on a wide range of financial instruments with which they can easily trade allows them to develop an additional advantage.

However, what has allowed Markets to become one of the reference brokers in the sector is the great attention paid to the user: on the platform, it is in fact possible to take advantage of customer support that is always active and available in different languages, which acts as a guide in the platform.

A broker only gains credibility when it obtains fundamental clearances and allows the potential user to develop a positive perception of the platform and to be able to start trading with confidence. has been given all the necessary authorizations to operate in financial markets, thus achieving a reputation for a safe and not risky platform.

The esteem that users have towards this platform is well found on trusted broker reviews, where several people indicate it as complete, thanks to the possibility of trading with multiple types of goods, from raw materials to monetary currencies.

However, it is certainly the opinions of inexperienced traders on trading online reviews that make it clear how reliable the platform is. In fact, even, as well as the other most famous brokers, has provided the possibility for the user to open a free demo account, so that even those who are beginners can develop their skills. Thanks to the free demo account, the user can make their own experiences without having to worry about a possible loss, which during the first period is absolutely normal.

The user can easily navigate on the platform, touch all the tools it is equipped with and learn to read the graphs representing the state of the market, gaining direct experience and understanding much faster.


Originally founded as AvaFX in 2006, AvaTrade offers medium-to-competitive spreads and a wide variety of tradable instruments through its Irish domicile and multiple satellite offices, with financial registration in six jurisdictions across five continents. 

 Novice traders can open accounts for as little as $100. This is a dedicated educational and research site that has grown a lot over the past year, now offering a wider variety of free courses, videos, and market analysis.

 Lately, this brokerage firm has reduced the number of trading platforms, adding a professional design to bypass ESMA leverage restrictions. Some of these changes are loosely structured, adding to the possible confusion as potential Italian traders go through account types, spread times, and commission lists.

AvaTrade does not charge any trading fees and offers ultra-low spreads, but it can be inaccurate, depending on the type of account. A single page lists spreads for all tradable instruments, as well as overnight interest calculations, maturity rollover fees, and inactivity fees.

 Retail traders are charged higher spreads than professional ones, but few Italians will get that designation. The marketing page only lists fixed page sets, with no documentation on minimum or average spreads. That information is buried within the FAQ, adding confusion about account types and related costs.

 A trading reviews of legal documents found some discrepancies in spread and fee information that included hidden withdrawal fees and a provision to charge fees on certain account types, although those types were not disclosed. These omissions could be addressed with more detailed information on account types, especially fixed vs variable, as well as side-by-side account comparisons.

 It only takes $100 to open an account and AvaTrade does not offer guaranteed volume discounts or stop losses. They charge a $50 fee after three months of account inactivity and an administration fee of $100 after one year of inactivity. As mentioned, no withdrawals or closing fees are listed in the marketing materials, but legal documents have noted fees for bank wire transfers and credit card transactions. Withdrawal processing can be unusually slow, taking up to ten business days to receive wire transfers.

Is my money safe on Best Trading Sites?

All the best trading brokers discussed in our trading reviews are required to have a large amount of money to protect their clients. That said, for retail investors, especially newbies, they are unlikely to have accounts that exceed this amount of dollars. Therefore, there is little cause for concern when it comes to the safety of your money in a brokerage account. Thus, it is always recommended to open a free trading demo account after following our trading strategies for beginners

Trusted Broker Reviews by AtoZ methodology

Like we earlier said, AtoZ Markets is committed to providing investors with impartial and comprehensive trading reviews and ratings of online brokers.

Our reviews are the result of months of evaluating all aspects of an online broker's platform, including user experience, qualification of trade executions, products available on its platforms, costs and fees, security, mobile experience and customer service. We established a rating scale based on our criteria, collecting thousands of data points that we weighed in our star marking system. 

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Many of the online brokers we reviewed have given us in-person demonstrations of their platforms directly.

To determine the best broker for beginners, we focused on features that help new investors learn as they are starting their investment journey. The brokers were selected on the basis of first-rate educational resources, easy navigation, clear commission and pricing structures, and portfolio building tools.

At AtoZ Markets, we don’t just accept what is written on a website, but take it to the regulator. We will reach out to the regulatory bodies, if there is any investigation into any of these brokers. We will be checking generic feedback from customers who dealt with those brokers, till we finalize our trading review.