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Ellevest Review & Rating [yyyy]» A Women Centric Robo-Advisor

Ellevest Review & Rating 2024» A Women Centric Robo-Advisor

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Looking for an investment platform that caters specifically to women? Look no further than Ellevest! This unique company offers a wide range of investment options, all designed to help women reach their financial goals. Whether you're just starting out in your career or you're nearing retirement, Ellevest has a plan that will work for you. In this review, we'll take a closer look at the features and benefits offered by Ellevest and see how they can help you achieve your financial dreams.

Ellevest review

One of the biggest advantages of using Ellevest is that you can get started with as little as $1 membership. This makes it a great option for women who are just starting to invest or those who don't have a lot of money saved up. Ellevest also offers a wide range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, and  real insurance. You can choose to invest in a variety of different portfolios, each tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Ellevest also offers a number of helpful tools and resources, including online courses, calculators, and articles. This makes it easy for you to get started and learn more about investing.

In this Ellevest Review article, we are going to give you an unbiased picture of this women centric investment platform. AtoZ Markets is in no way held responsible for any opinions given by the writer.


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Company Summary

- Founded in 2014 by Sallie Krawcheck; Charlie Kroll.

- Headquarters: New York City, NY

- Services offered: Investment platform for women

- Minimum investment: $0

- Investment options: Investment Portfolios, Savings Account, Retirement and Insurance etc.

- Tools and resources: Online courses, calculators, articles, etc.

- Website:

Products Details of Ellevest

Ellevest provides women with tools to help them create their financial futures that they'd like. They offer two services: 1.  Ellevest membership and 2. Ellevest Private Wealth Management.

Ellevest Membership

Ellevest subscription was designed to serve people seeking to control their finances and grow their careers -- regardless of where you are on your financial journey all in one place.

They have four options to assist you in achieving this:

Online Investing: Ellevest membership fee starts with 1$, where you can plan for your retirement or more financial goals. They have two portfolios. Ellevest Core and Ellevest Impact.

Spending and Saving: Here you can start with an Ellevest debit card that lets you earn cash back and an account where you can save for your short-term goals.

On-demand Learning: They offer free courses and workshops on subjects such as budgeting, managing your salary and more.

Career and Money Coaching: They 1:1 coaching sessions with their members-only discounts on each session.

You can choose to use just one or make use of them all -- they designed membership to ensure you can begin with the place you are at and customize it to your needs.

Ellevest Private Wealth Management

Ellevest Private Wealth Management is intended for those with at least $1 million to invest. It's a complete wealth advice service for investors looking to align their investments to their personal values and are aware that the place they invest their money is important.

A team of highly experienced experts in financial advisory, investment specialists and professional in client service We offer individualized financial planning, a sophisticated investment method, the possibility of impact investing to improve the quality of life for women as well as access to executive coach and more.

Pros and Cons of Ellevest

There has been a lot of buzz lately around Ellevest, the all-women investment firm. Some people are praising it as a great way to get more women into the world of investing, while others are criticizing it for its high fees and lack of transparency. So what is the truth? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of Ellevest to see if it is right for you.


- Ellevest is designed specifically for women, taking into account the unique financial challenges that we face.

- The fees are much lower than those of most traditional investment firms.

- You can get started with as little as $0 with membership starting from $1.

- They have a portfolio mix according to women's needs.


- The company is still fairly new, so there is not a lot of history or data to go on.

- It is not as transparent as some investors would like, making it difficult to know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

- They don't have automated tax loss harvesting

- IRA is not available for Essential membership.

So is Ellevest right for you? That depends on your individual circumstances and needs. If you are looking for an investment firm that specifically caters to women, Ellevest is a great option. However, if you are looking for greater transparency and lower fees, you may want to look elsewhere.

How Good is Trading Platforms of Ellevest

Ellevest offers a variety of trading platforms and tools to help you make the most of your investments. The Ellevest platform is designed for investors at all levels, and provides everything you need to make informed decisions about your money. You can use the Ellevest platform to create custom investment portfolios, track your progress, and get advice from experts. In addition, Ellevest offers a mobile app (for both Android and iOS) that makes it easy to stay on top of your investments wherever you go.

Types of Account offered by Ellevest

Account types

Ellevest provides three membership options, beginning at just $1 per month. They have designed pricing plans to be simple.

You are able to switch plans at any time and you can decide whether you would like to pay on a monthly basis or annual basis and get savings. They have the following three plans

Ellevest Essential

It costs $1 monthly membership fee, or $12 over the course of a year.

Ellevest Plus

It costs $5 a month or $60, $54 for annually (save $6)

Ellevest Executive

It costs $9 a month or $108, $97 per one year (save $11)

They also offer retirement accounts of many types. They are as follow:

— Roll over a 401(k) & 403(b)

— Roth


You can also transfer your retirement accounts to Ellevesr. Or open your own retirement accounts.

They also offer bank account to their customers.

They also has taxable brokerage account. It  is funded by any amount after-tax dollars and can be used to invest in almost any kind of security, such as bonds, stocks mutual funds, mutual funds, and Exchange-traded fund (ETFs). If securities are sold at profits typically, taxes are to be paid.

What's You Will Get?

The price of membership includes banking, investing as well as learning. it grants you up to 50% savings on the cost of all funds and career coaching sessions.

They don't charge an additional fee investment advice at Ellevest as investment advice is part of the cost of your monthly membership.

There are no hidden costs that are associated with the Ellevest Save and Spend accounts or debit card -- there are no overdraft charges, no charges for account If you set up direct deposit to be made, ATM fees get reimbursed.

What's not Included?

Career and financial coaching services are available through the Ellevest Store, with members receiving the chance to save up 50% on every session.

Additionally, the companies that manage the individual funds within your investment portfolio may have a small cost. In the case of Ellevest Fund fees are included in the price you pay for your investments, and will not show as an additional fee on your account statement.

Ellevest Private Wealth Management

It is targeted at those who have more than $1 million in assets to manage and costs will be calculated based on the total amount of assets you manage. Their Private Wealth services, including investing management, financial planning and executive coaching are covered by the advisory fees.

Is Ellevest Cheaper?

Ellevest fees

When you're looking for a new investment platform, it's important to understand the fees and commissions involved. This is especially true when it comes to Ellevest, which has been making waves in the investment world since its launch. In this article, we'll take a look at what you can expect to pay in terms of fees and commissions with Ellevest. We'll also discuss some of the unique features that make this platform stand out from the competition.

One of the things that makes Ellevest unique is its fee structure. Unlike many other investment platforms, Ellevest doesn't charge a commission on trades. Instead, you'll pay a flat annual fee based on your account balance. This fee ranges from 0.25% to 0.50%, making it one of the most affordable options available.

Another thing to note is that Ellevest doesn't have any account minimum. This means you can start investing with as little as $0, which is a great option for beginner investors. However, keep in mind that they have monthly and yearly subscription fees of their membership. Ellevest domestic ATM transaction fees is $0.

Overall, Ellevest's fees and commissions are very reasonable. You won't have to worry about being nickel-and-dimed on every trade, and you can get started with a relatively small investment. This makes Ellevest a great option for investors of all experience levels.

Deposit and withdrawal of Ellevest

Ellevest deposits and withdraw

-You can deposit money into your Ellevest account by electronic transfer from another financial institution or via a check.

-To withdraw money, you can either request a withdrawal to be sent to you by check or have the funds transferred electronically to another account.

-There is no minimum account balance required for deposits or withdrawals, and Ellevest does not charge any fees for either.

-Please note that if you deposit or withdraw money on a weekend or holiday, the transaction will be processed on the next busin.

-You can deposit money into your Ellevest account by electronic transfer from another financial institution or via a check.

-There is no minimum amount required for deposits or withdrawals, and Ellevest does not charge any fees for either.

-Please note that if you deposit or withdraw money on a weekend or holiday, the transaction will be processed on the next business day.

Is Ellevest a safe Robo-Advisor?

Is ellevest safe!

Ellevest is a safe and secure broker. It is registered with the SEC and partnered with Fidelity Investments, which are both reliable and trustworthy organizations. Ellevest also has a variety of trading platforms and tools available to help you make the most of your investments. So if you're looking for a safe place to invest your money, Ellevest is a great option.

Ellevest is one of the safest brokers around. They are registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) as an investment advisor, meaning they must comply with various rules and regulations in order to protect investors. In addition, their partnership with Fidelity Investments - another well-respected investment firm - ensures that your money will be handled safely.

Ellevest Review: Customer Support

Ellevest customer support

Ellevest offers a variety of customer support options to help you make the most of your investments. You can call their toll-free number, chat with them online, or email them for assistance. They also have a wealth of resources on their website, including FAQs, videos, and articles.

Ellevest provides an array of customer service options to its investors which include: Toll Free Phone Number; Live Chat; Email Address; Website Resources (FAQs, Videos, Articles). These channels are available 24/7 and provide individuals with various means by which they can get the answers they need or contact Ellevest for issues that may arise.

So far there have been no complaints about the quality of Ellevest's customer service. They provide a variey of channels through which you can get help, and their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. If you're looking for a broker that will offer personalized support, Ellevest is a great option.

Is Ellevest Regulated?

Is ellevest regulated?

Ellevest is a registered investment advisor, and is therefore regulated by the SEC. This means that Ellevest must comply with a variety of rules and regulations designed to protect investors. In addition, Ellevest has partnered with Fidelity Investments, which is also a registered investment advisor. This partnership ensures that you can trust Ellevest to handle your money safely and securely.

Ellevest is a registered investment advisor, meaning it must comply with various rules and regulations set forth by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). Additionally, as an investor you can trust Ellevest's partnering company - Fidelity Investments - as being a fellow RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) signatory on NASD Rule 3060(b)(14).

This effectively means that Ellevest is beholden to two regulatory agencies in order to safeguard customer investments and account activity. In the event of any complaints, inquiries or investigations, both the SEC and FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) will work together with Ellevest to get to the bottom of things. So far there have been no such issues reported.


Ellevest is an excellent option for investors who are just beginning their journey seeking help in achieving your financial objectives.

It provides educational materials for free covering topics that range from retirement to interview coaching , and budgeting. It gives coaching from professionals for an extra cost. Ellevest could be a great option for investors with a strong belief in values as well as investors who are looking to put their money in businesses with policies and practices that promote women.


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