Moving Average Angle Forex Trading Strategy

The Moving average angle Forex trading strategy is now available for download on AtoZMarkets indicators gallery.

Long-term trends trading is one way to make more money in forex markets. FX traders can use this strategy to trade efficiently by taking fewer trades and making more profit.

Two indicators are used in Forex trading: 200 EMA, and MA Angle indicator . This strategy will allow us to trade the long-term trends using the 200 Exponential moving average and an MA angle indicator. This strategy aims to trade the long-term trend change and keep the trade open for as long as possible. This strategy is best for traders who have long-term positions.

200 EMA

There are many uses for Moving Averages. It is used by traders for many reasons. It is used by traders to identify trends. It could be used to identify the price's location relative to the moving average. You could also use multiple moving averages to see how they stack. This could be used to identify entry points and areas. You could wait for the price to reach the moving average, then trade the bounce.

MA Angle

The MA Angle measures the slope of a moving mean. This is because the slope of a moving mean becomes steeper as the trend in the price increases. The MA Angle indicator plots a larger value the steeper the slope. The trend tends toward being stronger the steeper the slope.


  • 200 Exponential moving average (EMA) (Green).
  • MA Angle

Timeframe Daily charts , daily charts , and 4-hour

Currency Couple: any

Trade Session: any


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Multibank Review
eToro Review
4.8/5 Review

How do you trade with the Moving Average Angle Forex Trading Strategy?

This strategy aims at trading the shift in the long-term trend using 200 EMA. This is achieved by using the 200 EMA itself as the trigger. If the price is above the 200 EMA, or if it has recently crossed the 200 EMA, the trade should be made.

But, it is important to align the long-term trend with the midterm trend. The MA Angle is here to help. The MA Angle is 50-periods. This is commonly used to filter midterm trends. Instead of using the 50-period moving mean, we will use the slope of 50 MA. The MA Angle custom indicator will make this easy. When the slope of MA Angle indicator begins to steepen, trades should be made.

Do you want to trade using the Moving Average Angle trading strategy Register for a free account at AtoZ Markets forex brokers

Multibank Review
eToro Review
4.8/5 Review

How do I download and install an indicator?

These steps are required to install the indicator onto your MT4 platform.

  1. The button " Download Indiator" is located in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. Save the file to your hard drive.
  3. Move the files to the MT4>Indicator directory in the MetaTrader4 software program file directory.
  4. Start your Metatrader platform.
  5. Navigate to " Indiators."
  6. To apply the template, select " Moving average angle Forex Trading Strategy".

Note: This indicator was created by James. AtoZ Markets has no copyrights to this trading tool.

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