Best AI Trading Softwares 2023

The world of stock trading is changing rapidly with AI trading bots being right at the heart of this revolution. Unlike humans, machines can make decisions faster. Besides that, because machines are emotionless, AI trading software is widely viewed as potentially more profitable especially when done in the long-term.

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So, if you’re considering integrating AI trading systems into your trading methods, you’ve got every reason to start carrying out your research right now.

In this article, we’d like to walk you through real-life examples of AI stock trading systems. Hopefully, at the end of this article, you'll be in a better position to determine which AI trading systems would be best for your trading strategy.

What is AI trading software?

So, what is AI trading? Put simply, AI trading software offers a seamless and stress-free way of trading the financial markets. Most AI trading is conducted through ‘trading robots’, which are specially designed algorithms based in data science that can research the market and place trades on a user’s behalf. These robots utilize artificial intelligence technology and machine learning in their trading  strategies which allows them to forecast hundreds of scenarios in real-time – leading to the most effective trades.

This approach is very similar to algorithmic trading because users can harness the power of technology to bolster their trading results. As AI trading systems are completely objective, they do not fall victim to the psychological biases that we humans do. As such, trades are often much more effective when using AI – and combining this with the super-fast execution speeds offered usually results in better profits.

Types of AI trading software

For retail traders, there are many options for purchasing, or subscribing to AI trading software and platforms. Here are three types of AI trading software.

Trade Idea Generation

One of the most common uses for AI is for generating trading ideas. This can be in the form of scanners that search for price and chart patterns that meet certain criteria (IE: 60-minute triangle breakouts). These programs can find the patterns sifting through thousands of stocks simultaneously on its platform to filter and find you potential trading ideas.

Trade Planning 

AI software can be used to plan you trades by analyzing support and resistance levels in addition to the underlying patterns. From there, it can determine the optimal entry area and the stop-loss and profit target ranges. Automation can be added to actually place the executions, which is what hedge funds and high frequency trading programs do.


AI can be used to optimize your trading method or system by back-testing set-ups and patterns. This requires access to historical data, but the software will crunch the numbers to provide you data driven stats on how well your set-up or pattern has performed in the past under specific market conditions. You can reverse engineer this way and continue to refine your set-ups based on history, as history has a habit of repeating itself especially in the stock market.

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AI Stock Trading

This technology can offer AI stock trading software too. Like forex robots, AI software involved in the stock market can analyze hundreds of data points in real-time and then forecast all of the potential scenarios for a stock’s price. By predicting these scenarios, the AI technology can ‘predict’ where a stock will go and then place an appropriate trade.

Many AI stock trading platforms will ensure complete beginners can use their systems. This is ideal for people with no prior knowledge of the stock market or technical analysis, as it allows them to learn the ropes whilst also generating profits.

Benefits Of AI Trading

As you can see from the sections above, AI trading can be applicable in a whole host of different situations. Through our research and trading experience, we’ve found numerous benefits of using systems such as this. Found below are three of the main benefits we’ve discovered when AI trading:

Removal of Emotion

The vast majority of the best investment books all state the same thing – emotion is bad for trading. When we become emotional, we tend to make trading mistakes that can result in losses. However, as AI  trading software is entirely objective, emotion doesn’t come into the equation – meaning that trading is much more effective.

Monitors the Markets 24/7

As humans, we can’t keep an eye on the charts every single minute of every single day. Due to this, there’s always a chance that when we look away from the chart, we may miss an excellent trading opportunity.

However, when AI trading, it’s possible for AI algorithms to monitor the charts 24/7. This ensures that no trade opportunities are missed – even when you’re asleep! Over the long run, this will enable you to enter more effective trades and generate more significant profits.

 Incredible Analysis

One of the best things about AI trading is that the technology allows for insane levels of market analysis. AI technology can analyze hundreds (if not thousands) of pieces of market data simultaneously, leading to super-accurate price forecasts. These forecasts then allow the AI to create profitable trade ideas and act on them instantly.

Humans are unable to match the depth and speed of analysis that AI technology can complete. What’s more, the AI can do all of this in real-time – which means that if a news event occurs, the AI can analyze it instantly and place trades that are suitable for the current market conditions and volatility!

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 AI  Trading Systems Explained

Whether you’re forex trading, equity trading, or cryptocurrency trading, using an AI trading software can give you the edge you need to generate more significant profits. As noted earlier, these systems can trade the market automatically, requiring no manual input. The points below present a typical example of how these AI trading systems work:

  • You find an AI trading system that suits your needs
  • Once downloaded and installed, you alter the settings to suit your unique risk level and goals
  • You opt to ‘go live’ with the AI trading system
  • The AI system then scans the markets on your behalf and places trades when it sees fit
  • You automatically receive the profits generated by the AI into your brokerage account, where you can withdraw or reinvest them

This process may differ slightly depending on the provider, but most AI systems work similarly. The only manual input needed is the initial setup and altering of the settings – once that’s complete, then you’re good to go!

AI  Trading Bot

Using an AI  trading bot is a fantastic way to trade the market in a completely automated fashion. Whether you are looking to invest in stocks, trade the Forex market, or buy cryptocurrency, there’s an AI trading bot that will suit your needs. As noted previously, these bots are essentially advanced pieces of AI technology that can do all of the things that we humans can – except they are much faster, more efficient, and show less emotion.

These factors allow an AI  trading bot to trade more profitably and remove the need for manual input. These days there are numerous AI  trading bots on the market, each with its own features and plus points. However, through extensive research and testing, we’ve narrowed the choices down to a select few that we feel offer the best AI trading systems for different trading types.

5 best AI trading softwares

We have curated a list of the top 5 AI trading software that can help make trading stocks easier.

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas platform can perform tasks such as stock trading, opportunity detection, and back-testing.

This AI trading software has been around since 2002, and to-date has served more than 50,000 traders. Their system crunches more than 6,0000 stocks and provides you with meaningful alerts which you can always filter out on the basis of usefulness.

What’s more? It’s only in Trade Ideas that you can find a system called Holly. Holly is an AI trading bot widely perceived as the most advanced one out there.

And to make sure you get nothing but good value for money, those who subscribe to the packages available are provided with backtesting tools along with 1-on-1 training.

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Trend Spider

This is yet another stock trade robot that has, so far, proved quite popular among day traders and technical analysts.

Launched in 2018 in Chicago, Trend Spider has stood out with its abilities to scour market data and transform it into actionable and meaningful insights.

This AI trading app combines the powers of chart-watching with backtesting and technical analysis. In other words, not only does Trend Spider provide you with insights to make quality decisions but also a platform on which you can double-check the strength of your strategy based on historical data.

Another thing, this AI trading app is available on a free-trial basis. So, you can conveniently test-drive it before fully committing your hard-earned money into it.

And of course, it’s worth noting that this system provides you with real-time access to stocks, forex and crypto. All this is provided within one plan making it easier for you to try your luck with different markets and with greater efficiency.

Blackbox Stocks

Made by a Texas-based firm in 2021, Blackbox Stocks is an AI  trading software that identifies and alerts the trader of opportunities in real-time. This is where the “action” is and provides you with potential trading candidates. Besides deep scanning the market, the AI scanner uses proprietary algorithms to also scan for deep-pool activities. With the program, a user also gets access to a private chat group where alerts and opinions are posted. The trading system comes with a pre-market scanner that scans the market for stocks that are most active and indicates the volatility of every stock.


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Kavout is a Seattle-based, FinTech startup that has been around since 2015. This AI trading bot offers equity factors and signals that are timely and cost-effective. The main feature of this AI trading app is a derived equity rating score called the K-score that ranges between 0 to 9. K-score is obtained by the analysis of over 200 factors and signals, including fundamental, price/volume and alternative data. A high K-score means a higher chance of outperformance of the stock. The AI trading software uses pattern recognition technology to recommend stocks daily. The product applies deep thinking, deep data, and deep discovery technologies to detect anomalies and predict a trend.


EquBot’s platform uses machine learning algorithms, knowledge graphs, and IBM’s Watson natural language processor. In particular, EquBot’s AI trading software integrated with IBM Watson helps global investment professionals to deliver better outcomes through portfolios-as-a-service (PaaS).

EquBot’s features make data crunching easier and faster. It delivers AI portfolios, indexes, and signals on-demand and processes millions of news stories, social media posts, and financial statements over the internet every day to make predictions accurate.


AI trading systems are gradually taking over Wall Street. Therefore, it’d be a great idea to get the best AI trading software available so you can make the most of this growing revolution.

Our top-recommended bots are Trade Ideas and Trendspider. The former is highly resourceful, though a bit pricey. The latter has some relatively useful features and a friendly layout that makes it stand out as a worthy first-runner up.

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