Stock Broker Comparison 2024

Nowadays, if you want to enter different markets and invest in the stock market, it is essential to choose your online broker. The latter represents the unshakable bond between you, the trader and the markets, whatever they may be.

Choosing the right broker cannot be improvised! In addition to guaranteeing the seriousness and reliability of the broker, it is important to verify that it is compatible with your investor profile and that it fully meets your specific needs.

To help you in your position, AtoZ Markets’ experts have prepared a stock broker list after carefully analyzing several stock brokers.

The stock broker comparison will guide you in your choice of stock broker, thanks to their expertise. Also, this page will help you find stock broker reviews and all their advice to help you make a relevant choice, with confidence!

Traders are advised to pay attention and refer to our stock trading guide for precise and rigorous selection criteria to invest peacefully and in complete safety. In fact, the wrong broker choice can sometimes even explain why some investors lose money when they start.

Our advisors offer you to benefit from their expert and above all well-reasoned advice in order to make your trading experience unforgettable and totally reliable!

Stock broker comparison and expert advice

In the opinion of our experts, the best stock brokers should at least offer clients who wish to access their platform and open a trader account the following elements:

  • quick and easy order processing → This criterion obviously depends on your profile. If you just want to trade, it's a little less suitable for you. On the other hand, it is quite suitable for investors.
  • state-of-the-art tools → Real-time support with quality financial instruments is essential to carry out relevant analysis of markets and finances.
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer service → This is where the best online brokers can make a difference. Their clients are in fact looking for the most qualitative offers of online brokers on this topic.
  • Affordable Rates → Brokers accept additional fees and don't just charge brokerage fees. If these are justified by the quality of the services, they must be competitive and consistent.

This stock broker list contains the most amazing stock brokers for you, based on your needs and profile! Take a look at the collection of the most advanced stock brokers, after the review of our specialists.

This will undoubtedly help you make the right choice in your selection. This will allow you to invest quickly and safely.

The top of the best stock brokers to invest

Comparing between different stock brokers can be time-consuming and requires a lot of investment.

  • However, it is really wise to choose a trading platform that looks like you, meets your expectations in terms of support, and is completely in line with your investor profile.
  • Choosing your trading site can sometimes seem like an incredible maze!

Our experts have examined all aspects of brokers to expose you to the best of the current market. This team of experts has analyzed these platforms from every angle to provide you with a fair, detailed, completely objective and unbiased opinion.

Do not hesitate to register with the brokers recommended by our specialists!

Their stock broker list gives you clear and detailed information without asking you to redo a personal stock broker comparison. The latter is also updated regularly and takes into account all possible and unimaginable variations of criteria.

The services offered on the best stock brokers in 2022

Do you want to invest in the stock market and then buy shares on the financial markets?

You need to use one of the stock brokers in our stock broker list to minimize risk and also to be able to access the securities for sale.

  • It is not possible to select a broker without having read its complete offer and without having wondered about some essential criteria.
  • Indeed, brokers take on various missions of great importance to the investor.
  • The investments made are sometimes complex and present a risk of rapid loss of money.

Thanks to the best stock brokers, investors of any profile can:

  • open an account and benefit from complex tools to analyze the French or other market;
  • invest their own capital while minimizing the risk of losses;
  • invest your money in multiple financial products and in many different equity markets;
  • diversify your investments in stocks, commodities or currency markets;
  • benefit from up-to-date training and strategic investment advice.

Above all, don't miss out on the best deals offered by serious and experienced stock brokers! They exist and our stock broker reviews have analyzed their offers for you!

What are the criteria for selecting the best stock brokers?

The selection factors in our stock broker comparison are endless and highly depend on your investor profile. Some traders are in fact actively looking for a social trading broker, others absolutely want to invest in cryptocurrencies while some need unrivaled professional support.

In this stock broker comparison, we detail the elements that we believe are essential for trading in full conscience, in the best conditions!

In this stock broker list, we review the different phases and points of reflection with you.

For each stock broker review, in addition to other much more complex criteria, our experts provide a reasoned opinion on these various points.

They thus offer you on a silver platter a fine stock broker list of the moment! Check it out!

Know your investor profile

A trader's profile can be very different from one investor to another. Determine both the expectations of your online broker and the services sought after and essential for your development as an investor.

Before choosing a broker, you should ask yourself a few questions about your needs. Some seek training, advice and support. While others need calculated risk-taking and significant strategic freedom.

Some profiles, rather than scalp, invest small amounts in the short term while others prefer to bet everything on long-term returns. Once you have identified your expectations and profile, it will be easier for you to find the broker that perfectly matches your needs.

Ensures security

Fund safety is an important consideration if it is. Many factors affect a broker's security. You absolutely must make sure:

  • that bank accounts are segregated and therefore separated from the accounts of other investors.

This ensures that investor funds are always available and not used by the broker for other purposes.

The compensation scheme also allows, in the event of financial concerns encountered by the broker, that traders receive a compensation amount set in advance and known to all.

Security is a key element of a broker. Traders who do not take this so-called detail into account will certainly waste time and sometimes even money!

Select a regulated broker

If there is an essential element to know before opening a trading account with a broker, it is that of regulation, which is completely complementary to the security aspect.

To ensure the reliability of stock brokers, you have to dig to find out more of what they want to show.

  • Never lose sight of the fact that scams and fraudulent sites are just a click away.
  • There are now a lot of commercial scams and so the information is imperfect.
  • Also, keep in mind that the regulations that brokers are subject to vary from country to country and sometimes even from region to region.
  • An important distinction should also be made between brokers controlled by an official authority and those who are simply licensed to operate. The rights and obligations differ significantly between these two possibilities.

The first check to make is to ensure that the broker is licensed and supervised by a recognized regulatory authority. It must have regulatory status.

All official regulatory authorities:

  • guarantees investor protection,
  • regulates brokers and provides exemptions,
  • oversees and exercises control over them.
The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Offers, among other things, as proof of reliability, a system that guarantees funds in the event of the broker's bankruptcy.  
The European Financial Markets Authority (ESMA) Regulates brokers in the European Union and sanctions in case of non-compliance with the law.
The Financial Markets Authority (AMF) Regulates institutions in France and ensures compliance with MIFID regulations. This organization has a blacklist of forex brokers to prevent investor scams.  
Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)  Virtual brokers are regulated by this fee.
Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC)   Supervises and exercises control over all operators and carries out investigations if necessary  
South Africa's Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) The protection of players through independent monitoring.
German's  Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) Is the licensing authority for operators.

The best brokers subject to this type of regulation do not hesitate to show it on their website and in all their communications.

Brokers who enjoy exceptional reputations are also regulated by these few official bodies.

Be concerned about order execution and inquire about picking services

This trust criterion is necessary to establish a peaceful relationship with your forex broker. What could be better than being reassured and knowing that orders are executed at the negotiated and requested price?

Various payment methods are accepted for both deposits and withdrawals on leading forex brokers. Each broker is free to choose the payment methods used and the fees charged. The most popular payment methods are, unsurprisingly:

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc  
One or the other classic credit card Visa, MasterCard
Electronic wallets Skrill, Neteller,Paypal
bank transfers classic and safe system, slower but which reassures the investor

The bank card is still the most used, even if alternative means of payment, and in particular cryptocurrencies, are increasingly accepted and used in the world of stocks and trading in general.

Trading platform

The platform that remains in pole position is still Metatrader 4. While many others are inspired by it, it remains the most popular with traders of all backgrounds.

There are various trading softwares today and are easy to use. They stand out for their unique additional tools and some original options offered.

The Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platforms, put together by MetaQuotes, have been at the top of the list undeniably and probably for a long time to come.

The best qualities of Metatrader 4 are:

  • its ease of use and access,
  • real-time price monitoring,
  • simple, easy and efficient transactions.
  • indicators chosen based on your trader profile,
  • thoughtful and adequate management of operations.

Metatrader 4 has it all and seems almost unbeatable as a trading platform.

Metatrader 5 was established to respond to the incredible increase in the past few years in trading stocks and commodities.

  • Even though it offers improved options, Metatrader 4 still wins all votes among users.
  • The analyzes are more comprehensive, the graphics are more refined, and the integrated options and indicators are highly sought after.
  • However, clients are more willing to turn to Metatrader 4.

Try the broker

Sometimes it is very difficult to take your first steps on a trading platform. Like most beginners, you'll love being supervised and being able to test out various manipulations with a completely free product before doing them for real money.

Well-positioned brokers allow budding investors to test their virtual money strategy, the platform of their choice, before starting and investing in it.

  • You learn, you get your grades without running the risk of losing your money and your investment.
  • You can therefore also look around the tools offered by the online broker. This gives you the opportunity to reflect on your profile and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Some sites also offer social trading. Some popular platforms are in fact linked to actions of forex brokers dedicated to social trading. This solidarity operation allows beginners:

  • virtually model their operations on those of another trader,
  • to get his own surrender,
  • to share the experience and skills of a forex trader,
  • receive advice from an experienced trader and advice on the strategy to be adopted.


Before opting for one of the best stock brokers of the moment, the trader must be aware of the various applicable fees. A broker makes direct income through their commissions and spreads, you should know that!

It is essential to establish a stock broker comparison, for example knowing what you can afford and find out:

  • costs associated with opening an account, although often applied for free,
  • any subscription costs;
  • transfer fees. This position is sometimes meant to be substantial.
  • brokerage commissions. These are generated by every buy or sell order.

The brokerage commission is fixed or represents a percentage of the executed amount. These are the only fees usually charged by outstanding online brokers.

It is not uncommon to encounter some trading newbies trying to compare different spreads to find the lowest at the moment. However, we must be vigilant with the information provided.

  • Indeed, a spread can be announced, but it can also be variable.
  • Therefore, it is possible not to benefit from these conditions in the long term.
  • The amount of a spread is not the same from one broker to another, it varies based on various factors such as volatility and is to be considered proportional to the volumes traded on the instruments.

To find the broker at the right commissions for your situation, consider consulting the stock broker reviews of our experts that contains a selection of the most relevant stock brokers based on your investor profile!

Types of accounts 

The best stock broker is sure to offer different types of accounts.

The benefits of each of them vary depending on the trading styles implemented. There are some criteria that may allow you to choose one account over another:

  • the minimum deposit,
  • the currencies accepted on the account,
  • the financial instruments accepted,
  • the leverage effect,
  • spreads,
  • limits,
  • the type of execution: market and orders,
  • the size of an order,
  • protection against negative balances.

You will be able to choose in full awareness and freely the type of account that suits your expectations, your goals and your trader profile.

Customer support and training offer

The quality and performance of customer service are indicators that should not be underestimated.

  • When trading and considering opening an account with a broker, the trader should not hesitate for a moment to test customer service.
  • The latter must be reassuring and supervised in any negotiation process.
  • The responsiveness of customer service is also an element not to be overlooked. Being reassured in real time during an investment is essential and essential!
  • Above all, don't skimp on real contact, with a real, knowledgeable and experienced consultant, not an auto attendant.

Avoiding frustration and investing with confidence, knowing that quality oversight in your language is defined, is still the least an online broker can offer.

By the way, the best brokers do it right!

It is also important that customer service is accessible through different channels, at all times:

  • by phone,
  • by e-mail,
  • of Live Chat

The best brokers offer for free, in addition to a plethora of other services, the training of their traders adapted to any profile.

The goal is that the trader, even a beginner:

  • be able to translate and understand the jargon used in the stock market,
  • participate in training courses by providing information on possible strategies to be implemented to invest in the stock market in the best possible way.
  • feels at ease in the trading world and on the platform used.

Take away

The broker you choose from this stock broker list will turn out to be a long-term companion in your journey through the stock markets. His help and experience can be invaluable.

This choice can greatly determine your trading experience whether you are a beginner looking for support or an experienced trader looking for yield and multiplication of your earnings.

Above all, a strategic choice of this magnitude cannot be understated. Take your time and follow the experts' advice in this stock broker comparison!

Remember that our experts have drawn up for you a well-argued selection with total impartiality, and with careful preventive stock broker reviews! Let us guide you to live an optimized trading experience!