Best Stock Broker in UK 2024

In this review, we will deal with reviewing the best stock broker in the UK to buy shares in 2024. Equity investing has always been very popular and with the arrival of the internet, the possibility of trading comfortably online has become widespread, through specialized and safe operators.

Top Stock Brokers 2024

What is a stock broker?

Thirty years ago, if you wanted to buy a security, you had to contact your bank. Therefore, you had to pick up the phone and call your broker who would have carried out the transaction in exchange for a high commission.

The brokers were very similar to those depicted in the 'Wolf of Wall Street' movie. They were constantly monitoring stock prices by holding their phone and shouting, but then the internet changed everything. Nowadays, if you want to invest in stocks, you have to open an online account, deposit money, and create an order on the broker's online platform.

These platforms are very simple to use, online brokers will offer you assistance to buy and sell stocks, ETFs and any other assets. After setting the order, the online broker executes it immediately and the whole process takes place online.

So in simple terms, a stock broker is an intermediary who places the buy and sell orders of clients on the market.

There are 2 main types of stock brokers:

ECN: they immediately enter the market order, applying a fixed commission on the executed order for the brokerage activity carried out.

Market Maker: transactions are filtered by a clearing house, to avoid counterparty risk. They always guarantee the Best Execution for the customer.

We specify that both proposed solutions are safe and regulated, even some brokers offer both options. Just think of eToro, a platform that allows both the real purchase of shares and trading with CFDs. If you are into CFD trading, you should read Best CFD Brokers in the UK Article.

How to choose the best Stock Broker?

Here are the qualities that a stock broker must necessarily have to enter the ranking of the best ever:

Demo Account: Thanks to the demo it is possible to evaluate whether a stock broker is easy to use or not. In addition to the fact that it will be possible to simulate investments to gain experience with the stock market. We also recommend opening multiple Demo accounts at the same time, since they are all free of charge and without restrictions. In this way, it will be easier to compare brokers and choose the one we like best!

Minimum deposit: Most of the best stock brokers allow you to start with as little as €100, as is the case with Plus500. Again, eToro requires 50 euros. In short, affordable and excellent figures for making small profitable investments. The money initially deposited at the opening of the account cannot be considered an investment, since it is always and in any case owned by the trader.

Tradable assets: the best brokers offer a large number of assets to trade, in order to be able to choose the best shares to buy in complete safety and with competitive market conditions. Many stock brokers do not offer Cryptocurrencies. If you are also want to trade crypto, read Best Crypto Exchanges UK 2024 article.

Intuitive platform: The basic difference to make a stock broker great even for beginners is the specific services offered to newbies. Among others, Copy Trading or Operational Signals are excellent for all those who take their first steps in this world.

Speed: The best platforms are fast and smooth. Speed ​​is a cumulative effect generated by efficient and seamless features. The platform is streamlined thanks to the easy placement of data windows, hotkeys, etc.

Reliability: This is often taken for granted with all platforms until abnormal situations arise. A solid trading platform is less likely to have network issues, data freezing or execution issues that can impact trades.

Personalization: Personalization that allows traders to place layouts and windows in any way they want is key. Each trader has their own preferences for smoothing out workflows in the simplest way in order to improve speed and efficiency.

Order Management Tools: These are essential for minimizing market impact and optimizing execution.

Data feeds: These are crucial for price interpretation and tracking of placements and order fillings. Data feeds need to be reliable, accurate, and inexpensive. Any interruptions bring the trading to an abrupt halt.

Charts: Traders generally rely on basic indicators, but their platforms should provide the ability to customize and configure indicators, as well as set alarms when specific prices or patterns are triggered.

Mobile App: This is an added convenience that allows traders to move away from fixed screens. Apps provide instant access and convenience, they are not a substitute for the platform.

Alerts: The ability to create and adjust alerts based on price parameters or indicators is very important. A solid trading platform allows traders to quickly set up alerts after certain parameters are set.

What is the best stock broker in UK?

By the number of customers, platform quality, and services offered, here are the most popular equity platforms on the market:

  • eToro
  • Vantage
  • Plus500

Let's now discover the characteristics of each of them starting from the main one: the possibility to buy shares, trade them in CFDs or both options.


etoro logo

eToro is considered among the Broker with the most shares available in the portfolio.

In fact, there are many companies listed on the stock exchange that can be traded on eToro, in particular among those listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq, which also positions it as the best broker for US shares.

To buy shares on eToro just complete the registration, proceed with the deposit and log in to the platform. Once inside, you need to choose the share you are interested in and click on " Buy ". In a few seconds the newly purchased shares will be visible in our account, where we can keep them safely.

Alternatively, we can activate the leverage and repeat the purchase process. However, in this case we are going to trade in CFDs with the possibility of selling short and making a profit even if the share price falls.

The success of eToro is not only due to the great simplicity of the interface of this broker but above all to the possibility of replicating what other traders do. Thanks to Copy Trading it is possible to view the profiles of the best traders within the platform, find out their returns, the level of risk of their operations and, finally, copy their operations. If you are also into social trading, read our Best Social Investing in the UK article.

Why choose eToro to invest in stocks? Here are the main advantages:

  • Large number of stocks in the database
  • Possibility to buy the stock
  • Low spreads
  • Community support
  • Possibility of real investment

Trade Stocks with eToro is one of the best UK stock brokers.

The broker is a safe and serious platform, it has obtained the certifications from the CySEC, with number 319/17 and from the FCA.

Capital.Com is currently one of the best-known platforms in the world and one that moves large trading volumes.

With Capital.Com you can trade CFDs on many of the most interesting stocks.

There are many traders who have chosen Capital.Com to make their investments in shares, with this platform you can use cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology.

To start your trading experience, Capital.Com offers you the option to sign up for the Free Demo Account. Only at a later time we advise you to access the deposit account. Capital.Com has developed three, designed for three different types of traders.

As for deposits, Capital.Com allows you to use both credit cards and electronic payments.

To learn more about this broker we recommend that you read the Capital.Com Review.

Trade Stocks with


Vantage logo

Vantage FX is a company belonging to the Vantage group, which has been operating in the Forex market since 2009. As anticipated, Vantage FX makes MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader5 available to its users via its desktop, webtrader and mobile platforms.

On these platforms, you can find a great selection of over 200 stocks from major markets in the European Union, the United States, Hong Kong and Australia.

This UK stock broker is safe to trade with because it is regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom as Vantage Global Prime LLP (590299). Vantage FX is also authorized by ASIC in Australia as Vantage Global Prime Pty Ltd. (428901), as well as by  CIMA regulation for its international entity Vantage International Group Limited (1833491). This level of regulation by known bodies gives the broker high reliability.

What is more, we at AtoZ Markets like Vantage FX because it offers some features to protect you and your money. This includes negative balance protection, thanks to which you cannot lose more money than you deposit. Then use separate bank accounts to keep your money safe even in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency.

Finally, UK-based traders have access to ICF protection, with coverage of up to £85,000 should anything happen to their money.



Plus500 is one of the best stock brokers in the UK.

Many professionals use Plus500 for the high quality of the services offered and for the advanced trading tools. The interface is really intuitive and well done, also developed thanks to the suggestions of the users.

Plus500 is a professional platform with a large number of shares negotiable with CFDs, even on a Demo account. We report in particular the CFDs on the following shares:

  • French
  • Dutch
  • Swiss

It is not so common to come across brokers who offer trading of companies from the indicated countries.

The main feature in terms of equity investment consists in the possibility of receiving the dividend issued by the listed shares. So, if on the day of the coupon release we have an open position in CFDs, Plus500 will guarantee us (in percentage) the dividend directly on our account.

A very successful service that the Broker's clients really like. To be part of it, a minimum investment of only £100 will be enough to open a real account.

Among the best stock brokers we include As a brand known all over the world, it has a European license and is perfect for investing in security.

The main advantage of this stock broker? Definitely, the Marketx platform that allows you to physically buy shares. Together with eToro, Markets is one of the very few brokers to offer this service of enormous quality, through which we can become shareholders of a company without paying commissions and trading comfortably online.

The minimum deposit to start buying the best shares is 100 euros and the chosen platform is the Metatrader. An investment proposal that has no particular weaknesses, it is no coincidence that there are thousands of customers of this excellent Broker.

An excellent service is provided by Webinar in real time with expert analysts commenting on the market: a very useful tool for investing successfully. 

Trade Stocks with


Here we come to the conclusion of our article on the best stock brokers. Choosing the right broker is vital when choosing to invest in a financial asset.

For those who want to buy shares for the first time, you need a reliable platform, with low costs, easy to use, and that allows you to invest in other assets as well.

Our advice is to use eToro,, Plus500,, and Vantage via a free demo. In this way, you will understand for yourself which broker is best suited to your needs.


What is the best stock broker in UK?

Surely all the brokers who have the license to provide their services. The standards are really high, it follows that the operators who fulfill these conditions will be of great quality.

 What are the best UK stock brokers for beginners?

The best stock brokers for beginners are eToro, Plus500, and

What are the most important licenses a stock broker should have?

Certainly the FCA license. But in a European context, licenses from the CySEC, CONSOB, and CNMV are also important. Around the world, the UK FCA and Australian ASIC are also highly regarded for their high-quality standards.

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