Best Forex Broker in Brazil 2024

To help you find the best Forex broker in Brazil for 2024, we got to work and used all our tools to help you choose the perfect broker for you. First of all, we have selected the best 5 online brokers available for Brazilians, then, we have analyzed and compared the most important aspects of their offers: commissions, markets and products available, online trading platforms, deposit and withdrawal options, and very much other.

To be considered the best in our Forex broker list Brazil, these service providers have had to prove their excellence in several areas.

We have thoroughly analyzed these brokers to save you hours and hours of research. The result of this analysis gave us 6 brokers for Brazil. We recommend all 6, but it depends on the one that best suits your needs. So, closing the preambles, let's see who the winners are.

The 6 best Forex brokers of 2022 for Brazilians:


But how do you know if a Forex broker is worthy of being considered the best?

Definitely must provide great service in all areas. First of all, it must offer fair commissions and have a good security rating. Opening an account and making a deposit should be an easy and intuitive process. It must offer a wide range of trading instruments and have a great platform.

All of these functions are easy to list but a little less to understand. We have tested the brokers considering more than 300 criteria, and we have done it with real accounts and real money. We can therefore say that we know how they work, and we know their strengths and weaknesses.

We apply a rating scale of 1-10 to every broker we review, and the best forex broker must have at least an updated overall rating of 9/10.

What is the Best Forex Broker in Brazil?

Best Forex Broker in Brazil

And now let's go into the best brokers of 2022 for Brazilians one by one, starting with number one, eToro.


eToro is a  Forex and  CFD Broker that offers access to different markets, from a single account, with the possibility of mixing investments in the currency market with investments in equities, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

eToro is a broker duly registered in Europe, based in Cyprus and with a CySEC license, valid license in the MiFID area, and which allows you to have all the EU protections to protect savers and investors.

We have decided to include this broker in our ranking of the best forex platform in Brazil, as it is able to offer a series of services and unique possibilities in the entire Forex landscape.

Web platform: The eToro web platform is among the best among those that our editorial staff has tested and guarantees, even to those approaching the world of Forex for the first time, to trade by understanding what is happening.

Social trading: a practically exclusive feature of eToro, which allows you to follow other traders and receive investment updates in real-time. This system also manages to calculate the prevailing sentiment in the market for each single currency pair, as would the trading signals.

Copy Trader: This is a unique mirror trading service, which with a single click allows you to invest by copying the best traders on the platform. Just select those traders who have achieved good results and especially those traders who have a risk profile similar to ours. One click and the trader's portfolio is copied in relation to the amount we want to invest.

CFD and direct stocks: eToro is also a DMA broker. Anyone wishing to integrate investments in Forex with investments on the stock market will be able to find, from eToro, the possibility of choosing both CFDs and direct investments in shares at zero commissions.

A very rare possibility among CFD and Forex brokers. eToro can be tried in free demo, with 100,000 USD of virtual capital available, ideal for those who are approaching the world of trading for the first time and would like to learn more about Forex, without taking risks.

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The exclusivity features of the forex broker are there for all to see. Its platform, capable of offering forex trading on over 50+ FX pairs, is integrated with an advanced system equipped with artificial intelligence. You can start with very small amounts, even $ 20 for the real account.

Web platform: The proprietary trading platform is excellent, to be used via the web or via the App for both iPhone and Android. Just as the AI ​​system that analyzes our portfolio and indicates which investments are not in line with our objectives is excellent.

An important analysis tool that allows you to solve, at the root, portfolio organization problems that are unfortunately very common, especially among those taking their first steps in the world of Forex.

Very competitive spreads: Whether it's Forex or one of the other 3,000+ assets available on, the spreads are very competitive even against those offered by the cheapest brokers.

Having reduced spreads, with a broker that still offers the possibility of investing with smart instruments and in line with what is offered by the best brokers in the world, means that a greater part of the capital invested will remain in our availability and also that we will be able to trade on short and on a few pips while remaining in profit margin.

Market updates: doesn't bother to just offer insights from time to time. It has a real web tv that it uses to provide news on the markets 24 hours a day, allowing everyone to stay up to date on the most important news that may come from the markets.

Investmate: For Brazilians who want to learn how to trade, provides what we believe to be the best educational structure ever presented online and offline. Investmate is much more than a course: it is a path that starts from real scenario houses and that teaches, step by step, portfolio management, orders and reactions to certain market situations. Absolutely recommended, even for those who think they have a good education. offers a free forever demo account, with freely renewable capital and with access to almost all the markets that this broker offers.

Another great broker, is one of the best for online forex trading in Brazil as it offers a high level trading experience, for beginners and experts.

Dozens of currency pairs, no fixed commissions, competitive spreads and a MetaTrader to invest. Everything a trader could want for Forex Trading.

The minimum deposit is only 200 USD and the Demo is unlimited. A very professional assistance service and a high quality educational section complete the whole. This Broker is also available on the App for a Trading experience on smartphones in line with the quality that Markets offers in every context to its customers. offers excellent solutions to study the currency market in detail. Specifically, it offers three excellent analysis tools:

XRay: a news service commented in real time, with analyzes and opinions from real financial experts

Analysis: technical insights on all relevant aspects of the current day

News: all the latest news affecting the Forex market

A real analysis center, very useful for trading with the utmost professionalism without missing any important event linked to the currency market.

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Among the best forex platforms in Brazil we must mention XTB, really great for investing in the financial markets.

XTB is characterized by one aspect: there is no minimum deposit! It will be possible to trade on Euro/Dollar or other currencies even with only 10 USD.

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Furthermore, this Broker takes great care of the training aspect, with a section full of high quality educational material. Called xStation the educational area of ​​this Broker is really well done and often offers Live events in collaboration with highly experienced traders.

A great solution for study & practice in one platform:

Why invest in Forex with XTB? Surely for the vast choice of tradable currency pairs, 48! Furthermore, the spreads are among the lowest in the market, starting at 0.0003 pips.

The Metatrader is fast and there are no requotes, besides ensuring negative balance protection. In this way we will never lose more than what is deposited on the platform.

With exceptional Testimonials such as Jose Mourinho, this broker is increasingly popular in Brazil and with a large number of clients all over the world.


Plus500 is one of the longest-running CFD brokers in the online trading industry. With thousands of customers in Brazil it is a platform much loved by its customers.

Main Sponsor of Atalanta and Atletico Madrid, he is a well-known CFD provider in Europe. There are many assets that can be traded on Plus500 and there are all the most important currencies.

The chosen platform is a WebTrader, very fast and full of indicators, perfect for investing on the basis of the indications of the technical analysis always highly appreciated in Forex.

You start investing with 100 USD and there is the possibility to practice on Demo, with virtual money, to optimize your operations and discover all the currency pairs listed on this excellent Broker:

To help Brazilian traders take their first steps in Forex Trading, Plus500 offers a section called "Trader's Guide" with excellent videos that explain step by step how to invest.

It starts with CFDs and then moves on to the explanation of more technical concepts, such as Rollover or Slippage. Studying these videos is a great way to get a clear idea of ​​how the platform works and the consequent operations to open in the Forex market.

Among other things, the operating platform of Plus500 is a proprietary WebTrader , developed by the Broker's experts also thanks to the Feedback received from customers over the years. To date it is a complete, fast and highly appreciated interface by investors.


Here is one of the best Forex brokers in Europe, the famous AvaTrade. It is a regulated and safe platform.

Here are the main features of AvaTrade:

  • Competitive spread
  • Dozens of currency pairs
  • Deposit of 100 USD
  • Metatrader to invest in Forex

To all this is added the service called AvaTradeGo, a kind of insurance that allows you to get a refund in case of losses. Many beginners have already activated the service, perfect for taking the first steps in the world of Forex without any risk.

Where to study Forex on AvaTrade? Surely on its Home Page where there are excellent Video Tutorials that explain the operation of Forex from A to Z: an excellent resource for every type of investor.

In particular, the “Forex Basics” section consists of 4 videos, but there are also other modules related to the currency market, such as the one on technical analysis.

On AvaTrade it will therefore be possible to study interactively and with the possibility of immediately putting into practice the concepts learned on a Demo account, a winning mix for novice Traders.

Comparison of the best Forex brokers in Brazil

Forex Trading Brazil

In this review, we have known the 6 best Forex brokers in Brazil and probably throughout South America.

However, despite having similar characteristics (official regulation on all), they have different characteristics that must be considered when investing in Forex.

So let's find out how to best orient ourselves in choosing the Broker to invest in currencies!

Are we interested in automatic trading? The best option ever is eToro's Copy Trading, a highly successful service that has revolutionized the way of investing for thousands of traders.

Do we want to invest in Forex but have little capital? XTB's solution is perfect: you have access to over 100 currency crosses and the minimum deposit is only 20 USD, with a large didactic area to exploit.

Forex is always too complex and we don't know where to start? Then we have to choose, as it offers a high quality and easy to read Academy.

Are exotic currency pairs attracted to us? Well, AvaTrade is the number one CFD provider in the world: we can be sure that every Cross we are interested in, even the most unknown, will be present in the Broker's database!

Best Forex Brokers in Brazil 2024

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