Free Trading Guides 2024

During the last few years the investment activity on the internet has been a great success and has increased dramatically. For this reason, beginners are looking for trading guides that are easy to follow and explain, in detail, what to do to get concrete results right away.

The best trading guides are provided by forex brokers. It is a trading basics for beginners that explains in detail how to get started and earn. You don't even need to be registered on the platform to get it.

The one provided by AtoZ Markets is the best trading basics for beginners not only because it is free, but because it is based on absolute simplicity and practice. Users who have already downloaded and read our forex trading guides in the last few months are enthusiastic about what they have managed to learn by studying this real guide.

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Before going ahead and seeing these trading guides and the others available online in more detail, it is necessary to make a clarification. Although the free trading guides we will talk about on this page are in effect a fundamental resource to start learning and earning on the financial markets, in reality they are not enough.

In fact, in order to obtain concrete results, a minimum of study, patience and commitment is necessary. Although in-depth financial knowledge is not required, the desire and application on the subject is still needed.

How to find reliable trading guides?

The internet today presents an infinite source of knowledge, where it is possible to obtain a large amount of information. Just think of portals like Wikipedia, visited by millions of people every day, or Investopedia (to use an example more related to the world of finance). Sites like these represent real points of reference for the sectors to which they are dedicated.

However, trying to find reliable trading guides is very difficult. Many of these guides are difficult to understand and others are of low quality. Still others have very high costs.

Many guides are also focused on practice and little on theory. A self-respecting trading manual should first of all teach you how to trade and how to get concrete results on the financial markets. Very often, theory itself is not enough when it comes to learning a practical trade. At driving school you can also learn the meaning of all road signs by parrot, but it will not be enough to pass the practical exam. This is also the case when it comes to online trading: you need to learn how to trade on your own .

If the trading guide works, it can be seen from the gains that you are able to obtain by investing in the financial markets. The choice of the guide you are going to consult is very important, even more so if the manual you intend to follow has a very high cost.

Free Trading Guides

As we have already anticipated, trading guides can be pretty much expensive. Fortunately, you can also choose free trading guides that are of high-quality. The no-cost, completely free trading guides provided by AtoZ Markets are different types and are an extremely valuable resource for becoming a profitable trader.

After years of experience, we can say with absolute certainty that the best method to understand how online trading works and immediately start trading profitably is to follow the trading guides that are provided by the leading platforms in the sector.

The trading guides are provided free of charge, at no cost. Often it is sufficient to enter your email and click on the confirm button. You will receive the free trading guides immediately on your browser or via email.

The courses that are provided have zero cost for the novice trader. They are focused on practice and not theory, they do not get lost in complex or difficult to understand concepts. These courses allow you to try the lessons taught, applying them directly on the demo/real accounts made available by the same broker supplier of the manual.

The best courses we will discuss below have been evaluated on an objective basis, considering the didactic material provided. All the services that you can find below are provided by authorized and regulated online trading platforms, therefore 100% safe.

Here is the list of forex broker offering the trading guides that we will discuss shortly:


The XTB investment platform currently represents the vanguard for those who want to invest online in stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies and much more.

XTB provides forex trading guides and crypto guides for beginners that explain, in detail, how to make money on the financial markets. These are extremely valuable trading basics for beginners and for those who already have some experience in the financial markets.

XTB also offers its clients online webinars that explain how to study and understand how the best investment strategies work.

The XTB platform is ideal for anyone wishing to become a trader. In addition to the course, a high-level "one to one" service is also available. New users who register on XTB receive the support of a trading expert. It is a professional who gives all kinds of advice and indications to quickly and easily understand how to start getting tangible results quickly and easily with trading.

The XTB trading platform is clean and essential in graphics, therefore ideal for those who are starting to take their first steps by studying from the manual. Trading costs are cut to the bone. It is also possible to operate through a completely free and unlimited demo, in order to start taking the first steps, without risk of any kind.


 We finish our roundup of our trading basics for beginners with a platform that allows you to learn how to become a trader without the need to study a manual but learn directly from the best.

eToro, in addition to being an investment platform with over 10 years of honored career behind it, offers the possibility to copy the moves of the best traders registered on the platform. It is a service called "Copy-Trading" which is commission-free, safe, and works really well.

Let's see how it works: by means of rankings ordered according to the yield obtained, on eToro it is possible to start copying their trades in real time , with just one click. In practice, once you click on the copy button, eToro will take care of replicating all the operations made by these professional experts on the copier's account.

Novice users are therefore able to obtain a double advantage: on the one hand they can start earning immediately without having to study. On the other hand, they can learn by observing in real time how the best traders move on the markets.

It is important to stress that although Copytrading works very well (eToro boasts more than 10 million satisfied users) this does not mean that using eToro means making money without doing anything. It takes effort and a lot of time to choose the best traders, copying at least 4-5 of them. Subsequently, their performance will be monitored periodically. In the event that the results obtained by the copied traders do not eventually meet the expectations, it will be sufficient to replace the losing traders with new and promising ones.


Training and enriching client knowledge is a key part of allowing traders to trade safely. Therefore, Avatrade strives to consistently provide the best training material, as well as teaching traders everything there is to know about the markets and trading. 

Established in Dublin as Ava FX in 2006, Avatrade is a broker specialized in the online trading of financial derivative products, such as CFDs, and is today one of the largest European intermediaries, which has become popular for good trading conditions.

Additionally, Avatrade continues to develop its own educational branch to continue inspiring people to expand their horizons as they learn to master their trading skills.

Trading Basics for Beginners

If you're new to trading, there are some basics you need to learn before you start. In this article, we'll cover the essentials of trading, including what it is, how it works, and some tips for beginners.

What is Trading?

Trading is the process of buying and selling assets in order to make a profit. It can be done through a variety of methods, including stocks, futures, options, and forex.

How Does Trading Work?

When you trade stocks or other assets, you buy low and sell high in order to make a profit. For example, if you think that a stock is overpriced, you can short sell it by borrowing shares from somebody else and then selling them. If the stock falls in price, you can buy it back at a lower price and return the shares to the person who loaned them to you. This profit is your "gain" from the trade.

There are a variety of other trading strategies that you can use, depending on your market analysis and outlook. For example, you might choose to buy a futures contract if you think that the price of a commodity will rise in the future, or sell options if you think that the stock market is about to fall.

Tips for Beginners

If you're just starting out, here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Learn as much as you can about trading. The more knowledgeable you are, the better equipped you'll be to trade successfully.
  2. Start small. Don't invest a lot of money until you've learned the basics and have a solid trading strategy.
  3. Use a demo account. A demo account allows you to trade stocks and other assets without risking any real money. This is a great way to practice trading and build your confidence before investing in the real market.
  4. Find a good mentor. A good mentor can teach you the ropes and help you avoid costly mistakes. Our platform can help to figure out the best broker according to your need, by checking our trusted broker reviews
  5. Stay disciplined. Trading can be emotional, but it's important to stay disciplined and follow your trading plan.

Above all, remember that trading is a risky business. There is no guarantee that you will make money, so always invest wisely.

This article provides an introduction to the basics of trading for beginners. Trading can be a difficult endeavor, and there is no guarantee that you will make money. However, by learning about trading strategies and building your confidence through a demo account, or by reading our ETF trading guides and guide to trading stocks and you can give yourself the best possible chance for success.

Trading Guide: Steps to Get Started

Would you like to become a trader and finally find out how to start trading successfully? It all starts from the registration up to the actual trading, in essence we can summarize them in these:

  1. Registration: You complete a one-page form with your real personal details
  2. Platform test: At this stage it is advisable to use the demo account to try all the necessary tools, if it is not to your liking you can always abandon it without having spent anything. Note that if a company doesn't let you try anything it's probably not very serious so forget it and try another broker.
  3. Initial Deposit: Used to credit your trading account. Choose sites that have secure deposit methods such as wire transfers, rechargeable cards, credit cards and money transfers, the more there are, the better. In general, it is better to pay as much as possible to have an adequate trading account. Most of these sites offer leverage, a tool that allows you to amplify the scope of your investment even if you don't have the necessary liquidity, use it properly.
  4. Start trading: Now that you have a trading account you can start trading, always take advantage of the news you have in the various panels and the graphical tools to see the trends, they are very useful.
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Free Demo Trading

The best way to start operating is to use the demo platforms made available for free by brokers.

A demo account can be very useful because it helps you to understand how the platform works and to experiment with your strategies. For example, in the forex market you can operate with a demo account through which you can understand how online trading works but also how the platform works without considering the most popular financial instruments such as contracts for difference (CFD).

Beginners who want to learn how to trade online can do it without spending money using the demo online trading. For example, it is possible to start from a good guide such as that offered by the Avatrade broker, a platform that offers a lot of useful training material. 

It is essential not to waste money when starting out by practicing for free on demo accounts.

But how does a demo work in online trading? Essentially it is a simulation that allows you to trade with virtual money and without risk. The prices, instruments, charts and everything else are identical to the real trading account but it changes the money invested.

To start with trading demo account online you can start with a few simple steps:

  • Sign up with a broker for free (we recommend eToro for example which is very simple to use)
  • Enter your email and password in the registration form
  • Confirm the email
  • Choose demo mode to get started without depositing

This whole process is free and you don't have to pay anything or download any software. Using the demo it will be possible to experiment by trying the best trading strategies with virtual money and minimizing the risks.

A demo account is used to gain experience even if it is very different from trading with real money. In this last case, in fact, the psychological aspects come into play that are not there in demo trading, however it remains a fundamental tool to use.

The beginners can use the demo online trading when they begin their path to traders the first time. Always remember not to take them as real trading, feelings like fear or greed are completely absent in this way of trading.

We will soon find that the best traders (for example those who are copied on social trading brokers like eToro) are able to control their emotions

As soon as you are ready you can immediately switch to real trading starting with a low investment. The most used brokers require an initial deposit that on average goes from $50 to $250, therefore a figure within everyone's reach.

By taking advantage of the demos it will be possible to improve as a trader and to be able to check your improvements day after day.

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Conclusion to Trading Guides

In this article, we have seen the best free trading guides to learn how to trade online and make money. We have repeatedly stressed that a course, even if well structured and simple to understand, is not enough. In fact, study, commitment and a lot of patience are needed.

At the end of this trading guide, we also observed how the eToro Copytrading solution represents a valid and reliable alternative to trading manuals. Through this solution, it is possible to replicate the investment strategies of the most capable traders registered on the broker and start immediately in an intuitive way.