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The stock exchange is a specially organized place that provides an opportunity to carry out transactions with securities. It provides control over participants, and also guarantees fairness and speed of transactions. Each completed transaction is subject to registration.

Every minute, a large number of transactions are carried out on the exchange, in which several participants are involved at once.

How does the news affect such transactions?

Stock market news

In 2013, the Associated Press Twitter account was hacked and the hackers posted "news" that Barack Obama had been blown up. The market crashed $130 billion in a matter of minutes. Soon the market stabilized, but someone was able to make great money on this fall.

Yes, stock market news has a direct impact on the stock market, so a trader needs to constantly monitor them. As the saying goes, "who owns information, owns the world."

Different stocks fox news affects the market with different strengths.

The stock could open the day with a big gap upwards on strong quarterly earnings reports, and also sag significantly as a hurricane struck out of the blue and demolished half of the company's production facilities.

So, if you do not want to wake up one "fine" morning and see that your position with a profitable one has become catastrophically unprofitable due to the release of some important information on the market, follow the stock news published on AtoZMarkets.

Why should traders follow AtoZMarkets stock news?

We already started talking a little about this at the beginning. Regardless of whether AtoZMarkets stocks breaking news came out bad or good, it creates additional volatility in the market that an active trader can use to make a profit.

Let's try in a few points to determine the value of stock futures news:

They drive the market. In other words, good messages create increased demand for the stock, and bad messages create supply. It is believed that all significant short-term fluctuations in the market occur exclusively on the stocks news today.

Indicate volatility. We will not be able to make a profit if the price stands still. The more the new news on the market differs from the expectations of exchange players, the stronger the movement will be, and accordingly the volatility;

Limit risks. Most of the stock market news is published on a calendar, that is, you know when the latest information will appear, what will be discussed and the degree of its influence on the market. In this way, you can prepare and, if necessary, limit your risks.

How to analyze the stock market news today?

Put simply, we analyze the stock market news by examining the information that can affect both the entire market and its individual companies, be both predicted, that is, correspond to the economic calendar, and not predicted.

What is an economic calendar?

For what I like about the US market - here all the stock futures news comes out on specific dates and times, which you can view for free on the relevant Internet resources. Such a system puts all traders in the same conditions, limiting the factor of surprise.

Let's take a closer look at the topic of zoom stock news:

Market news - usually published before the opening of the trading session. They must be monitored without fail and taken into account, since they have a direct impact both on the market as a whole and on its individual industries. It is important to understand that each message has a different impact on the market.

An example of the most significant:

  • Unemployment Rate
  • Hourly Earnings
  • The number of new jobs created in non-agricultural sectors of the economy (Nonfarm Payrolls) Retail Sales Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Corporate news - concerns individual companies. These are mainly dividend payments, earnings per share statements and analyst forecasts. They are published on a calendar quarterly (four times a year) before or after the trading session. It also includes messages about a merger or takeover of one another, a change in management, etc.

Other news - anything not related to the first two. Elections, meetings, hearings and the rest. It is advisable to keep abreast of these events.

Most of the above-mentioned stocks news are predicted , that is, they are published according to the economic calendar. They are very interesting for an active trader, because he knows what to expect from them and what he is preparing for. On their basis, patterns are searched for and trading systems for regular trading are created.

Another type of stocks breaking news is non-predicted . This includes all kinds of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars, and more. Naturally, they carry with them negative information for the entire stock market. Since their appearance, as a rule, is unexpected, it is difficult to defend against them.