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Moneta Markets Review & Rating 2022

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In every broker review, we focus on the information available to clients with direct contact with the brokers representative. Furthermore, we often consult with traders having accounts on the broker to get a neutral opinion about the services offered. Overall we use direct interaction with the broker, public opinion analysis, live and demo account testing, and even the accuracy of the price chart.

Moneta Markets allow trading in forex, commodities, indices, share CFDs and cryptocurrencies through its proprietary platform. The Moneta Markets AppTrader and WebTrader offer users a next-gen trading experience for 24/5 market access.

However, there is more to know about this broker. Is it wise to make an account here? Continue to read AtoZ Markets' full Moneta Markets broker review to learn more.


Trading Platform
Account Types
Customer Support


8 /10

Moneta Markets is a subsidiary of Vantage International Group Limited (VIG) with over 10-years of experience as a financial trading service provider. It was established in 2009 and is licensed in 3 jurisdictions, with a trading volume of over $100 billion monthly.

Moneta Markets was established to offer the vision of developing transparent and straightforward market access for retail traders.

The quality of service is very high, Moneta Markets has gained several awards as proof of their commitment to delivering a high standard of service. M&A Today has offered the Moneta Markets as the "Most Advanced Web-based CFD Trading Platform" as well as the "Best Customer Support" in CV Magazine's Corporate Excellence Awards.

The company offers to trade for most countries in the world except North Korea, the United States and a select few other regions. Therefore, people from most continents across the world can access the quality service from this broker.


9 /10

During our review, we found that Moneta Markets emphasizes transparency to meet trader’s expectations. Therefore, the company has taken several measures to ensure the safety of funds.

Moneta Markets is integrated with AA rated National Australia Bank with segregated bank accounts to keep clients' funds separate from companies' funds. Furthermore, Moneta Markets offer negative balance protection.

Furthermore, Moneta Markets strictly follows the regulatory compliance audit with regular accounting audits for traders' pace of mind. As forex trading puts pressure on trader's minds, keeping funds separate from broker's funds ensures traders enjoy a hassle-free trading experience.

Besides the fund safety, this broker published all of its legal documents on the website. Therefore, traders can see how the company is operating with its partners.

Trading Platform

9 /10

Moneta Markets offer a proprietary web-trading platform that offers clients' to have hassle-free trading. Besides having access to world-class trading experience, traders can manage their accounts and transactions through the web-based platform.

Moneta Markets Webtrader

Moneta Markets WebTrader is easily accessible for traders that want powerful yet versatile access to global markets. Furthermore, there are many built-in trading indicators and clients can easily manage the withdrawal and deposit. Therefore, traders can experience all in one trading journey with this platform. Other features of the Moneta Markets WebTrader are mentioned below:

  • Trading- Besides trading charts, the integrated order module enables traders to place trades quickly and easily. Furthermore, there is a real-time calculation to see the people and the dollar value besides the market order placing option.
  • Precision Charting- There are more than 45 built-in trading indicators in different trading charts to cover all types of trading strategies. For technical analysis, there are many tools to draw the trendlines, chart patterns, and Fibonacci retracements.
  • Risk Management-  Risk management is an important part of a trading strategy. Moneta Markets simplified risk management by integrating it into the trading platform. When you place the stop loss or take profit level, it will be shown in different value- pips, price, and dollar. As a result, you can calculate how much risk you are taking and how much gain you are having based on the pips and money.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals-  There are an integrated deposit and withdrawal module within the WebTrader trading platform, which is straightforward. So, you can make a deposit or a withdrawal request directly from the trading platform. As a result, you can have more control over your funds.
  • Account Management-  There is an integrated account management tool in the web trading platform where traders can open a new trading account in just moments

Moneta Platform

Market Masters Trading Course

Moneta Markets offer a video trading course to cover all advanced trading knowledge and education. It is a premium trading service that will allow you to learn the basics of the forex, stock, and cryptocurrency markets, plus technical and fundamental analysis. Other features of this trading course are mentioned below:

  • The Pro Day Trader Course
  • Technical Chart Patterns
  • Introduction to the Stock market
  • Trading Candlestick Patterns
  • Advanced Stock Market Trading
  • Fibonacci Techniques
  • Advanced Trading Strategies and Tools
  • Advanced Crypto
  • Timing the market
  • Trend Trading

Daily Technical Analysis

After opening a trading account, traders gain access analysis to help boost their trading market knowledge. The Moneta Markets daily technical analysis includes intraday and swing trade setups in most currency pairs and many global stocks.

Traders can use this technical analysis as an indication of a potential trade, or it can help traders learn to trade by gaining access to an expert opinion. Furthermore, the daily technical analysis is free for everyone and easily accessible from the website.

Account Types

8 /10

Opening a live account with this broker is straightforward. It requires an online application to complete, which is fast and easy to open an account in just a couple of minutes. Therefore you can trade on the same day after every minute if your country of residence is allowed online verification. However, to complete the verification process, a company might require proof of Identity documentation, which may take up to 24 hours.

Moneta Markets Live Account

Moneta Markets simplified the trading experience having a single account type. Traders can perform all trading activities through a single trading account. Other features of the Moneta Markets Live account is mentioned below:

  • Easy Account Opening
  • Fast Deposits & Withdrawals
  • Up to 500:1 leverage
  • Trading Cost is very low.
  • 24/5 Account related support.


9 /10

Moneta Markets has variable spreads for all trading instruments, which is very attractive based on the sector average. There are ZERO account opening or maintenance fees on all Moneta Markets live CFD trading accounts to ensure that there is no company pressure on clients regarding funding.

Moneta Markets does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. However, please note that payments to and from overseas banking institutions may attract intermediary transfer fees from either party independent of Moneta Markets.

Customer Support

9 /10

Moneta Markets has an integrated live chat option to cover all trading queries. During our review, we have found the live support as convenient and effective.

Getting the General information about the company, The Moneta Markets has a FAQ section covering most of the asked questions. Furthermore, the website of Moneta Markets has a variety of contact methods in addition to their live chat and social media accounts.


9 /10

Moneta Markets is a trademark of Vantage International Group Limited - the issuer and seller of the financial products described that are available on this website.

Vantage Group of companies is authorized and regulated in various jurisdictions:

  • Vantage International Group Limited trading under Vantage FX is authorized and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), Securities Investment Business Law (SIBL) number 1383491 and is registered at Artemis House, 67 Fort St, PO Box 2775, Grand Cayman KY1-1111.
  • Vantage Global Prime Pty Ltd trading under Vantage FX is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), AFSL no. 428901 and is located at level 29, 31 Market St, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000, Australia.
  • Vantage Global Prime LLP is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN: 590299 and is registered at 30 Moorgate, London EC2R 6PJ, United Kingdom (Company No. OC376560). View Privacy Policy.


Moneta Markets is a forex and CFD broker that allows trading in forex, indices, share CFDs, and cryptocurrency CFDs. Therefore, you can diversify your trading portfolio in both fiat and cryptocurrencies through a single trading account.

Furthermore, this broker emphasizes on safety by collaborating with AA rated Australian banks. Therefore, you can have a hassle-free trading experience without worrying about the safety of your funds. Another feature that may attract traders is the trading platform. The trading platform of this broker is very attractive and has all elements to analyze the market. Besides that, you can manage all aspects of your trading account from within the WebTrader platform.

Based on our review, we have found the Moneta Markets is a reliable Forex broker. However we recommend trying it for yourself by opening a demo account before trading live.

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