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How to Trade Wheat - Meaning, Interpreting, News

Wheat has been listed on the CME Group – CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) commodity exchange since the 1970s. Wheat is consumed more than any other grain in the world, except rice, and provides 20% of the daily protein intake. The reason CBOT wheat is such an important food staple in many regions is because of its ability to grow in a wide variety of soils and climates.


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Wheat as a commodity

CBOT wheat is a hedging instrument that provides an opportunity to hedge against sharp fluctuations. Wheat price per bushel is not denominated in US dollars.

How much is a bushel of wheat? Many varieties of certified wheat seeds are selling for $15-$20 per bushel.

A bushel is a measure of volume and weight;

1 US bushel = 35.2391 liters

1 bushel of wheat = 27.216 kg

If you are wondering how to invest in wheat and where to buy wheat we recommend only reliable and well-known wheat CFD brokers. You can invest in wheat and other commodities by buying or selling:

  • options,
  • futures;
  • indices;
  • CFD (contract for price difference),
  • ETF,
  • shares on stock exchanges.

It is also important to understand what influences the price of wheat to conduct successful transactions on this instrument.

Typically, the price of wheat is linked to the price of other grains such as barley and corn. Most of the economic and trade factors affecting the wheat market generally affect the agricultural commodity market as a whole.

As you would expect, the weather dictates how much is a bushel of wheat. Wheat value usually starts to increase during the sowing season. Current wheat prices today slowly decrease by the time of harvest, unless serious problems have arisen.

Wheat futures chart

The wheat price chart shows the change in its price in real-time. Also, this wheat bar chart can be used to predict wheat futures outlook, wheat diagram, dozens of indicators, and graphical analysis tools make this task easy.

The trend of wheat live price is easy to predict because it is one of the most common commodities and with wheat market news released every day. Fundamental analysis also proves to be very useful for making predictions of the current rate of wheat.

A look at the wheat price graph shows that the trend in the wheat futures price has been marked by ups and downs in recent years, as this market has not been able to find a definite trend.  Most of the time, the current rate of wheat fluctuates between $200 and $600 per contract. The highest recorded price on the CBOT wheat chart was around $1,349 in February 2008.

Wheat market news

It is worth paying attention to wheat futures news on scientific research in the agricultural sector which will have a direct influence on the cost of wheat per bushel.

Both consumers and producers of wheat can manage the price risk of wheat by buying and selling Chicago wheat futures. In this wheat price news trading strategy, producers will use a short hedge to lock in the selling price of the grain, while consumers will use a long hedge to secure a buy price for the grain.

On the other hand, traders will take the price risk, which hedgers avoid, to generate a profit from the grain price movement. When prices are expected to rise, as per wheat market news, traders will buy the commodity and vice versa. Traders can cope with changes in these CBOT wheat quotes by staying up to date on the latest wheat futures news.

Meanwhile, wheat futures trading hours are 01:00-13:44 and 14:30-19:14 (GMT)