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How to Trade EURAUD - Meaning, Interpreting, News

The EUR/AUD currency pair is the ratio of the euro to the Aussie dollar. The euro in this pair is the base currency, while the Australian dollar is the quoted currency.

This means that the quotation of the presented pair shows the required amount of 1 euro to AUD. The au dollar to euro currency pair is not in the highest demand among traders due to low volatility.


Previous Close: 1.54486

Open: 1.54941

High: 1.54941

Low: 1.54308

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What is euro to AUD?

The euro to AUD dollar currency pair, from 1999 to 2008, due to the crisis, moved along the sideline. The rise in the exchange euro to AUD rate in this period was equal to 3780 points.

In the spring of 2000, the minimum value of the rate of euro to Australian dollar was revealed, which was 1.50, and the maximum in the early spring of 1999 was approximately 1.88.

The main factor behind the change in the value of the euro to the Aussie dollar is the difference in interest rates. This is the relative benefit that an investor receives from investing in assets of one country versus another.

If you want to transfer euros to Australian dollars for example, if interest rates in Australia are 1.50% and in the EU 2.40%, an investor can make a big profit by buying assets in Europe. This leads to a decrease in the AUD EUR exchange rate as investors sell AUD and buy Euros.

EURAUD analysis

The euro to Aussie dollar rate for today is 1.60332. You can watch in real-time the changes in the euro to AUD rates today, as well as historical values, ​​are available on the EUR AUD live chart that will help you make a forecast or analyze the forex market for the currency euro to AUD.

The EURAUD live chart of forex brokers is an excellent tool for online analysis of the price of the euro to dollar fx. The maximum value of the euro to the Australian dollar was recorded at 2020-03-19 and amounted to: 1.88952, while the minimum price was 1.52562 registered on 2021-02-25.

Using the EUR AUD candlestick chart, it is possible to sell the pair with both a Forex contract and a contract for difference (CFD) and speculate on the value of the euro to the Australian dollar.

With the EUR AUD exchange rate graph, you can hold both a long position, suggesting an increase in the price, and a short position, suggesting a decrease. It is considered to be a short-term investment as CFDs are used for a limited period.

For example, to trade fx EUR AUD using CFDs, you need to think about the underlying asset. If the rate of euro to Australian dollar is likely to rise, according to a EURAUD analysis, then it is worth taking a long position by purchasing CFDs.

Conversely, if you think that the euro to Aussie dollar will lose its value, you should open a short position, while selling the CFD.

EUR AUD news today

When discussing EURUSD ideas and EURUSD trends, it’s important to point out the difference in interest rates. In Australia, due to a stable economy that affects ex rate euro to AUD, they are high and are rarely revised downward. In the EU, as reported in EURAUD news today, the situation is the opposite.

The stagnation of the economy, observed since 2016, causes a constant decrease in rates. As a result, the euro is losing against the Australian dollar. Therefore, the release of economic EUR AUD news is a real opportunity to make money on the EUR AUD exchange rate.

Reading EUR AUD forex news is beneficial as it influences your trading decisions. Therefore, below you can find EURAUD forex news on different topics.