Today it came to our mind when we were still inexperienced traders and we were looking on the internet for videos, strategies to better understand the world of trading, Forex and above all cryptocurrencies.

So we wanted to create a page dedicated to trading webinars that immediately give easy information on the world of trading with forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and options.

If you want to approach online trading for the first time, you need to take a good online trading course. In itself, trading is not at all as difficult as it was thought long ago. It's all about having clear ideas and above all avoiding having wrong opinions: that's why trading webinars are so important in 2021.

Trading webinars

The webinars are a key part of training for online trading. The term webinar is made up of the words web and seminar. In fact, it can be translated as "web seminars", but it would be heavily reductive.

These particular courses are direct streaming where there is a dialogue between those who attend and those who teach the lesson.

The trading webinars are in fact in real-time, although there is the possibility of reviewing them on a deferred basis when desired.

The lessons can cover any topic of online trading, such as Forex strategies, markets stock, commodities, and even cryptocurrency. These lessons can also be theoretical, for example, I can explain what Forex is, what CFDs or ETFs are and so on.

Thanks to these interactive courses many traders can improve their financial education and optimize their earnings, but above all thanks to the direct comparison, it will seem to be in a real classroom.

In this article, we will explain why trading webinars are important and illustrate those featured on the best Forex brokers we have reviewed.

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Trading Webinars - Why Are They So Important?

As we have said, the essential difference between a simple course and trading webinars is the possibility of interacting with the analyst. In simple courses or video tutorials, we often find an explanation without being able to ask questions and dispel any doubts.

To learn, you need to ask questions, investigate, comment, and then interact with the analyst who is holding the webinar. With trading webinars, you have the opportunity to converse with the analyst, cover these gaps. The lessons are suitable for both novice and experienced traders precisely because the analyst can deepen conversations with anyone.

Webinars are usually free and often offered by broker analysts. On the web, you can also find private traders who want to make their experience available. It may happen that some of these live interactive courses are paid for.

We recommend choosing a free one, but if you find a trader you trust asking for a fee, it's right that you evaluate it! Doing live interactive courses is a job, so it's not so absurd for an independent professional trader to ask for money in return. The choice is yours alone.

In the next paragraph, however, we will tell you about the webinars offered by the best broker we have reviewed, which are absolutely free and carried out by professional analysts.

The famous Social Trading broker eToro is at the forefront of financial education with its Trading Academy. The broker has invested heavily in training dedicated to its users by providing courses, lectures, and even live webinars on everything related to the world of online trading.

The social setting of the platform favors user training. In fact, interesting and constructive discussions in this regard arise on every single asset.

To participate in a free online webinar on eToro, simply register by providing your email address. After registration, the broker will send you a confirmation email with everything you need to attend the interactive course.

These webinars will mainly focus on how to best use the platform. So how to use what is today the largest financial trading network in the world. In addition, the analysts will explain how to identify the best Popular Investors and how to copy them to get extra profits.

Live webinar with Markets.com

 If you want to watch live webinars you could also consider Markets.com, which offers this opportunity for free to all its users. The broker has in fact put the training of registered traders in the foreground and provides them with all the tools necessary to operate on the markets in the best possible way.

Let's see what are the webinars offered by Markets.com and other forex, crypto, and stockbrokers, the next period and what are the topics covered.  

You can sign up for Markets.com webinars directly on the broker's website, which you can reach from the link we provide below:

 Sign up for AtoZMarkets.com webinars

 Once you have entered the site you have to move the mouse cursor on the drop-down menu under Education, after which click on Live Training Webinars. At this point, choose the webinar you prefer and sign up for free!

 Webinar Trading on AvaTrade

 Another broker that offers webinars for its clients is AvaTrade, a name that is certainly well known in the world. In fact, AvaTrade is one of the best online financial intermediaries and has obtained 6 regulations, obviously also in Europe.

 Directly on the broker's website, you can find out what are the next webinars, choose which one you like best and register!

 What do AvaTrade webinars cover? The topics covered may concern:

  • Market notions for all traders (beginners and experts);
  • Fundamental trading theories;
  • Use of the MetaTrader 4 platform and others available with AvaTrade.

 Would you like to know more? Visit the AvaTrade website and find out what webinars are available!

Discover the webinars offered by AtoZ Markets!


Multibank Review
Markets.com Review
xm.com Review

Best free trading webinars

Among the various opportunities of choice, we have identified two online brokers who organize free but quality trading webinars, aimed above all at those who want to reinforce their basic notions, their foundations, since they do not always start in the correct way.

These two companies offer fx trading webinars, conducted in a clear and easy-to-follow way. Although they are free, they still require (free) registration to their site, which you can do from this page.

Among the few real free trading webinars that are scheduled with a certain consistency and that are characterized by a decidedly high average quality are those of AvaTrade.

By signing up for free at AvaTrade you will not only be able to follow the free online webinars but also use their platform in free demo mode, as well as MetaTrader 4, the trading platform most used by trading professionals around the world.