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How to Trade USDCHF Meaning, Interpreting, News

US dollar to SWISS franc is one of the most popular pairs in the forex market. Popularity is determined by the presence of the US dollar in the quotation as the base currency and one of the most stable world currencies the Swiss franc.


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Open: 0.91523

High: 0.91639

Low: 0.91516

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USDCHF information

The independence of these two currency units allows you to trade on changes in the dollar exchange rate and get a good profit when the price changes. USD to Swiss franc currency pair is most dependent on the US economy, therefore, in this pair, you need to focus on the US dollar behavior relative to other currencies.

The Swiss franc is considered a strong currency since its position is usually stable either in the financial market and in the general geopolitical situation. Switzerland is considered to be a very stable as well as economically safe country and therefore, the currency of this country, CHF, is also considered to be very safe and there are hardly any cases when the price fluctuates too much.

USDCHF’s current price is influenced only by events within Switzerland itself; the currency has managed to win simply iron confidence, remaining stable during world crises and wars. The factors affecting the USDCHF exchange rate include – changing in GDP, business activity index indicators, retail sales index, and some other factors that you can find out in the economic calendar.

More deep information on the USD to CHF conversion rate you can find in our US dollar to Swiss franc chart.

USDCHF exchange rate

 The USD CHF chart is a truly reliable and functional analytical tool that maximizes the potential of your chosen trading strategy and makes every action more thoughtful. Despite the high liquidity, the USD CHF spot rate is considered calm and rarely shows volatility above 55-75 points per day and the greatest daily activity is observed at the intersection of the European and American sessions.

USDCHF live forex chart and trading programs usually display USD CHF exchange rate with a 4 characters accuracy after the separator. FX rate USD CHF shows how many francs you need to pay for one USD. Due to the peculiar liquidity/volatility ratio, when trading USD to Swiss franc, it is better to use simple technical analysis tools – support and resistance lines, indicators, and figures that can be provided by our USDCHF graph.

Each candlestick on the USD to CHF graph above displays the open, high, low, and close prices for a given period. Taking into account this data you can easily find the best broker to convert dollars to CHF. The live chat allows you to receive the information on USDCHF pip value as well.

If the information from the USDCHF live chart doesn’t provide enough data you can always refer to forex USD CHF news for additional help.


The USDCHF news today can provide you with date information on the potential movements of the USD CHF rate. USDCHF news now is a good source of USDCHF analysis today which you can use for your benefit and take the advantage of it. After reading them you may have a possibility to find the best USDCHF trading hours to buy or sell the USDCHF forex pair.