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How to Trade GBPUSD - Meaning, Interpreting, News

The British pound to USD pair consists of two currencies – the British pound as a base and the American dollar, which quotes this currency. The GBPUSD pair is one of the most traded currency pairs on the Forex market.


Previous Close: 1.37977

Open: 1.37627

High: 1.38289

Low: 1.37564

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GBPUSD information

The Pound to US dollar ranks as the third most traded pair on the market after EURUSD и USDJPY. Its share is about 12%. The Pound to the United States dollar currency pair is considered to be super volatile and aggressive, which attracts many traders. Therefore, it is not surprising why pip strategies are so popular while working with the Pounds sterling to dollar pair.

When trading, there are often strong fluctuations in the value and reversals. The GB pound US dollar pair rate increase means a strengthening of the British pound against the US dollar that is more USD is required to buy one GBP. The GBPUSD rate depreciation indicates a US dollar strengthening. Most traders conclude that the English pound to us dollar pair largely repeats the EUR USD pair movements.

There is some truth but for a while Pound to the American dollar and EUR to USD move in the same way, then at the one point, their quotes can go in opposite directions. Due to this reason, for beginners, the Pound to united states dollar pair represents an average degree of difficulty in trading, which is quite acceptable but caution never hurts.

To help you make smart decisions we have developed the Pound Dollar live chart to track down the GBPUSD pair’s changes and movements.

GBPUSD live chart

GBPUSD live forex chart allows you to apply technical indicators as well as to know what is the exchange rate from pounds to dollars right now. Pound to dollar graph can be displayed in some different ways. GBP USD FX rate can be represented as a line. You have at your disposal area charts and line charts.

Another way to show the GBP USD live chart is candlesticks. Candlesticks contain information about GBP to USD FX rate changes for a certain period and consist of “a body” and “a wick”.

The body’s border shows the open and close pound to dollar rate while the upper and lower wick borders show the high and low value of the pound against the dollar.

 If the pound to dollar trading price rises, then the candlestick turns green. If the price goes down, the candlestick turns red. A five-minute candlestick contains information on what is a pound to a dollar price for a given period. You can also provide it as 5 one-minute periods that contain the same data but on a different scale. Based on this date you can see the GBPUSD trend

You can change pounds to dollars with the help of brokers provided below. Converting GBP to USD is an important process that demands a reliable broker with the lowest pounds to dollars conversion rates. Using brokers’ services, you will be able to exchange from GBP to USD easily and without any troubles.

 If the pound-to-dollar live rate is not enough or you feel a lack of knowledge you can always refer to GBPUSD forex news.

GBPUSD news today

The pound-to-dollar news can provide you with much important information which benefits you in some period.  You can find GBP to USD news on the GBPUSD breakout strategy or today’s GBPUSD signal. Today GBP to USD news is a valuable source of knowledge from which you can forecast whether GBPUSD will go up or down.