How to Fix Common MT5 Trading Error?

Most of the FX traders face problems while trading using MetaTrader 5 trading software. While MT5 is the best trading platform for Forex traders, most of the traders still use MT4 for trading. If you ever encountered a common MT5 trading error message, this guide will help you fix it easily.

Your MT5 Expert Advisor could display an error message while opening, closing or modifying an order. The error code would tell about the error and here’s an easy way to decode the message.

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MT5 trading Error Codes

The error code would typically have two letters, followed by a set of numbers. The letters could be OE, CE or ME. Here, OE stands for Open Error, CE stands for Close Error and ME signifies Modify Error.

OE Errors

The most common error codes related to opening an order are:

  • 128 – Trade timeout error.
  • 129 – Invalid price error.
  • 130 – Invalid stops error.
  • 131 – Invalid trade volume error.
  • 133 – Trade is disabled error.
  • 134 – Not enough money error.
  • 146 – Trade context is busy error.
  • 148 – Too many orders error.

CE Errors

The most common error codes related to closing an order are:

  • 128 – Trade timeout
  • 146 – Trade context is busy

ME Errors

The most common error codes related to modifying an order are:

  • 128 – Trade timeout
  • 130 – Invalid stops
  • 145 – Trade modify denied
  • 146 – Trade context is busy

How to Fix Expert Advisor Error on MetaTrader5 Software?

1. Have you enabled trading on your MetaTrader 5 platform yet?

First, you must verify that trading has been enabled on your MT5 platform. The icon should be "green" and not "red". This indicates Expert advisors disabled. To verify if expert advisors are working, you can also turn on the auto-trading option.

2. Have live trading been enabled on the Expert Advisor input tab.

No trades will be made if you don't see the smiley face at the top right corner. When attaching your EA to a chart, make sure you check the Live Trading box.

3. Are there error messages on the MetaTrader 5 platform's Experts tab?

These are some error messages that you may see.

Error code 130: Your Stop Loss or Take Profit amount is invalid. Make sure you have enough. Brokers may vary in the minimum and maximum values.

Error code 131 (ERR_INVALID_TRADE_VOLUME): This means your Lot value is not valid. There are different account types (micro, standard and mini). The allowed values will vary depending on which account type you have.

Error code 133 (ERR_TRADE_DISABLED): Use the instructions above to learn how to enable trading on your MT platform.

To search for an error number you don't understand, you can use the Navigator within the MetaEditor. For more information on the MetaEditor, please refer to this post.

4. Are you one of the VTS System Managers that prevents trades from opening?

Make sure you have the Trade Signal Manager and Trade Time Manager checked. They should not be configured to stop trades opening. You should also check the MaxTrade, MaxBuys, and MaxSells input variables to make sure they're not set at 0 (zero).

5. Did you ever open a trade with an Expert Advisor in your MetaTrader account?

To create an EA that opens trades, use the Test Wizard. Before you attempt to open trades with a more complicated EA, make sure that the Test Wizard EA can open a trade.

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