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AtoZ Markets is a AtoZ LT UAB company.

By using AtoZ Markets you hereby agree:

  1. Information provided hereby does not carry any investment advice value. You are solely responsible for your own decisions and investments you make.
  2. AtoZ Markets cannot and will not be responsible for your decisions, including but not limited to your profits made or the loss occurred.
  3. AtoZ Markets cannot be held responsible for any losses.
  4. AtoZ Markets will not cover any losses you might have.
  5. AtoZ Markets will not cover any losses at all.
  6. From time to time AtoZ Markets will post post sponsored stories and press releases paid by any party.
  7. AtoZ Markets can advertise for any service, product and cryptocurrency on the site.
  8. You agree to do your own due diligence on services or products offered in our articles, ads, and sponsored stories if you chose to use them.

Images and Content

AtoZMarkets.com is a community managed by freelancers, bloggers, and online whistleblowers.

  1. Some graphic content, images and text are gathered from the world wide web. AtoZ Markets will try to make sure that all the content is legal to re-distribute on our online platform. However, may you find any content that should not be online and available please send us an email to info (at) AtoZMarkets.com and we will make sure to take all the necessary action promptly.
  2. Articles written on AtoZ Markets are purely the author’s own meanings, not AtoZ Markets’. AtoZ Markets cannot be held responsible for anything an author write. Disputes about articles should be solved with the company: info (at) AtoZMarkets.com

User Activity

While AtoZMarkets.com is a platform run by enthusiasts and financial markets whistleblowers and open for anyone who wants to share their opinion, we will have zero spam tolerance by our users.

  1. Each user must have 14 days of AtoZ Markets experience before reviewing or creating his own content.
  2. Each user can afterwards submit a guest post
  3. Guest posts can not be used for linkbuilding purposes, if you want to advertise please contact info (at) AtoZMarkets.com
  4. Guest posts must be about financial markets, users submitting casino or gambling related or any other spam guest posts will be banned from guest posting
  5. Users can be upgraded to experts after good trackrecords
  6. Companies can add their team to their profile, team member will need to confirm the affiliation.
  7. Companies can comment in their related profiles however, they will need to give disclaimer in advance, failing to provide disclaimer will end up cancellation of the expert status
  8. Competitors can not provide biased comments, doing so will get the commenting party banned from commenting
  9. Comments on articles should contain information related to the post content. Other general comments will be promptly removed.
  10. Spamming, bad language, non-informative comments/posts will be removed without notice.
  11. Multiple breaches may get your user banned and deleted from AtoZ Markets

Advertisement on AtoZ Markets

AtoZMarkets.com provides its services supported by the advertisement funds.

  1. AtoZMarkets.com does not take any responsibility for advertisements on AtoZ Markets by third parties. It’s solely up to each user/reader to do a due diligence before purchasing or using a service/product.
  2. AtoZ Markets does not cover any loss caused by third party advertisers.

Use of Cookies

By using AtoZ Markets you agree to the use of cookies.

Governing Law

This agreement is governed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Legal Disputes

Legal disputes must be resolved by the court of law in the Republic of Lithuania.
Terms & Conditions will be updated continuously.

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