How to fix MT4 Common Error message?

Have you ever encountered a Common error message in MetaTrader 4? Today, we discuss the ways how to fix the MT4 Common Error message.

AtoZ Markets- Trading in Forex can be challenging. Sometimes you face obstacles coming from the market side, sometimes you might encounter some difficulties with your broker. However, a lot of Forex traders also experience technical issues during the trading hours, which may lead to losing trades.

How to fix the MT4 Common Error message?

MetaTrader 4 trading platform is one of the most popular trading platforms among Forex traders. This version of the platform stays at the peak of demand despite the release of the new MetaTrader 5 trading platform.  MT4 is a great platform that provides you with a myriad of useful trading tools and features and allows you to successfully trade Forex daily. However, even this platform sometimes can bring some challenges to your trading routine.

One of such - the ‘Common Error’ message in MetaTrader 4. This error might appear due to a variety of reasons. Normally, the error message is popping up in the bottom right corner of the platform’s window. Below see the screenshot of the error.

How to fix MT4 Common Error message

One of the key reasons this common error is occurring is the poor Internet connection. Any difficulties with your Internet connection, whether it is just slow or being disrupted, might cause this error to emerge.

Even though MetaTrader 4 is a strong high-quality platform, occasionally this error might pop up. This is because MT4 requires a strong Internet connection.

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How to fix the MT4 Common Error message?

If you encountered the MT4 Common Error message, please proceed with the following actions:

  • Close all charts that are loading or appear frozen
  • Close the platform itself and restart your PC
  • Verify the connection signal. Even if you believe your Internet connection is good, still turn off the Wi-Fi router and let it be off for about half a minute. Switch it back on.
  • Also try to disable your anti-virus software for some time or any Internet security programs, if you utilize any
  • In case you have another PC, try using the MT4 platform there to understand the nature of the problem
  • Double-check if you are using the correct server at Log-in. For instance, if you are on the Demo account, connect to the correct ‘Demo Server.
  • Click on the connection bars icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Choose ‘Rescan servers’. If this does not change anything, select another server location.
  • If you still have these issues, it is time for you to change your broker! See our list of reliable Mt4 brokers

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