The AtoZ Markets awards showcase the best global companies within the Forex, Crypto, CFDs, Stocks, Expos, Payments method providers and other financial markets. Started in 2016, AtoZ Markets awards follows a unique nomination and voting round by our community of subscribers. Below you can find all the recent AtoZ Markets Awards categories and winners:

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2023 Best Trading Platform


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2023 Broker of the Year

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2022 Best Execution Broker
2022 Best Multi Asset Trading Platform
2021 Best Social Trading Platform
2021 Best FX Customer Service

Vantage FX

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2021 Best Broker in LATAM
2021 Best CFD Broker in Southeast Asia
2021 Best Broker in Southeast Asia

Moneta Markets

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2021 Best Crypto Broker


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2022 Best Asset Management
2021 Broker of the Year
2021 Best Broker in Europe
2021 Best STP/ECN Forex Broker
2021 Best Broker in Africa

Our mission is to recognize and reward small and large companies around the world that have demonstrated excellence in the financial industry. AtoZ Markets' awards are being nominated and voted continuously throughout the year with our unique system. AtoZ Markets' community and subscribers can submit to us any financial company they have positive experiences for the awards. These companies will then be assessed by AtoZ Markets' board, whether they meet our standards to join the awards nomination and voting rounds.

How AtoZ Markets Conducts the Nomination and Voting Rounds

AtoZ Markets awards follows a unique system, where the focus lies each time on 1 or 2 new awards category max at a time. In order to keep the focus of the community on casting votes on the categories that matter. We no longer follow the old fashion way of awards voting, where numerous of awards categories were ran at the same time for voting. Through our new way of casting votes with fewer awards categories at one time, we narrow down all the focus towards the voting per award category.

Now, AtoZ Market's awards still consist of 2 rounds. The first round is the companies nominations round in a new awards category. Once a new category is being announced, we will inform everyone through our new awards category pages, newsletters, social media and other channels of AtoZ. During the nomination round all AtoZ community and the public could nominate their best company for the category chosen by AtoZ Markets’ team.

The 2nd round involves the live voting of these brokers in the new award category. The voting is open to everyone on AtoZ Markets. Each voter can choose only one nominee per category and/or skip any given category. A vote is based on a unique IP, where each could cast up to 1 vote in 24 hours. In order to avoid any wrongdoing, our IT team has designed a voting system to exclude votes casted via Tor browsers, IP changing plugins and any other temporary IP providing platforms.