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How to Trade GBPCHF - Meaning, Interpreting, News

AtoZMarkets has created this page so you can find our latest GBPCHF forex news and analysis. You will also be able to read about its history and find a GBPCHF live chart for technical analysis.

That said, let’s get acquainted today with the GBPCHF. The GBP against CHF shows the value of the pound sterling expressed in Swiss francs.


Previous Close: 1.25826

Open: 1.25751

High: 1.25863

Low: 1.2575

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GBPCHF information

The British pound to CHF represents two powerful world economies, the UK and Switzerland. Considering this duo, it is important to note that the British pound is the base currency, which makes it the most suitable for determining the growth or decline of the GBP CHF fx rate.

This GBPCHF forex chart is updated continuously during market hours. The GBPCHF live chart is available in bar chart and candlestick chart formats to help highlight price trends and price movement.

The British pound to CHF is a volatile currency pair as the GBP CHF fx rate can vary within 120-150 points per day.

This pound to CHF pair has 4 decimal places. Both GBP CHF fx rates are quite stable economically and correlate with other forex pairs, for example, GBP/SEK, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY.

Looking at the GBPCHF forex chart, this currency pair has been deservedly considered one of the safest for decades. The GBP CHF live chart on AtoZMarkets will help you to work more effectively with the pound to CHF combination. The 1 pound in swiss francs rate is relatively stable, which makes this combination attractive for novice traders. At the same time, professionals use the pound to CHF in their work. Regardless of the accumulated experience and knowledge, our GBP CHF live chart is available to every trader!

GBP CHF live rate

The best time to trade GBPCHF with a trusted forex broker is when important economic data are released, as well as the opening hours of the stock, options, and futures exchanges. The scheduling of these releases requires two-sided research because local UK GBPCHF news can move the pound to the swiss franc rate with the same intensity as news from other sources.

Most of the monthly economic data from the United Kingdom comes out between 2:00 am and 4:30 am ET.1 30-60 minutes before and 1-3 hours after these releases, select the best GBP CHF real-time to trade as the news feeds will affect the GBP CHF live rate.

In addition, the pounds to swiss francs are very sensitive to economic and political macroeconomic events that cause strong correlations between GBPCHF price and that of stock and bond markets around the world.

With our GBPCHF forex chart, it will be much easier for you to correctly predict the dynamics and exchange rate pound to CHF.


One of the most relevant strategies for the British pound to swiss franc is GBPCHF news trading. Check out the AtoZMarkets forex calendar for a list of all the major economic events that could affect the pound to franc rate, and don’t miss the market GBPCHF forex news and our section for GBPCHF analysis today which might help you to get the most out of your trading.

Our GBP CHF news and analysis cover the trading mindset, patience, and trading management. Risk management and trading psychology are major keys to stay consistently profitable when predicting the exchange rate from pound to Swiss franc.

Of course, there are also major financial events such as Brexit and Black Wednesday that have affected the pound to franc for years. Still, investors consider GBPCHF buy or sell as a haven asset due to its history as a refuge for wealthy portfolios from global economic and geopolitical risks.