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NinjaTrader Review & Rating 2023

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Prior to signing up with NinjaTrader, please read this NinjaTrader review. Are AtoZ Markets Forex broker reviews from NinjaTrader reputable? Find out more from this AtoZ Markets Forex broker review.

We have thoroughly investigated this firm and have no qualms in recommending it. The broker is renowned for providing a wide variety of trading accounts. They provide traders with the chance to invest in a wide range of markets and products.

The firm provides a wide range of accounts with a good selection of features. The account is designed to offer an excellent service and the brokers are committed to providing a secure and reliable platform.

AtoZ Markets team has found that this broker is very secure and offers an excellent service.

Professional team in addition to the quality of their products, they also provide a great service. The brokers are committed to providing a secure platform and are known for their high level of customer satisfaction. They have been established for over 20 years, so you can be assured that your money will be safe and secure. This broker has provided us with high ratings from our clients, so we recommend them highly. We have found this broker very trustworthy in addition to its high level of customer satisfaction in comparison with other brokers in the industry.


Trading Platform
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9 /10

We used Phillip Capital, a global broker that is regulated by top-tier financial regulators such as the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to test NinjaTrader's platform and brokerage services.

An advanced trading platform is provided by NinjaTrader, a US-based software firm. The firm was established in 2003.

We used Phillip Capital, a global broker, to test NinjaTrader's brokerage and platform services in our review. The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are two of the top-tier financial authorities that oversee Phillip Capital.

Pros and Cons of NinjaTrader

Among its competitors, NinjaTrader has the lowest futures trading fees. The desktop application and research tools are excellent and suitable for experienced traders. You may utilise quality instructional material to begin.

There are two issues to consider about the broker which is fee. There is no mobile trading platform, and the Windows-based desktop platform is the only one available. 


9 /10

Our research found that NinjaTrader would be a better fit for experienced, sophisticated traders when it came to client fund protection, as futures trading does not qualify for investor protection programs, nor does it provide negative balance protection. Simply put, if your account balance goes negative, you will have to pay the losses.

Despite not being listed on a major exchange, NinjaTrader is registered with the National Futures Association and, as a result, is authorised to provide introducing broker services for other brokers.

Our research found that, in terms of client fund protection, The broker would be a better fit for more experienced and sophisticated traders, as futures trading does not qualify for investor protection programmes, nor does it provide for negative balance protection. In brief, if your account balance goes below zero, you will have to pay for the losses.

There is no information on the NinjaTrader homepage or elsewhere about any awards they have received, despite them being rated highly by some customers in personal reviews on review websites.

Honors received from well-respected institutions or publications are significant for maintaining the reputation of forex broker companies. These honors are habitually mentioned with pride on the company's website.

Trading Platform

9 /10

The forex trading software also called the platform, is provided by a broker company to its clients to carry out their trades  with the help of their software. These trading platforms are beneficial to traders because they are straightforward to use. There are many trading platforms available in the market which are very powerful and simple to use.

The Forex trading software is used by traders in many different ways. It is used for making long term trades and short term trades. Many traders use these trading platforms as they are very easy to use and they also provide them with a lot of options that make it easier for them to trade with the help of their trading platform. It is also used by some people as a way of investment because it provides them with wealth. There are some people who like to use these platforms because they make them look like professionals when conducting their trades in the markets, but there is nothing wrong with this kind of approach if it works for you.

There are various types of forex trading platforms available today, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it would be quite hard for you to choose which one you should choose or should you even try? The first thing you have to consider when choosing a forex trading platform is whether you want a high-end forex trading platform or one that gives you more control over your money, if this is something that interests you then go for a high-end forex trader platform like NinjaTraderFX; if on the other hand, this interest doesn't come into play then just stick with an entry-level trader platform like FX.

There are different types of forex trading platforms, but there are some that have a wide variety of features and options. It is important to note that not all traders use the same platform, yet each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is not recommended for you to make your choice based on the platform's price, because if you choose a low-cost forex trading platform then you will probably make poor trades and lose money in the process.

The main advantage of an entry-level trader platform like FX is that it allows you to trade freely in the markets. You can put in any amount of money and make as many trades as you want; this gives you more control over your transactions in the markets. On the other hand, an advanced trader platform like NinjaTraderFX can be used by traders who want to take their trading to another level by using advanced features like currency swaps, risk management tools and indicators etc., but this requires a lot more expertise than what an entry-level trader offers.

Some Forex trading platforms have a very powerful charting software that shows you the market's movement very accurately. This is an advantage over other platforms that do not offer this feature. This is because these charts are more accurate than those of other forex trading platforms, which can be inaccurate at times.

As you know, the best forex trading platform will be one that allows you to trade freely and gives you the ability to make profits as well as losses. The more advanced these features are, the more profitable your trades will be as well as your overall financial results in the markets. 

Account Types

8 /10

When you open a certain type of account, you may find that spreads or commissions are different, the minimum deposit required is different, and the account benefits or services are different.

Swap-free Islamic accounts are available for Muslim customers, mirroring the other account types but operating in accordance with Shariah law.

Traders can open a forex account with a company like NinjaTrader, which gives them access to the firm's trading platforms.

With regard to account types, spreads or commissions may vary, as well as the minimum deposit required to open an account or the benefits and services available to account holders.

NinjaTrader's demo account is an excellent chance for novices to get acquainted with both markets and the trading platform. Using the simple downloadable software, a new trader may practise his skills and strategies before taking on real trading.

NinjaTrader brokerage uses Phillip Capital based in the United States, to hold your money.


9 /10

You can use their free platform with all the basic essentials or choose a paid license level for more advanced features and lower commissions, both of which are provided free of charge. For live trading, the advanced platform and live data are available free of charge.

Commissions, spreads, and margins determine the price of trading.

An exchange rate can move by the smallest amount, called a pip, when one currency is exchanged for another. The difference between the bid and the asking rates is the spread in a currency pair.

All other currency pairs have a pip value of 0.0001, and JPY is the term currency, 0.01 is the pip value.

Traders have complete control over how they trade the markets with execution-only brokers, who do not provide personal investment advice. These brokers charge lower commissions.

Traders can speculate on the rising or falling prices of fast-moving global financial markets through contract for differences (CFDs) trading, but share trading will incur commission.

A certain instrument's market price on other markets is wrapped in a spread, resulting in no commissions, but CFD trades.

NinjaTrader charges fees and commissions on futures from $0.59 per contract (from $0.09 per micro contract) and platform or maintenance fees from $60 per month. Inactive account fees are $25 per month on idle accounts.

The $1 000 minimum deposit required to open an account is among the lowest in the business. Commission and margin requirements are among the lowest in the industry. A $.09 commission per micro contract for the lifetime of the license is available for a $1 000 initial deposit.

Their free platform with all the basic essentials is available for demo account use. For live trading, you may choose a paid license level for more advanced features and lower commissions, or use their free platform.

Leverage and Spread

NinjaTrader does not provide explicit information about the highest leverage ratio that may be employed.

A leveraged product trade can increase a trader's potential profit—however, it also increases the risk. This ability to have a larger exposure to the market than the amount they deposited to open a trade is called leverage.

A trader's leverage is expressed as a ratio, for example, 50:1, 100:1, or 500:1. For example, if a trader has $1 000 in a trading account and trades 100,000 USD/JPY tickets, the leverage would be 100:1.

Traders should keep in mind that using a high level of leverage may be an advantage for a brokerage, but it should only be used by experienced traders who are aware of how to prevent large losses.

NinjaTrader requires you to check the website for information on the permitted leverage ratio before signing up.

Customer Support

8 /10

A dedicated brokerage service team supports international traders in Spanish, Russian, and German.

When choosing a broker company, potential traders should be confident that they can receive the assistance they need. The ability to contact support teams easily may also be important.

A brokerage client with a critical trade issue can get 24/7 direct phone support from the customer support team, which is available 24/5 by email, phone, and an online support form. You can find your location's emergency trade phone number on the website.

Brokerage services dedicated to Spanish, Russian, and German international traders are supported.


9 /10

What is the significance of being a NinjaTrader introducing broker? Phillip Capital holds your money and assets, but the platform, fees, and customer support are provided by NinjaTrader.

Phillip Capital may employ NinjaTrader to provide introducing broker services, as the National Futures Association (NFA) registers firms. These organisations are regulated by at least one major financial regulator such as the US CFTC or the UK FCA.

What is the significance of NinjaTrader's introducing broker status? Your assets and cash are safeguarded at Phillip Capital, like all other introducing brokers, but the platform, fees, and customer assistance are provided by NinjaTrader.


NinjaTrader's industry-leading trading platform, discount pricing, and real-time assistance are what make it such a fantastic choice for futures trading. Overall, I believe that NinjaTrader is an excellent choice for traders who want to trade futures on a cutting-edge trading platform with economical fees. You can utilise a wide variety of financial products and trading tools to conduct in-depth market research and locate opportunities according to your unique trading approach. You may learn how to maximise the many features of the platform by studying some handy guides and videos.

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