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Revolut Review & Rating 2022

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Are you considering Buying Bitcoin and investing in the father of cryptocurrencies to increase your earnings?

To achieve your goal, you can use different payment methods, including the ability to Buy Bitcoin with Revolut, an innovative solution that allows you to make payments quickly and easily, even at your fingertips.

In this review, you'll find out what Revolut is and how to buy Bitcoin in a practical and safe way .

You will discover all the advantages you can benefit from, the costs and commissions expected to reduce your expenses and how much it is actually convenient to Buy Bitcoin with Revolut.

So, whether you have a Revolut account or not, read on to find out why Revolut could be the best decision you make this year!


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The financial sector, over the last few years, is undergoing a real revolution from many points of view. The first radical change concerns the now unstoppable digitization of financial services and payment methods. The second, on the other hand, concerns the increase in consideration of cryptographic tools.

Revolut, an online reality born over the last few years, aims to combine the two aspects, offering a complete service.

What Is Revolut?

Revolut Ltd is a fintech company, based in the UK, which actually started very recently, in fact it was founded in 2015. However, as early as 2018 it achieved unicorn status. By this we mean that it has been valued at more than a billion dollars.

It provides a state-of-the- art digital banking system that offers financial services from a mobile app.

Therefore, Revolut is an account, which today has over 18 million users worldwide. This tool allows you to conveniently open and manage your financial operations from your smartphone , with a few simple steps. Indeed, it lends itself to multiple uses, it can be used for:

  • make purchases both online and in physical stores (even abroad)
  • make payments in real time, wire transfers,
  • send money abroad with zero costs,
  • analyze your expenses in detail,
  • accumulate savings for your projects,
  • make donations,
  • trading,
  • take out insurance,
  • exchange cryptocurrencies and much more.

To access the aforementioned services, it is necessary to download the Revolut app, which is available for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with operating system iOS 13 and above, for Apple Mac with operating system 11.0 and above and for Android smartphones with operating system 6.0 and above.

Revolut works with the freemium model, i.e. a free standard plan is provided and the Plus, Premium and Metal packages with higher ceilings and additional services.

The Benefits of Revolut

What are the Benefits of Buying Bitcoin with Revolut?

First of all, the possibility of carrying out your financial operations at Zero Commissions : Revolut offers, in fact, the opening of a Basic Account that does not provide for any Commission.

Revolut also provides a Free Annual Fee and the ability to carry out transactions in about 120 currencies, the flagship that places it among the most used financial solutions in the world.

Among the advantages also stands out the availability of Revolut for companies and the possibility of connecting a current account associated with Revolut to make and receive transfers.

With Revolut you could keep all your movements carefully monitored on all the services offered by the company through the appropriate App.

Indeed. the Revolut App is highly innovative but easy to use, with many useful tools for the user who intends to use it.

Customer Support


If you have any doubts about how Revolut services work, want to request card blocking or encounter problems while using the app, you can contact Revolut customer service .

The London-based fintech offers several methods to be able to contact customer care in case of need. The first is the classic method, via telephone, to speak with an operator who will lead you towards the resolution of any problem.

In reality, a Revolut toll-free number is not available but an automated telephone line reachable at +442033228352 which allows you to request the blocking of the Revolut card in case of loss or theft, so that anyone in possession of the card cannot continue to use it.

Other Revolut contacts

Revolut customer support is not only reachable by phone. There are several alternatives to get in touch with the digital bank, including the in-app chat , available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To chat directly with an operator just open the Revolut app, go to the Dashboard , press the symbol (?) , Located at the top right, and then on New chat .

Once this is done, all that remains is to expose your doubts or ask questions about your digital current account in a concise way to a virtual assistant trained to respond comprehensively to every request for assistance.

For more information on Revolut services, you can consult the dedicated FAQ section. Also in this case, you need to open the app, go to the Dashboard and, after pressing the (?) Symbol, type the question in the search bar. Alternatively, you can select a question from those listed (for example, How can I verify my identity?), Or choose a topic.

Another possibility is to contact other users by tapping on the item Ask our community. Eighteen million people are ready to lend a hand. Just select, on the page that opens, one of the topics listed or ask a new question and wait for the answer.

Finally, there is also the possibility to consult the official blog, in which there are interesting articles on the key topics of the service.

If you are making a formal complaint, Revolut invites users to chat with an in-app chat support operator .

Finally, those who prefer to act as a computer, can connect to the Desktop site and click on the Help icon in the upper left to find the solution to any problems encountered.

Products and Services


Specifically, Revolut offers the following financial services:

  • Bank services
  • Currency Exchange
  • cryptocurrency exchanges
  • peer-to-peer payments

Buy Bitcoin with the Revolut App

Using the practical and functional Revolut app, you have the possibility to manage your assets and convert them into over 120 currencies. In addition, it is possible to buy, trade and sell around 30 cryptocurrencies.

Download the Revolut app

The first step is to download the Revolut app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Just go to your device's digital store, download and wait for the app to be installed.

Obviously, if you have already used Revolut for some time you will have already had the opportunity to try this app, which also allows you to invest in the stock market on the Forex and stock market.

Register on Revolut

Starting to enjoy Revolut's services really takes a few minutes. First you need to enter your phone number and create a 6-digit passcode to access the app.

You will receive an SMS to confirm your number and continue with the account opening. You will then be asked for personal information such as Name, Surname and Date of Birth.

Afterwards, you will have to enter your home address and your email address, and to verify your identity just insert the image of your identity document. Finally, you will need to take a selfie using your smartphone's camera.

At the end of the procedure you will be asked whether to choose a virtual card (free) or a physical card (there are 4 different ones with various services and rates).

Buy Bitcoins

Once the Revolut app has been launched, you can go to the "Investments" section by clicking on the second icon at the bottom. By tapping on "Invest" you will be able to see the various assets divided by categories, including cryptocurrencies.

To buy Bitcoin just tap on its symbol and a screen will open with the graph and information relating to it. Plus, you can buy for as little as €1 and with a couple of screen taps.

Keep in mind that with Revolut it is only possible to invest in cryptocurrencies but you do not really own the asset . It is therefore not possible to move your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cardano etc. on a personal wallet.

Revolut also offers a prepaid debit card and an App for IOS and Android mobile devices that allows you to make ATM expenses in 120 currencies.

Not only fiat currencies such as euro and dollar, but also cryptocurrencies: in short, financial services that embrace the most sophisticated payment methods to allow customers to take advantage of all the most up-to-date financial solutions.

There are already 18 million users who have decided to rely on Revolut to exploit all the financial potential that the App offers.

Customer Portfolio


A peculiarity of Revolut is that it allows you to buy, exchange and store cryptocurrencies  using your own money on your account and directly from the app.

Revolut Review - Crypto

You will be able to exchange 30 currencies with the  5 main cryptocurrencies  in circulation:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • XRP.

Revolut Card

Revolut Card

Besides the types of accounts, it is also possible to activate a Revolut card. This consists of a prepaid card from the company of the same name, which relies on the Mastercard circuit and is associated with the account app. Through the Revolut card it is possible to proceed with transactions even in foreign currencies. The app also provides the calculator function of the exchange rate applied in real time, which allows operations using the card.

The Revolut card allows you to make payments by credit card and ATM withdrawals in more than 130 currencies in the Mastercard circuit. It supports Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets, hence NFC technology for contactless POS payments.

With this support it is possible to convert into the payment currency at the interbank exchange rate and select the currency (or cryptocurrency) to be used in each specific payment.

The activation of the Revolut card does not involve any additional cost. It can also be obtained with the standard app plan. However, if you choose the physical card instead of the virtual one, you have to pay for the shipping and delivery. To activate it, go to the "Cards" section of the app and choose the "Physical" or "Virtual" option.

The Revolut card is also used via the app. With it you can make outgoing transfers or to send and receive money in P2P. These transactions are free (more or less limited depending on the plan chosen with the app). The Revolut card cuts the commissions on foreign transactions of traditional credit card circuits.



As we have already mentioned previously, Revolut offers Zero Commissions to be able to carry out the required transactions, but it also offers much more.

In fact, you may decide to open different types of accounts based on your choice and your needs. Each account offers certain services and applies different offers based on the selected type.

Revolut Account Types

Revolut Review - Account types

When opening your Revolut Account, you may opt for one of the following available account types:

  • Standard
  • Plus
  • Premium
  • Metal

Before proceeding, we will provide you in detail with the different types of accounts to allow you to make a more thoughtful choice:

Standard Subscription

As for the Standard subscription , this is the basic Revolut account and it's free. This subscription allows you to open a free UK account, which includes a free euro IBAN account. It also allows you to obtain:

  • the ability to shop in over 150 currencies at the interbank exchange rate;
  • exchange without hidden commissions in 30 fiat currencies up to 6,000 per month;
  • withdrawals from ATMs without commissions up to 200 per month.

Plus Subscription

The first of the paid revolut subscriptions is Plus, which involves the burden of paying the monthly cost of €2.99. This account is ideal for anyone who buys a lot of products online or attends events as it provides refunds of up to €1000 on damaged or stolen purchases.

In addition, it also has an improved and guaranteed return window as well as refunds in case of cancellation of the event for which you own the ticket.

Premium Subscription

If you are interested in more options, you can subscribe to Premium, upon payment of a cost of €7.99 per month . This subscription offers all the benefits of the Standard account plus:

  • exchange without hidden commissions in 30 fiat currencies with no monthly limit;
  • withdrawals from ATMs without commissions up to 400 euros per month; international medical insurance;
  • flight and baggage delay insurance;
  • Global Express / Priority Card Delivery;
  • priority customer support; immediate access to 5 cryptocurrencies ;
  • the ability to request a premium card with an exclusive design;
  • the ability to generate disposable virtual cards and access via loungekey pass.

Metal Subscription

Finally, if you want all the options that Revoult offers you can subscribe to Metal, which costs €13.99 per month . This offers all the benefits of the Premium account plus:

  • withdrawals from ATMs without commissions up to €600 per month;
  • exclusive Revolut Metal cards;
  • the possibility of obtaining up to 0.1% Cashback in Europe and up to 1% outside Europe on every payment made by card,
  • gives you access to a concierge to better manage your lifestyle.

Functions Common To All Subscriptions

We must, however, remember that accounts have some common possibilities. In particular, you can:

  • create  virtual cards to be used for online payments and with Apple Pay (if you use iPhone);
  • currency conversion ;
  • monitoring of  international exchange rates;
  • advanced statistics  on their spending habits;
  • the setting of  global monthly budgets  or for various categories of expenditure;
  • the immediate sending and receiving of money  between Revolut users; the ability to make  bank transfers  and  recurring payments ;
  • the creation of virtual piggy banks  to set aside the money needed to carry out their own projects (even those of a group);
  • trading;
  • donations and access to  cryptocurrencies  (available for Premium and Metal users or by inviting their friends to try Revolut).

Latest News

Revolut is working on expanding into decentralized cryptocurrency wallets and is also looking at the mortgage sector, its CEO said, as the company pushes ahead with its strategy to become a so-called "superapp".

Revolut is focused in the short-term on expanding its remittance offerings and launching a buy now, pay later product. But the financial technology company has more work to do to become a one-stop shop for financial services, said CEO Nik Storonsky.

"For example… decentralized wallets, and enabling deposits, withdrawals of crypto [and] staking, lending — that’s another piece that we're missing and we're working on," he told Reuters.

He added that it’s also important for the company to consider expanding into mortgages, since home loans "are quite an important part of consumer financial life."

While superapps such as China’s WeChat have taken off in other parts of the world, all-in-one platforms have proven elusive in the United States and Europe.

Revolut isn’t alone in its quest to become a worldwide financial superapp. Global brands from Amazon (AMZN.O) to IKEA and Walmart (WMT.N) are cutting out the traditional financial middleman and plugging in software from tech startups to offer customers everything from banking and credit to insurance.

Revolut is also opening new remittance corridors to enable its U.S. users to send money across borders in up to 30 minutes. The company introduced fee-free remittances to bank accounts in Mexico in January and recently launched fast transfers from the United States to Chile, Brazil and South Korea.

"It's amazing, because no one in the world can do it. If you check WorldRemit or [Wise] or Western Union, not a single one of them have this capability of instant of fee-free money transfer," said Storonsky.

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