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ProfitFarmers is a subscription-based service that produces trading signals (complete instructions for trading with specific coin pairs). They also offer a suite of tools for more experienced traders.

They’re connected with Binance through an API, which means they can automate trading with their signals from entry to exit. There’s no need to risk trading manually and getting stressed out by staring at price charts 24/7!

Their trading signals also include an automatic stop-loss feature, which means they’ll exit your trade for you if prices start moving in the wrong direction. This means no more lost sleep from constantly worrying about your trades… You can just set it and forget it.

How is it to trade with ProfitFarmers?

ProfitFarmers is likely the easiest trading tool we’ve ever tried using. To show you why we’ve broken down the process of using ProfitFarmers step-by-step.

  1. Signing up (requires 10 minutes): They offer a range of memberships with the only difference being that the more months you pay for upfront, the cheaper it is. Features are the same across all. Signing up takes around 10 minutes.

ProfitFarmers Pricing

2. Connecting your Binance account (requires ~7 minutes): You’ll need to connect your Binance account before you can make any trades. They have a tutorial video covering this process to make it as easy as possible. This step takes about 5 minutes.

ProfitFarmers Image

3. Checking your wallet balances (Less than a minute): Before you can start trading, you’ll need BTC and USDt in your Binance wallet as these are the main coins used in their trading signals. If you have one but not the other, you can easily convert balances from within their dashboard.

4. Use a trading signal for the first time (requires ~1 minute): With your account fully set up, the next step is making your first trade using one of their signals! To do this, you just pick any of the fresh signals, click to enter how much money you want to trade with, and hit confirm. It’s that easy! 

From here ProfitFarmers will track prices and place trade orders on your behalf through Binance when the prices are right.

5. Tracking ongoing trades (Instant): See how your trades are performing by clicking over to the watchlist. Using their mobile app, you can get push-notification updates when the status changes on any of your trades.

6. Viewing completed trades (instant): See the results from trades that have recently finished. We’re not sure why, but this includes results from ALL of ProfitFarmers trading signals and not just the ones that you’ve made.

Using the ProfitFarmers system is very easy thanks to their semi-auto trade feature and everything else you need to be in one place on their dashboard.

How well does their system perform? 

We found this results graph summarising their trading signals monthly performance:

Aren’t those results too good to be true?

It’s important to understand how their trading signals work in order to understand what their results mean.

Every signal has 4 target prices (exit points). Their system sells your coin balance across these targets (with the % of coins sold depending on how you configured the signal). The higher the target that’s hit, the higher the % gain that’s earned.

From the graph above we see that August experienced a 77% win-rate. What this actually means is that 77% of signals made a profit. This doesn’t mean 77% of signals went all the way to target 4.

What is interesting is that 63% of signals hit targets 2, 3, or 4! But what does this mean in terms of profits? Have a look at the chart below (taken from ProfitFarmers website).

If 63% are making an average gain of 8.27% and up, and only 23% are hitting stop loss with an average -3.73% loss, it’s easy to see how trading with ProfitFarmers could make good returns.

[Call out box that reads: Please remember that past results aren’t guarantees of future performance.]

How safe is my money with ProfitFarmers?

ProfitFarmers connects with Binance to offer their user’s top-level safety and security from the world's most popular Cryptocurrency exchange. If you trust Binance, then you can trust ProfitFarmers.

  • All trading with ProfitFarmers happens through Binance. This makes it impossible for ProfitFarmers to ever charge you commissions or fees, as your profits land directly inside your Binance wallet.
  • Your trading money always stays within your Binance account, separate from ProfitFarmers. This keeps you in full control of your funds, ready for you to withdraw whenever you want.
  • Following trading signals can be automated through their API integration with Binance. This doesn’t give ProfitFarmers access to your wallet's secret keys or any ability to withdraw/transfer your funds.
  • Everything you need is in one place. ProfitFarmers communicates with Binance to track data such as coin prices, show you your wallet balances, and alert you about your ongoing trades.

The only downside about this integration with Binance is that you need to manually click to copy the trading signals. They can’t place trade orders without your direct permission.

That said, it only takes 30 seconds to copy a signal, so perhaps it’s worth it in exchange for the added security!

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Comparison between ProfitFarmers and its alternatives:

Trading Signal Groups

It’s very difficult to identify real and profitable signal providers online. Most traders get attracted by the ‘lucrative opportunities’ posted by trading signal groups, but will end up trading at a loss. Even if you do find a group with working signals, you’ll still need to track prices and spend hours placing your trades manually… 

On the other hand, ProfitFarmers’ trading signals have a publicly-viewable history of winning more than they lose. They don’t lie about their results either, as they also go into great detail explaining exactly what their results mean

On top of producing high-quality signals, ProfitFarmers can automate the process of trading with them from entry to exit through Binance, making for a hassle-free experience!

Trading Bots

There are many premade bots that are just a waste of money. It always raises the question- if the bot is profitable, then why is the seller not using it for themselves?

That said, it IS possible to make money using a trading bot. It just requires constant checking and maintenance, which makes it difficult for any trader without good coding skills.

On the other hand, ProfitFarmers is NOT a fully automated trading bot, which is an indicator of a proper trading system. Here are the key benefits of ProfitFarmers against Bots:

  • Customize every part of ProfitFarmer's signals. Don’t like the exit price? How about the stop loss & overall risk level? You have the choice of recreating every trade to suit your strategy.
  • After customizing, you can STILL automate your trades. Unlike trading bots, you’re able to configure each part of every trade in less than a minute. Once you’re happy, you click ‘confirm trade’ and let ProfitFarmers handle it from there!
  • ProfitFarmers team is constantly updating their signals & software. You don’t need to be a coder or programmer to make use of automated tools anymore! Simply let ProfitFarmers' expert team handle it for you.


eToro is the biggest social copy-trading platform in the world. Sounds great and all, but have you seen their legal disclaimer that says “74% of people lose money while trading CFDs” on their platform? All of a sudden, it doesn’t sound so great. 

And even if you beat the odds and make some profits, you’ll still need to pay withdrawal fees from money you earned

Unlike eToro where you copy random ‘traders’ decisions, ProfitFarmers feeds you high-probability trade signals with a track record of profitability. All your money stays on Binance, so ProfitFarmers can’t charge you any fees whatsoever. 

Trade Crypto with Binance

Company Trustworthiness

ProfitFarmers is a European-registered company. Other crypto-companies typically register in regulation-free countries outside the EU so they can get away with doing some sneaky stuff, leaving you at risk if you join. 

ProfitFarmers is legally required to follow EU rules and regulations, which means you’ll be well protected on their platform.

Matthew Tansley is the founder of ProfitFarmers. He’s very public and puts his face and name on a lot of their signal results videos. 

Again, you’ll rarely find another crypto company with their founder being as public as Mr. Tansley is, and that’s because other platforms usually lie (or twist the truth) about what they do.

Pros and Cons:

Here’s a short summary of the good and the bad about using ProfitFarmers:


  1. Automate your trades. Thanks to their API integration with Binance, you only need to click on a signal, set how much to trade with, and confirm. From here their system will do the rest, saving you time, energy and money!
  2. Historically Profitable Trading Signals. Never spend another minute looking for what to trade. Fresh, high-probability trading signals appear on their dashboard daily!
  3. Your funds stay within Binance. The API integration means your funds remain within one of the most secure exchanges in the world, keeping you in full control at all times.
  4. No commissions or fees. We’re already taxed enough as it is… At least with ProfitFarmers you get to keep 100% of the money you make. No nonsense.


  1. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Obviously, they can’t guarantee or promise you’ll make profits.
  2. You need to have around €3,000 to trade with. Remember that your money always sits in your Binance account, separate from ProfitFarmers. You can withdraw it at any time. 


You could join with less money to trade with, they won't stop you. However ProfitFarmers strongly recommends you have 3k or more. (This is to make sure that you make enough money to cover the membership fees)

Not everyone will be able to join ProfitFarmers. We read on their website that memberships are limited in an effort to make sure that their trading signals are as effective as possible. They didn’t give a specific number on how many are left, but given that this is a new platform, we’re sure accounts are being taken fast...

Customer Support


ProfitFarmers has created a lot of content for help with using their platform. Practically every aspect of their platform is covered with either an article or tutorial video, all accessible from their knowledge base.

You also get limited live-chat support and the ability to submit support tickets in case you really find yourself stuck.

Products and Services


ProfitFarmers has three account types:

Monthly Subscription

  • $ 299/month
  • Billed Monthly
  • No Setup Fee
  • Cancel Anytime

Quarterly Subscription

  • $ 200 /month
  • $1192 in annual saving! Save 33%
  • Billed Quarterly
  • No Setup Fee
  • Cancel Anytime

Yearly Subscription

    • $ 167 /month
  • $1589 in annual saving!
  • Billed Yearly
  • No Setup Fee
  • Cancel Anytime

Variation of Cryptocurrencies to trade with

Their coin pairings are either USDt or BTC traded against practically every altcoin available to trade on Binance. This gives users a wide variety of signals to trade from, however you aren’t able to ‘filter’ signals based on their coin pairings. Hopefully, such a feature will come soon.



ProfitFarmers offers three subscription packages that cover all types of traders. If you just want to test their service, you could go with the monthly subscription. 

If you’re ready to use ProfitFarmers long-term, then you’ll benefit from large discounts given in the quarterly and yearly subscription packages.

Besides the subscription fee, there are absolutely no other fees for using ProfitFarmers.

Latest News

ProfitFarmers regularly update the latest company news on ProftFarmers Blog:

  1. Trading Signal Results September 15-21, 2020
  2. What To Do When Bitcoin Drops?
  3. Trading Signal Results September 8-14, 2020
  4. Binance Leveraged Tokens (BLVT) And How To Trade Them In ProfitFarmers


If you’re looking for a tool, an assistant, a Crypto Co-Pilot (or whatever you want to call it!) to help you make profitable trades without all the headaches, then we suggest using ProfitFarmers.

From their integration with Binance to their track record of creating profitable trading signals, we haven’t found another platform that works quite as smoothly as ProfitFarmers does.

  • High-Probability Trading signals delivered daily: You don’t have to spend hours searching for what you should trade.
  • Semi-automated trading through Binance. No more stressing out about your ongoing trades. Just pick one, set the amount of money, and click to let ProfitFarmers handle the rest.
  • Full control over your trading money. Since your money never goes through the ProfitFarmers system, you can always withdraw/transfer funds whenever you’d like.

You’ve reached the end of our review! Head on over to ProfitFarmers to see how much you can make with your very own crypto co-pilot before they run out!

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