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Fusion Markets Review & Rating 2023

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Read the Fusion Markets review which has been done by AtoZ reviewers by diving deep into the broker's business history, biography, and reputation. Is Fusion Markets Scam or Reliable Forex Broker? Find all the details about the broker in this review.

After performing the intensive research, we found out that Fusion Markets is a legit forex broker and we recommend opening an account with Fusion Markets.

Fusion Markets is located in Melbourne, Australia and is a young broker which started to provide its services in 2019. Fusion Markets offers to perform trading in almost all the major forex pairs and CFDs. When it comes to regulation, the broker is regulated by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) which is an Australian regulator, and VFSC ( Australian Securities and Investment Commission).

As addressed on their website, the broker has an experience of 50 years and is on a mission to create a broker that adheres to a few simple principles, which are Low price, good support, and cutting-edge technology.


Trading Platform
Account Types
Customer Support


8 /10

Fusion Markets offers the traders very low trading fees and in addition to this, the broker also offers easy and fast account opening. The broker has an experienced support team that solves all the queries of the users in a very professional way.

Moreover, on the flip side, their educational tools are not as appealing as other Forex brokers in the market. Also, the broker only offers trading instruments such as Forex, CFDs and Cryptos.

Fusion Markets are the rock solid choice for those looking to invest in Australian stocks and bonds. The company is licensed by ASIC, which means their security measures meet international standards-including conducting biannual internal audits allows third party verification of your investments.

They offer a wide range of financial instruments, as well as ongoing support and top-notch platform. Their services cater to traders with all levels experience from beginners up through professionals who want access or an alternative outlet for trading stocks on the web.

Pros of Fusion Markets

  • Low trading fees
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy account opening

Cons of Fusion Markets

  • Limited educational tools
  • Less trading instruments options


9 /10

Fusion Markets is a fully-licensed and regulated securities broker that takes the safety of their clients seriously. They have plenty to offer in terms legal documents, including an updated Privacy Policy which has been amended not only according Australian Privacy Principles but also European & UK legislation. Your personal data safety is guaranteed with this broker.

Trading Platform

8 /10

If you're looking for a brokerage that offers MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading software, then Fusion Markets is your best bet. They offer both web-based front ends as well as mobile apps which can be used on any device including smartphones and tablets.

With MT4, you can trade on any of the most popular markets from all around the world. It has an easy-to use interface and sturdy charting feature which makes it perfect for beginners as well. One great thing about this software is its automated trading bots - they're praised by traders everywhere because they help make things happen quickly without much work needed by them (or anyone else).

Fusion Markets has everything you need to trade stocks and futures with confidence. They offer an excellent platform, powerful tools for traders of all levels - including professional support from their team around the clock.

Fusion Markets’ mission is to make it easier and cheaper for anyone in the world with an internet connection, regardless of where they live or what currency regime applies. To do this they provide traders many investment instruments so that you can choose which ones best suit your needs.

These include:

• 70+ currency pairs
• Energy
• Precious metals
• Equity indices
• Commodities
• Cryptocurrencies

The platform provides traders with a wide range of assets to choose from so they can make informed decisions when building their portfolio.

Fusion Market has been known for its commitment to delivering an innovative service, and this includes offering options that are flexible. They provide traders with the chance of choosing between mobile or web-based trading platforms depending on what they need at any given time; there are evenMT4 apps available.

Liquidity providers offer the opportunity to trade through your smartphone, with iPhone and Android versions available. Free downloads provide traders with account management features like opening/closing positions or checking live pricing on an analytical toolset when accessed from a desktop computer
- facilitating access wherever you are.

Account Types

9 /10

Fusion Market's goal is to reduce the cost of trading online. They also want make it more accessible, not only in terms spending but by making things simpler for traders everywhere.

The broker's products are as streamlined and simple to use for traders who don’t want any more complications than necessary. Unlike other forex brokers who offer many account types, Intertops only offers two options so that they can provide their clients with an easier trading experience.

Fusion Markets offers the same product, but with slightly different features depending on how much you pay.

What a broker does not want to change about their service is the level that they offer, regardless of pricing. It's possible this lack in flexibility could be seen as negative by some people but we suggest just looking at it from another point of view: the brokers want all customers' needs met equally no matter what fee-paying customer has done so far.


8 /10

The fee structure at Fusion Markets is quite straightforward. They charge low rates for both trading and non-trading services which makes them one of the better options out there when it comes to cost competitiveness in this industry.

  • When you trade, there are many different fees that can depressive your profits. These include commissions and spreads as well as financing rates or conversion costs- all of which add up over time!
  • Trading fees are one thing, but there's more than meets the eye when it comes to non-trading costs. For example withdrawal or inactivity charges can occur if you try and make a transaction after being dormant for too long - these don't concern traders as much since they're not directly related!

Fees depend on what you're trading. For example, forex and stock index trading have different kinds of fees: spreads are important for the former but financing rates should be considered more closely when deciding between two similar brokers who offer these types of services under one brand name - T1Markets and

Fusion Markets offers low-cost trading with a variety of account types and pricing structures. Their ZERO Account is perfect for beginners!

This means that when you trade on our platform, your investments are not just a few hundred dollars at most - they can be millions! Our typical trades have an average value of a few hundred dollars. The leverage we used was 30:1 for forex trading and 20:1 for stock index CFDs.

Fusion Markets offers low non-trading fees. There's no account or deposit fee, and you can Trade as little or much at a time with our Market Maker Warranty on Every Order.

Spreads and Commissions

Fusion Markets has a reputation for being the lowest-cost trader in this industry, and it seems like they back up their prices with great service.

The broker offers some of the best spreads in town, with 0.00 minimums on popular currency pairs like AUD/CAD or USDJPY.

Their low commissions are one reason why so many people choose to trade with this broker. For example, if you trade one standard lot of forex and precious metals (which costs $4), then on average 36% cheaper than Fusion’s competitors will be what you pay.

If you want to get the most for your money, then fusion Markets is perfect.


Fusion markets offer a cost-effective service with many plus points. The company has excellent leverage and seems to combine economy, and quality of product/service offered in an attractive way for clients looking at both sides when it comes down to who they should choose as a brokerage firm.

Fusion's commitment to providing a flexible service means they offer traders the chance of choosing how much leverage is used, up until 500:1.

Customer Support

9 /10

Fusion Markets is open 24/7, so you can trade at any time of day. The session times vary based on which market hours they offer their products; however these details are all clearly listed under the ‘Trading Conditions’ section of the company website. The company has a live chat feature on its website so you can talk to them directly.


8 /10

Fusion Markets has a very good safety reputation. They are licensed as an investor services company with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, so it's safe to say that they will never let you down. When traders place their trust in a business, they know that the money will be safe and secure.

This is why ASIC sets strict criteria for those applying to become a licensed broker. All of them must meet the minimum capital requirement at one million AUD, and file regular reports that are obliged by law undergo third-party audits done on request from them when needed most - like if there were any unusual transactions or activity regarding your account.

Fusion is committed towards transparency, which means that their ACN and ABN numbers are available for anyone who wishes to research them. This high degree of disclosure helps build trust with potential clients by ensuring they know exactly where all your information comes from- both good times as well as bad ones.


It's hard to find a more competitive broker than Fusion Markets. Offering low prices on an array of investments, their commitment towards cutting costs for traders is undeniable - and undoubtedly successful.

The forex market is a competitive space, but it’s important to have the right tools in your arsenal. For example: Indeed offers Australia's lowest advertised commissions with an average of 36% cheaper rates than other companies- which represents significant savings and should not be overlooked.

Fusion Market offers a high-quality service with great flexibility. The only notable downside is that additional features are limited, such as event calendars and blogs on the website, though this doesn't take away from how incredible they actually are.

If you are on a budget and want to make sure that your broker has all of the basics covered, then there is no better company out there than this one.

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