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Brokeree Solutions specializes in high-grade solution development as well as MetaTrader platform servicing and consulting for brokerages.

The company offers advanced solutions such as MT4/MT5 Liquidity Bridge, PAMM, Social Trading, etc., as well as the opportunity to create tailored software that accommodates the unique needs of clients.

The vision of the company is to improve the financial markets by creating advanced, easy-to-use, and flexible technological solutions for brokers.

The company treats its customers and partners honestly and respectfully, provides prompt technical support and assists in achieving the broker’s goals by creating necessary technological means.

Customer Support


Brokeree has all of its contact details in the “Contact us” tab on its website. Therefore, the client can contact them by filling up a form. Moreover, its office address is also shown on a google map for those who want to meet them in person. 

Clients can contact them through email, skype, phone, and live chat. Moreover, clients can send them messages through their Facebook page using the messenger service. Some of their contact details are as below:

Products and Services


Brokeree Solutions provide services in the sector of Financial services, Solution development for forex brokers, MT4/MT5 platform servicing, Consulting, Ready solutions, Custom-made solutions, MT4/MT5 plugins, extensions, apps, tools, etc.

Forex brokers rely on the Brokeree Solutions team that has dedicated specialists to facilitate business growth through attentive platform servicing and user assistance. The products and services are mentioned below:

#1 Brokeree Solutions’ Investment Management Solutions

Both PAMM and Social Trading solutions come with separate portals for investors, money managers/signal providers, and administrators.

The Products come with front-end and back-end components providing brokers effortless installation within hours and allow service launch within a day after the purchase.

Ratings and Statistics module is used to create leaderboards to promote services and convert website visitors into active customers.

#2 Brokeree Solutions PAMM for MT4 and 5

Brokeree Solutions PAMM allows brokers to set up Percentage Allocation Management Modules on their MetaTrader 4 or 5 infrastructure where traders can register as either money managers or investors.

The solution works with aggregated funds where the trading happens on one MetaTrader account thus removing any hindrance on servers’ performance while increasing overall trading volumes for a brokerage.

Latest release includes multi-server support which enables brokers to unite all their trading servers under one PAMM system. 

“At Brokeree we make sophisticated solutions user-friendly while maintaining robust performance,” commented Andrey Kamyshanov, CEO of Brokeree Solutions, in the press-release with MetaQuotes.  

#3 Brokeree Solutions Social Trading Solution for MT4 and 5

Social Trading is a rather straightforward and intuitive investment system, where traders subscribe to a signal provider and start receiving duplicate trades once those are open at a “master” account. A signal sharing services are a very attractive investment option for beginning traders as the trading strategy will be copied from a more experienced trader.

Brokeree Solutions Social Trading Solution provides all the necessary components to launch the service on MetaTrader 4 or 5 servers. Investors will find a variety of copying modes and settings which allow traders of any competence to fine-tune the copied strategy to achieve the best results.

Liquidity management being one of the core activities of a brokerage, makes liquidity bridge a key product of Brokeree Solutions. The solution includes an advanced liquidity aggregation, which ensures that the best prices will be available to the traders. Routing engine is a true highlight of Brokeree Solutions Liquidity Bridge which allows brokers to set up sophisticated risk management strategies and STP order execution at liquidity providers.

#4 MetaTrader 4 and 5 Servers’ Maintenance and Consultations

Technical support specialists from Brokeree Solutions assist forex brokers in the initial setup of trading servers as well as maintaining its performance ensuring that brokerage services run smoothly.

Consultation can be provided for brokers who seek best practices in setting up MetaTrader infrastructure, risk management, and other general business inquiries.

Customer Portfolio


Brokeree is the famous Technology Solutions Provider for most of the forex brokers. It supplies an opportunity to enhance brokerage services for traders. We have highlighted below a small selection of their broker clients:

  • Fidelis
  • ColmexPro
  • TopFX
  • Key to Markets

For the entire list of clients of Brokeree Solutions, please visit Brokeree Solutions' website



For taking service from Brokeree Solutions and knowing the price, you have to contact them through contact us tab by filling out a form. They will contact back with the details of products and pricing.

Latest News

Brokeree Solutions is continuously improving its products and services by developing and doing more consumer interactions. Their latest news includes their updates regarding products and services, which indicates that they are continually improving their products and expanding its use to different sectors. The latest news from the Company mentioned below:

  • New MAM mode in Social Trading Solutions For MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • Brokeree Solutions releases MT4/MT5 System Alerts
  • Brokeree Solutions announces multi-server PAMM for MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • GMI UK is now integrated with Brokeree Liquidity Bridge for MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • Season’s Greetings from Brokeree Solutions
  • Brokeree Solutions attends The Forex Expo in Dubai
  • Brokeree Solutions Releases an MT4/MT5 Exposure Manager

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