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AdenaSoft is the global leader in providing advanced software systems for financial services companies. It is optimized for White Label services. By providing complete, interconnected systems for the website, CS, CRM, IB, MT4 / MT5 Manager, and Terminals. Its program is optimized for financial services activities.

It is the only such comprehensive service provider with unprecedented experience in the industry. The goal of AdenaSoft is to help you run your financial services business in a trouble-free IT environment. It has the best talents in the industry in its team of engineers and designers. The AdenaSoft team has many years of experience in the industry, with the diversity needed to run global businesses.

AdenaSoft promotes creative thinking and open discussions within its offices, allowing for growth in this highly competitive industry. Working together in the culture where everyone learns from each other makes AdenaSoft a place built to put employees in the center.

Financing Solutions

AdenaSoft is proud to present its user-friendly software built by people with the most excellent caliber and experience in the industry.

These systems are dynamically interconnected and customized to provide optimal solutions for your business. Here is the list of software systems and programs that AdenaSoft provides.

  • Customer Service Program
  • CRM Program
  • Introducing Broker Program
  • MT4 / MT5 Bridge Provider
  • MT4 / MT5 Manager / Client
  • MT4 / MT5 Web trading
  • Web / Mobile site
  • Mobile MT4 / MT5
  • Risk Management Program
  • 24H Tech Service
  • AD / Marketing Program
  • Liquidity Provider

Customer Support


AdenaSoft Technical Support is always there to help you keep up with the latest systems for your business operations. They answer most queries within the first 24 hours.

Here are the contact details of AdenaSoft:

  • 207, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • +82. 02. 555. 5156

Products and Services


AdenaSoft's systems interact dynamically with one another. This is a better solution for financial service companies that operate on a daily basis.


AdenaSoft offers 3-4 different types of website templates. Customers can customize their website templates with color themes, logos, menu options and many other features.


AdenaSoft offers CRM systems as a back-office tool. This allows you to track sales data for every customer, sales group, and country. It also includes Client Relationship Monitoring, Management, P/L per country, and the IB/Affiliate Management Program. AdenaSoft offers two versions: one for admin and one for sales. The admin version provides analytical data that allows you to monitor operations by region and country. For marketing staff, the sales version is available. Both versions are user-friendly.

Customer Support Tool

The CS tool is designed to automate all processes related to client account management, from account opening to deposits/withdrawals. AdenaSoft made CS interactive with other systems to make it easy for users to access all of the tools from one place.

IB/Affiliate Website

AdenaSoft offers a complete CS tool, which includes the website, IB website, MT4 terminal, and website. It efficiently brings the data entered into websites (main site, IB / Affiliates) for new accounts as well as other entries (deposits/withdrawals). Administrators can now process all applications from one location. It generates automated emails that provide customers with updates in real time.

To help you grow your online financial services, the broker / affiliate program is an important part of any business. Its IB / Affiliate websites are a great management tool. The statistical data will help you to develop strategies for your financial service business.

  • IB / Affiliate client overall management system.
  • It provides detailed views of the client's data and search options.
  • Individual clients can access their trading history and withdraw/deposit information.
  • It provides overall market monitoring and real-time trading/orders.
  • Data sorting is simple: Name / Position/ Lots / Closing time/ Profit & Loss / Commission statistics
  • Clients of the IB have access to an internal transfer function.
  • Excel spreadsheets available for customer management data downloadable

Finance Bridge Tech

AdenaSoft provides financial bridge systems. The proprietary bridge it offers is a liquidity provider solution to the FX/CFD/ Commodities markets, as well as cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is the only company that Metaquotes has enabled the PAMM/MAM technology provider for MT4/MT5 platforms.

Risk Management

Financial services companies can monitor and respond to alerts tailored to their business using the risk management tool. All events that need to be addressed by the risk manager will be alerted. This risk management tool will help keep your business safe.

MT4/MT5 Manager

For currency trading, MT4 and MT5 management systems can be essential tools. These programs are used by 90% of FX brokers, and the company offers them to customers as part of a While Label.

Mobile Program

AdenaSoft offers mobile services that allow you to access your account from anywhere, anytime with your smartphone. In addition to the mobile web services, you can also access the MT4 / MT5 mobile version for Android / IOS.

Customer Portfolio


We have no direct experience with AdenaSoft or AdenaSoft White label solution. Please see the comments on AdenaSoft from real users. If you have any involvement with this company, please share it in the comments below.



AdenaSoft pricing is not directly available. We do not have any experience with their fee structure.

Latest News

Adenasoft is a global top finance software company. Here is the latest news on Adenasoft:

  •    05/09/2019 Adenasoft Completes Pre-IPO Investment Worth $33m.

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