XRP Lawsuit: Court Orders Ripple to Provide Slack Messages to SEC

The US SEC has received a discovery win as US Magistrate Judge ordered Ripple to hand over more than 1 million internal employee Slack messages.

September 3, 2021, | AtoZ Markets In what is the latest development in the XRP lawsuit between the United States SEC and Ripple Labs, the former seems to have finally scored a minor victory.

US Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn has ordered Ripple to produce one million missing Slack messages between employees which the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has sought to access.

Despite Ripple’s protestations that complying would cost up to $1 million, the judge deemed the messages critical and unique evidence for the SEC’s ongoing case against the multi-billion dollar company for selling unregistered securities.

According to Law360, in the original motion to compel Ripple from August 9, the SEC argued that the messages between Ripple employees were “relevant to the parties’ claims and defenses and proportional to the needs of the case.” It also said that Ripple should deliver all messages from 22 email custodians in addition to the Slack messages.

Last month, the SEC told Judge Netburn that the Slack messages which Ripple produced appeared to be incomplete. Ripple initially denied this claim but revised its statement by claiming it was a data processing mistake which resulted in the company only producing a small amount of the relevant messages, and that more than one million messages were missing.

What does Ripple Slack messages contain?

The SEC contended that Ripple’s failure to produce complete Slack records was “highly prejudicial” given those messages the SEC had received showed the remaining would be highly relevant:

"These messages include: (a) discussions about Ripple's desire to create speculative trading in XRP, (b) the effect of Ripple announcements and efforts on, and Ripple's concerns as to, the price of XRP, the relationship and central importance of XRP sales to Ripple's overall business, and (d) the regulatory status of XRP."

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Ripple argued that it was unfair and unreasonable to produce the messages at a cost of up to $1M over many months. Judge Netburn responded that the cost to Ripple in producing the messages was outweighed by their importance to the case.

Any burden to Ripple is outweighed by its previous agreement to produce the relevant Slack messages, the relative resources of the parties, and the amount in controversy," Judge Netburn said.

As a reminder, the SEC filed suit against Ripple Labs and its initial and current CEOs, Christian Larsen and Bradley Garlinghouse for selling XRP as an unregistered security on December 20.

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