Ripple Surges to $1.26: How high will XRP go?

Ripple's XRP, which was traded at $1.14 yesterday, rose to $1.26 today, September 2. Will XRP price continue this trend in the coming days? What do experts think?

September 2, 2021, | AtoZ Markets – Ripple's XRP started September quite impressive. The popular cryptocurrency, which started the uptrend in August, rose from $0.73 to $ 1.35 in this process. XRP, which turned its direction down in the last week, later regressed to the level of $1.10.

However, the latest opinions of experts for XRP, which started a new move towards the $1.35 levels, are quite positive.

Ripple XRP price can reach $1.30 levels

Bob Mason, one of the experienced analysts of the crypto money market, published his Ripple price analysis that he wrote. Pointing out that the popular altcoin continues its upward trend in the new day, Mason stated that the $1.30 price levels can be visited during the day before a correction.

Reminding that the $1.21 support should remain strong in any negative scenario, the experienced analyst emphasized that the $1.10 levels should also be protected in order to prevent a major selling pressure in the scenario where this level is exceeded:

Ripple moved away from the first major support level at $1.10 and rose as high as $1.26 during the day. Ripple needs to stay clear of the $1.21 level for a strong move above the $1.26 resistance, which is seen as the first major resistance. The popular altcoin needs broader market support to break above the $1.25 levels. In case of a strong uptrend, Ripple can be expected to test the $1.30 levels before any pullback. Exceeding the $1.21 support will activate the $1.18 support. However, XRP needs to stay away from the $1.10 level to avoid any major selling pressure.”

Another crypto market analyst, John Isige, stated in his article that the new XRP price uptrend could continue until the levels of $1.35 and $1.40.

$1.35 resistance level

Experienced market analyst Sarah Tan also predicted in her last article that XRP could catch a big uptrend. Saying that a strong close above $1.23 could start a strong uptrend in XRP, Tan stated that the popular altcoin could go up to $1.76 in this rise:

XRP charts point to a strong uptrend that could push the popular altcoin to $1.76 levels. A close above $1.23 accompanied by an increase in buying volume will allow Ripple to capture a major uptrend. However, for Ripple to rise to the $1.76 levels, it will first need to clear the strong resistance levels at $1.35 and $1.53.”

Bitcoin and Ethereum on the rise

Along with XRP, many important cryptocurrencies made big moves today. While Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, exceeded the $50,000 level again in this process, Ethereum rose to the level of $3,842. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $50,030, while Ethereum is trading at $3,740.

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