Social Investing in Canada 2024

Social investing is a new way for investors to share their trading strategies with other people. These social trading platforms allow investors to connect with each other, allowing others to copy or mirror their trades in real time. The rise of social investing has been growing steadily over the last few years, so how can Canadians take advantage of this opportunity?

What is Social Investing?

Social investing, sometimes called 'copy trading', is a way to invest in the stock market by copying the trades of more experienced traders. It’s one of the easiest ways to learn how to trade stocks and can help you build your investment portfolio quickly.

Social investing involves copying all or part of another investor's purchase or sale order. If you copy someone who has done well with their trades in the past, then chances are they'll do well again. The opposite is also true: if someone doesn't have much luck with their trades, then copying them isn't likely to lead you anywhere good either.

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Copy Trading Canada

Copy trading or social investing is a form of online investing that allows investors to copy the trades of other investors.

In Canada, social investing is not regulated. This means that it’s not guaranteed to be safe or profitable.

Social investing is not for everyone, as it requires more time and research than traditional stock trading methods. Social investors should be prepared for situations where they may experience losses instead of gains.

In addition, if you're looking to invest in stocks (or other securities), social investing probably isn't right for you since there are no actual products to buy or sell on these platforms.

Social investors should also keep an eye on their account balances and never use their retirement funds as part of their investment strategy.

Copy Trading and Mirror Trading

Copy trading is when you copy the trades of a professional trader. The trades are done automatically for you, and in the same way as your chosen trader does them.

You can choose to have your money invested in exactly the same assets as your chosen trader, or mirror his or her entire portfolio. This means that all of their investments will be made at the same time and with equal amounts of funds invested in each asset class (e.g., stocks, bonds etc.).

Mirror trading is similar to copy trading but it involves more than just copying one person’s investment choices; rather it allows investors to replicate an entire portfolio by investing in multiple traders at once using automated systems. This means that multiple investors can simultaneously benefit from diversification while enjoying access to expert advice from multiple traders who have been hand-picked based on their track record and past performance on various financial markets

What are the Benefits of Social Investing?

By investing in companies that support social causes, you can learn more about investing and the markets. You can also meet new people and build your portfolio. Social investors are motivated by making money, but they usually take a long-term approach to building their portfolios, which means that they're less likely to panic sell during market downturns or be tempted by get-rich quick schemes.

Social investing can help you save money for retirement or other financial goals because it gives you an opportunity to invest on a regular basis instead of saving up all your money at once in one lump sum. It also makes it easier to stick with your investment plan since you won't have much left over after buying into an SRI fund every month or quarter (or whatever frequency is right for your needs).

Understanding Risk with Social Investing

You might think that risk is about losing money. But it's not. Risk is the chance of losing money, but it's not always bad. If you buy a lottery ticket with a $100 bill, you're taking a risk. You could win $100 million dollars—what an awesome payoff! Or you could lose the $100 bill in your pocket (I hope not).

Risk isn't just about getting something good or something bad; it's also about getting a lot more of one thing than another (this is called volatility). For example: if your investment portfolio returned 15% last year and 25% this year but only 5% next year, then your overall return was 20%, but there was lots more volatility (the amount by which prices change) for the first two years than for the last one. This can be good news if those big gains are due to stocks going up rapidly and bad news when stock prices drop sharply as they did during 2008-2009 global financial crisis where many investors lost big chunks of their savings due to market volatility (which has since recovered).

How to Start with Social Investing

If you're interested in social investing, there are different ways you can get started. Social investing refers to investments made with a view to generating both financial return and positive societal impact. With copy trading and mirror trading, investors can buy mutual funds that have been selected based on the criteria they specify.

While some people find it easier to start with an investment platform that offers pre-selected options, others may prefer to select and manage their own portfolio.

List of Best Social Trading Platforms in Canada



ZuluTrade review

ZuluTrade, an Social Auto Trading Platform or Copy trading platform that trades in Forex, CFDs and Cryptocurrencies was founded in 2007 with the assistance from Leon Yohai and Kosta Eleftheriou and was developed in solution to the absence of a platform available on the internet to monitor traders from all over the world and, at the same simultaneously allow traders to share their expertise to anyone who are interested in their techniques.

Zulutrade was registered within the United Kingdom. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) supervises Zulutrade. Zulutrade is also an associate member of the National Futures Association (NFA) in the USA.

ZuluTrade has a annual subscription cost. The brokerage doesn't charge additional spreads or commissions.

Investors who invest with the trader pay a profit share fee towards the trading company only when the trader is earning profit for their accounts as investors.

Zulutrade Pros and The Cons

  • Pros

- The platform is well regulated.

- A minimum of $100 is required for the balance.

- They keep client funds in separate accounts.

- You can follow any specific trader.

- They offer Demo Accounts.

- It's a simple process to create an account.

- They provide a broad range of features and tools for trading.

- They have a great selection of accounts for trading.

- They also support some good brokers

- It's a great option for professional traders.

  • Cons

- Need some knowledge to find a reputable trading partner to watch.

- The traders with long-term success have a limited number of.

- Anyone could be a signal service provider that makes it more risky for the users.

- A lot of inconsistent traders.

-It is not recommended for Novice trader

FP Markets

FP Markets Logo

FP Markets is a top forex provider with copy trading facility. This means you can trade with FP Markets on forex, commodities, stocks and indices with no need for a large initial investment. If you are also into CFD, read our Best CFD Brokers in Canada 2024

AutoTrade is a sophisticated copy trading service accessible to traders with an active trading account in FP Markets. It is a renowned mirroring service for trades in the forex market that is offered by with over 1 million customers worldwide. Investors from Canada benefit from this innovative trading system to benefit from sophisticated copy trading strategies and copy the strategies used by traders with a long-standing track record. Fully automated mirroring of accounts service, a few of the AutoTrade features include a massive user base, an extensive dashboardand analysis tools.

FP Markets trading platforms allow AutoTrade accounts for both subscribers and providers (copiers). It is perfect for beginners and novice investors in Canada who want be able to make investments in the markets they have no understanding of. A high liquidity level along with the application of ECN Pricing guarantee minimal slippage which is great for trade mirroring and scalping.

MYFxbook is a tool for making trading easier by automating the process. You can easily manage and track every trading system in one place. We realize that creating many systems at once can be difficult. Maintaining a loyal community of other traders can assist in improving your trading capabilities.


Best Social Trading Platforms in Canada 2024

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How much did Canadians trade on social trading platforms in 2021?

In 2021, Canadian investors traded $14.2 billion worth of assets on social trading platforms. This represented a massive increase from the year before, when Canadians traded $10 billion worth of assets on social trading platforms. The figure was so high because several new players entered the market, including copy trading platforms and mirror trading platforms.

Social investing platforms saw a large spike in volume as well because they were able to provide more attractive value propositions than ever before (i.e., lower commission rates). In fact, social investing platform volumes nearly reached that of mirror and copy trading platform volumes combined.

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How do Canadian traders benefit from using social trading platforms?

Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, social trading is a great way to benefit from the wisdom of traders who have been in the game for years. Traders can learn from one another by sharing their strategies and resources with each other, or even just by providing moral support and encouragement.

Traders who are starting out will benefit from having access to mentors who can guide them through their first steps as they learn the ropes of trading. They'll also be able to watch how more experienced traders manage their money and make decisions about which trades are worth making.

Experienced traders might choose to use social trading platforms if they want to get feedback on some of their own trades before making them available on an exchange like Binance or Kraken. This gives them an opportunity to test out new strategies before risking large amounts of capital on them and even if they decide not include those strategies in their portfolios after all, they might pick up some helpful tips while they were trying it out.


Social investing has been on the rise in Canada for years, and as more people get involved, it’s likely to continue growing. By now it’s clear that this type of investing has many benefits: it allows you to make money while doing good in the world, giving investors more control over their finances. Social investing is also a great way to encourage other people to join the movement and make a positive impact wherever they can.

Best Social Trading Platforms in Canada 2024