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ZuluTrade Review & Rating 2022

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ZuluTrade  is the most well-known Social Wealth Management Platform and was established around 2007 with the help of Leon Yohai and Kosta Eleftheriou, and created as a response to the lack of a platform on the internet that could monitor traders across the globe and , at the same time allow traders to communicate their expertise to investors interested in their methods.

The platform is present in more than 150 countries and has offices in multiple locations around the world. With more than 2 million users and 90,000 traders, ZuluTrade is undoubtedly a leader in social wealth management. In 2021, the platform became part of the Finvasia Group.

The ZuluTrade Platform bridged the gap between important information about market transactions and trade execution, by the knowledge of some of the most experienced and skilled traders around the world, to a system that is able to quickly execute trades. A further benefit of ZuluTrade is that it offers the possibility and convenience of sending selected trades directly to the broker accounts of people who are interested. ZuluTrade's concept is to create an open and accessible environment where traders from all over the world are able to connect with any platform for trading and impart their expertise. ZuluTrade's mission is to become the largest social trading platform in the world, offering automated trading solutions that are geared towards customers. solutions. We are going to give you ZuluTrade review.

ZuluTrade is a trading platform that offers both retail and institutional traders the opportunity to trade securities. You can open an account with ZuluTrade for free, but you will need to verify your identity before you can start trading on the site. The verification process typically takes about 24 hours and when it's complete, you'll be able to deposit funds into your account in order to begin investing. In this Zulutrade review, we are going to explore all about the platform. We will try to be unbiased in our opinion. If you are from ZuluTrade, and think the writer did injustice to your platform, please contact AtoZ Markets' editorial team with valid proofs.

How ZuluTrade Works

ZuluTrade Trade Platform was created as an online platform that could examine Traders across the globe and communicate their strategies to Investors who are interested in their strategies and, consequently, allowing Traders to directly connect their trades to the accounts of Real Brokers of interested Investors.

ZuluTrade's idea is to provide an environment that is open, where traders are able to connect to any platform for trading and receive a percentage of commissions each time they use their knowledge to execute a real-time trade.

To accomplish this, two steps must be followed:

Trades are created by traders using their preferred method of trading and ZuluTrade will then transfer the trade to the central.

ZuluTrade records all trades and then determines the amount of Real accounts that are subscribed to every trade.

In milliseconds ZuluTrade transmits the trades using secure connections to the Brokerage Firms

The trades are made via the Real Broker account of the investor.


ZuluTrade Review: Types of Accounts

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Zulutrade offers My Investor Account, My Trader Account and Affiliate Account.

My Investor Account

The Broker you choose to work with will determine the minimum deposit required to activate an Investor live Account on Zulutrade. Your broker investment account should have a balance of at least $100 to keep it connected to ZuluTrade. Registration is completely free.

The account type that you choose for copy trading will determine the applicable commissions and fees.

Users will be able to open a Classic account: 

  • Classic Accounts

ZuluTrade offers these accounts at no cost. It offers these accounts for no charge. Brokers use volume-based compensation models. They might also have an increased spread or additional commissions depending on the brokers. Investors do not pay additional fees for following traders. ZuluTrade compensates the trader.

The benefits of the Classic account include:

  1. Available for copytrading and manual trading
  2. Close individual trades at any given moment
  3. Volume-based Compensation Scheme
  4. Lock Trade function to take full control of a trade
  5. Do not charge any fees/commission
Required Documents

You will need to provide basic documents if you want to open a broker account through ZuluTrade.

For address proof, brokers will usually ask for a government issued photo ID or passport, along with a copy of a recent bank statement or utility bill. However, it is best to confirm all required documents directly with the Broker you choose to open an account.

The Broker may require you to sign a Letter of Direction (LOD) or Power of Attorney (POA) in order to allow ZuluTrade broadcast reference trades from your Broker account. You will find these documents for each of our collaborating brokers while you're completing the Registration Process.

My Trader Account

ZuluTrade's "Trader" refers to a ZuluTrade user who trades on either a Demo account or a live account. ZuluTrade then broadcasts the results and statistics via its website.

Every trading action in the Trader's account is broadcasted to all ZuluTrade Demo or Real Investor Accounts who have chosen to receive these signals.

ZuluTrade trading platform is open to all, but it's tough to become a trader. ZuluTrade's ZuluRank algorithm, and the ZuluTrade community constantly rank traders' performance so that only the most successful traders appear at the top of our lists. Opening ZuluTrade account is easy and quick.

These are the steps:

Go to the Traders Program Homepage and click the orange button "Join As a Trader". You can also browse the Traders page and click the button "Join a Trader" located at the top right of your screen.

Register online

Please read the Terms and Conditions. If you agree, tick the box.

Click on the button "Join as A Trader" to complete the registration

After you have submitted your online application, you will receive an email with your Trader username and other useful information. We also include an "Account Activation Link" link. You will need to click the activation link in the email before you can use your account.

Counties Not Accepted By ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade welcomes all the countries except for:
  • Burma (Myanmar)
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • USA
  • UK

ZuluTrade Offered Products

The social trading platform gives the opportunity to trade following products.

  1. Forex Trading
  2. Stock Trading
  3. Crypto Trading
  4. Commodities Trading
  5. Indices Trading

Affiliate Account

ZuluTrade Platform offers affiliate accounts. Any individual or organization can take part in the ZuluTrade Affiliates Program. You have to register for the account and have to choose an unique URL which you have to use to promote or advertise.

There is no minimum sum an affiliate can earn by advertising ZuluTrade. The higher the level of Tier the more commissions.

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Zulutrade Review: Features

After you've got the Classic login details, ZuluTrade offers a variety of options which make it an appealing choice for traders. It includes:

Lock Trade - This allows you to confirm the trading process when the signal is received.

Automator- In 2016, the world saw the debut of 'The Automation' in forex market. It notifies you via email or performs automatic actions when certain events occur. This program executes rules you create. For instance, if the profits and losses from the trader X exceeds $1500 Then you should lock your current profits. This will reduce risks and also free up your time.

Social Networking- It includes comment sections and forums. Here, you can read about signal providers, provide suggestions and answer questions.

Margin Call-oMeter - This estimates the probability that your account will end up empty in the event that, for instance, you receive the margin call. It helps you identify the amount of capital is actually at risk. But, it's just an indicator and shouldn't substitute for a dependable financial management system.

ZuluScript- This allows users to write scripts that create the parameters used by trading bots. They are also called experts advisors (EA). This allows you to automate trades that allows you to perform many more trades than you have ever before.

Cryptocurrencies- Recently added to the portfolio, investors are now able to take a look on whether cryptos will be the next big thing or just a bubble along with forex and CFDs.

ZuluGuard- It is a unique feature of this trading platform that shields CopyTraders in the event that erratic trades are made by the traders they follow. An excellent risk management addition.

Calendar - A simple way to find overview of the most important events that affect the financial markets across the world.

Choosing The Best Traders For Copying

Don't trade or not follow traders that have had just a wonderful week or even a great month trading history. Your capital is at risk if you do so. Perhaps you're tempted by the ROI may be impressive. ROI is impressive but it's not sustainable. Don't make decisions based solely on their ROI. Take a look at the trading history of the trader, and be sure they've made money and have been doing it regularly for a long period of time. And have a good trading strategy. Here are additional tips to choose a good trader.

  • Choose a trader who has the most successful and proven record, with a minimum of more than twelve months. Many may seem best traders. But all seemingly best traders are not successful for long term in foreign exchange market.
  • Choose a trader that has an historical drawdown that is low, typically less than 20 percent.
  • You should look for traders who boast the highest average pips for trade gains. Otherwise, you'll lose more than you gain from slippage.
  • Find out if the trading signals providers take trades manually or using automated trading. I would prefer manual traders as EA may not be sustainable for the long term.
  • Find a trader who employs a short-term approach and who monitors stop levels carefully and only opens a small number of trades, all that reduces drawdown.
  • Find out if the signal service is trading live, thus employing real cash, or are using Demo mode.
  • Find a broker who has the most precise explanation of their strategy, and their trades that actually align with the plan.
  • Find a trader who is agile and receptive who can adjust or even stop their EA as the market demands.
  • Find few professional traders, then compare them and choose.

Zulutrade Review: The Pros and The Cons

  • Pros

√ The platform is regulated by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC), and Japan.

√ Suitable for Novice traders

√ Do not charge any fees/commission

√ Oldest Social Trading Platform

√ 70+ online brokers to choose from

  • Cons

— It's not a broker

— Need some expertise to find a good trader to follow.

— Traders with long term success records are not many.

— Anyone can be a signal provider, which increases the risk for users.

— Lot of Inconsistent traders.

Is Zulutrade Regulated?

ZuluTrade Regulations

In 2015, ZuluTrade obtained the EU Portfolio Management license. The platform is therefore regulated by the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (HCMC) with registration number 2/540/17-2-2010. The HCMC oversees ZuluTrade’s operations, including any regulatory action that can be taken. ZuluTrade must comply with all policies and regulations of the HCMC which includes customer protection rules to prevent any kind of fraud.

So what does this mean for you as a trader? It means that you can trade on Zulutrade knowing that it is regulated by a well-known organization which has strict customer protection policies in place. This gives you peace of mind when trading on the platform and ensures that your funds are safe. If you have any questions or concerns about customer protection on Zulutrade, please contact their customer support team for assistance.

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Is ZuluTrade A Scam?

Is ZuluTrade scam?

No, ZuluTrade is not a scam. You  don't need to worry about ZuluTrade. The platform is properly regulated, they have got really good help and support. Your funds are with the broker you choose. So it's important that you choose the right broker. ZuluTrade supports a lot of brokers. There are many complaints but it's because they have chosen the wrong traders to follow. For copy trading, it's important to select the right trader by doing proper research on their track records.

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Customer Support

ZuluTrade Customer Support

Their customer support is available 24/5. In our Zulutrade review we  discovered that they have live chat options in different languages. They have email support. The email address is [email protected]. Call Support is available at  +30 213 0176 399


To conclude our ZuluTrade review, we can say, you're able to find someone that is successful and follow their moves or you could be the one providing trading signals for forex trading for people to use. This setup makes it possible for anyone, with any level of experience, to trade without having to worry about being on top of the market at all times. All you need is some starting capital, an internet connection and a bit of patience while your account grows. I highly recommend giving Zulutrade a try if you are looking for ways to make extra income or want to start trading. But don't just jump into it. Find a good trader to follow. Otherwise eventually you would lose all your money. ZuluTrade is one of the best social trading platforms. Let's know your experience with ZuluTrade in comment section below.


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