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Swissquote Review & Rating 2024

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Swissquote is a global multi-asset broker and bank offering traders access to over three million products, from Forex to CFDs, exchange-traded securities, wealth advisory services, underlying cryptocurrencies, and more. The company was established in 1996 as an online provider of financial services that is part of Swissquote Group Holding Ltd. After been publicly listed on the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange in the year 2000, it has grown to become a leading brokerage in the world with regulated subsidiaries in major cities in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Malta, Bern, Zurich, as well as Hong Kong.Swissquote Bank SA holds a banking license and is regulated by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Is Swissquote a reliable Forex broker or is it a scam broker? Find out more with AtoZ Markets' Swissquote review.

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Execution: STP, ECN

Founded in: 1996

Products: Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Commodities

Regulation: FCA, EU, Other

Platform: MT4, MT5, Proprietary

Swissquote Review: Overview

Based on our readers-first policy, putting their safety as a priority in our business line, we, as AtoZ Markets, scrutinize not only the broad headline with which a brokerage platform identifies itself, but even the smallest details about it. This comes from our belief in values in the first place, and the must-have truth and transparency in what we publish on our website, en route of keeping the trust our readers put in us, which of course has contributed much to our name and stands behind its continuous ascendance. For the above mentioned, we stand on our toes checking all the ins and outs in a broker's business history, biography and reputation, when it comes to presenting our audience with an overview about a brokerage firm. In this review, we host Swissquote.


Company Overview

With its brokerage head office situated at Chemin de la Crétaux 33, 1196 Gland, Switzerland, Swissquote, which currently boasts of having more than 300,000 private and institutional clients, holds a license by the Swiss financial regulator, the Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). It has also been licensed and regulated by the UK financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to offer CFDs and Forex trade and this is one of the reasons for it becoming a highly respected and reliable Forex broker.


How to Open an Account

The Swissquote opening of accounts is generally very easy. Registration online is simple and easy however, the identification via video isn't always the best choice.

To create a new account at Swissquote, you must follow the steps below:

Input your personal information including your name and birth date.

Include a few more information about your background such as your job title and the country in which you have your tax residence.

Answer a few questions regarding your financial experiences and expertise.

Examine your application before submitting it.

You can identify yourself by the use of a video ID or by sending your identity proofs.

Pros and Cons of SwissQuote

pros and cons


√ It is Regulated and licensed by FINMA and FCA.

√ Swissquote is listed on SIX stock exchange.

√ High level of account protection.

√ Responsive customer support.

√ It has low fund fees

√ There is  no inactivity fee

√ There is no minimum deposit for trading account



— US traders not allowed

— No Islamic accounts available currently

— High stock and ETF fees

— High bond fees

— Forex and robo-advisor accounts have high minimum deposit

SwissQuote Review: Fess and Commission

Swissquote's U.K. entity, Swissquote Ltd, has commissions and spreads that differ from its Switzerland entity (Swissquote Bank Ltd) and Luxembourg branch (Swissquote Bank Europe SA). The UK-based accounts have the lowest charges and deposit requirements of the three, albeit they have a more limited product range.

Swissquote U.K.: Swissquote's U.K. entity offers four different accounts. The commission-based Elite account's smaller spreads (and $5 charge each round-turn deal) make it the best option if you are an active trader with a deposit of at least $10,000. The Professional account from Swissquote is essentially comparable, with the exception that the margin call stop-out barrier is lower.

Swissquote's Standard account is less appealing, with EUR/USD spreads starting at 1.3 pips, while the Prime account starts at 0.6 pips (though it's crucial to note that this is a minimum spread, not an average price).

Swissquote Luxembourg also provides three account categories, each with a different minimum deposit requirement: Standard ($1,000), Premium ($5,000), and Prime ($50,000). The minimum spreads range from 0.8 pips for Prime accounts to 1.5 pips for Standard accounts, making the pricing comparable to Swissquote's U.K. entity.

Swiss branch: Although Swissquote's eTrading account does not offer forex or CFDs, Swissquote's forex clients have three primary account alternatives in Switzerland. The Standard account takes a $1,000 deposit and offers EUR/USD spreads as low as 1.7 pips, while the Premium account offers spreads as low as 1.4 pips but requires a $10,000 investment.

The Prime account requires a $50,000 deposit and features spreads starting at 1.1 pips, slightly higher than the industry norm. Active traders can get custom pricing, but it must be negotiated depending on volume, as Swissquote does not specify any volume tiers or pricing.

Fees for Swissquote's eTrading account start at 1% of the cryptocurrency trade value, reduce to 0.75 percent for trades above CHF 10K, and finally to 0.5 percent for trades over CHF 50K. While there are no bitcoin custody costs, deposits of less than $500 are subject to a $10 fee.

SwissQuote Review: Trading Platform

  • For Forex, Forex Options, CDFs


In order to cater to the needs of their diverse client base, Swissquote FX offers its clients three trading platforms, the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and the MetaTrader 5 (MT5), including its own in-house platform, the Advanced Trader plus FIX API. The popular MetaTrader platforms, the MT4, and MT5, which is widely adopted by the online trading industry, brokers, and traders alike, comes with several advanced features and trading tools to enhance their trading abilities. While advanced charting and a range of technical indicators are incorporated into the platforms, the MT4 also supports trade automation through the use of scripts called Expert Advisors (EA). Moreover, while the MT5 allows you to do copy trading, it also has another interesting feature, the MetaQuotes Language 5 which allows faster and easier use of custom indicators and EAs. In addition to the aforementioned platforms, Swissquote Bank provides its clients with the desktop, mobile, or web-based Advanced Trader platform. This award-winning trading platform comes with 27 major technical indicators while their MT4 has 30 and MT5 has 80 indicators. But what makes it so unique is its ability to automatically detect popular chart patterns. This powerful feature helps traders save time when analyzing the markets and enable them to make wise use of the trading opportunities that pop up.



The Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol is an international standard for electronic trading created to facilitate greater connectivity between market participants.

The Swissquote API can be integrated directly into the trading system of your choice to trade data using our server that is based in the FIX 4.4 protocol.

The system can be easily configured to connect to historical and streaming price quotes and place limits or market orders through encrypted communication channels.

Who can benefit from the FIX API?

The only requirement to utilize the FIX API is an initial credit on your account of $50,000.

It's for institutional partners that want to provide affordable FX prices to their customers.

Corporate and brokerage firms which are looking to automatize their FX conversions and hedges.

Asset managers and hedge funds who wish to ensure the efficiency of FX execution.

Private traders who have custom platforms and/or seek the best connectivity.


  • For Stocks, Themes Trading, ETFs, Swiss DOTs, Options and Futures, Cryptocurrencies, Funds and Bonds


To trade the above assets, they have eTrading, Mobile Apps, Mobile Level 3 and Tesla App.


  • eTrading

ETrade of Swissquote

image credit: Swissquote

The eTrading platform was created to help you achieve your investment goals in the most straightforward and user-friendly way.

It has a variety of functions that will optimize your trading experience.

With its widgets, you can design your own work space.

You can make a watchlist that is integrated

You can monitor your top securities

You will get daily analysis of securities.

It shows you the most recent financial news.

You can find securities using name, symbol, or ISIN.


  • Mobile Apps

Swissquote mobile app

image credit: Play Store

They have both android and iOS apps. They are fast, secure and obviously free. It also provides real time financial information.


  • Mobile Level 3

Mobile level 3

image credit: Swissquote

With Mobile Level 3, you can trade even faster. Through the Mobile Level 3 solution, you can make trades at any time even if you don't possess Your Level 3 Card. Instead of entering the code on the level 3 Card manually each time you trade as previously, a push notification is directly sent to your phone. All you have to do is confirm the information you received prior to you being able to make your order immediately.


  • Tesla App

Tesla app

Swissquote has come with an app for your Tesla car screen. With this special web app, you have access to live shares prices by sitting on your Tesla.

Account Types of Swissquote

Swissquote Bank offers three types of trading accounts which comprise the Standard account, the Premium account, and the Prime account. The major differences between these accounts are that the standard account can be opened with any amount as it does not have any requirement for a minimum deposit. However, while the Premium account requires a minimum deposit of $25,000, the Prime account needs a minimum deposit of $100,000. Meanwhile, there is a free 30-day demo account available for people who wish to try them out before committing themselves to a live trading account.

Swissquote Review: Products

  • Stocks

Swissquote has stocks from different stock exchanges from around the world. They have swiss stock exchange, North American Exchanges including NYSE & Nasdaq, Europe Exchanges including Euronext, LSE, Deutsche Börse, and 14 Asia Pacific Exchanges including TSE & SEHK.

The Swissquote Stocks Features:

It has very competitive prices starting at 9.

They don't have account maintenance charges and quarterly fees for custody are set to CHF 50 maximum.

Their Multi-currency Account has 22 currencies

Trading fees that are capped for massive quantities

They have a cutting-edge trading platform and analysis tools

They have live pricing feeds on the major exchanges

They have stock Finder that provides daily market analysis

  • Themes Trading

Themes Trading is Swissquote portfolio of dynamic thematic portfolios. That means you don't purchase individual stocks, but a variety of stocks carefully selected by the Swissquote experts. Investors who choose this type of investment are looking ahead to the future and thus position their portfolios to grow faster and earn higher yields. What's the best thing about it? It's so simple.

Flat fee

Every transaction made through Themes Trading costs you only CHF/EUR/USD 9 (regardless the amount of certificates). Annual management fees ranging from 0.7 percent to 1.5 percent are taken directly out of your earnings.

  • ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are traded on a stock exchange.

Some Swissquote ETFs features:

You can start trading from CHF 9 flat fee.

You can trade with the Number 1 bank for Swiss ETFs.

They offer 9,000 ETFs and ETNs from renowned investment banks and financial institutions.

  • Swiss DOTS

It is the leading OTC marketplace for leveraged products.

It is believed that the Swiss DOTS universe includes more than 90'000 derivatives, with a variety of base elements, including indices, equity ETFs, currency pairs and commodities. Pick from:

• 55,000 Warrants

• 19,000 Knock-out Warrants

• 15,500 Mini-Futures

• 1,500 Factor Certificates

You can do the buy/sell from 8.00 to 22.00.


  • Options & Futures

Swissquote options and futures work as protectors for your investment. With their leverage you can increase your profit.

You can start trading from 1.5 CHF or 1 EUR fees.

They give you access to almost a million derivatives.

  • Cryptocurrency

Starting in 2017, Swissquote Bank became the first online brokerage firm in the world to launch trading of underlying cryptocurrencies (non-CFD). Starting with Bitcoin first in December of the same year, it later expanded to offer 26 cryptos including Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin; thus establishing itself as a trusted brand and a leader in the industry.

  • Funds

Swissquote gives an extensive offer comprises more than 20000 Funds from over 200 well-known financial institutions and investment banks.

They have Professional portfolio management

They also have advanced trading platforms and analytical tools.

You can profit from price competition: Trade starting from CHF 9 flat fee.

  • Bonds

Swissquote has an extensive offer that lets you access more than 60'000 bond OTC for 28 currency.

They give you the best prices and executions through negotiation with more than 100 counterparties.

They have platform which is equipped live pricing feeds, as well as exclusive tools for analysis.

Traders can profit from affordable prices: Trade starting from CHF 9 flat fee.

  • Currency Exchange

You can get access to the top 22 traded currencies, and handle your transfer on one account

You can exchange your currency using the current rate, or establish an advance rate for the future

Do large transactions using transparent, low and price degressive (down to 0.15 percent)

  • Forex

Swissquote has over 80 pairs to trade forex including minor, major and emerging currencies

They give competitive Spreads, and high margins (no concealed commissions, or trading charges)

For providing high liquidity they are associated with the network of our Tier-1 banks as well as regional liquidity providers that are not banks.

They have flexible transaction sizes Mini, micro, and standard lots are available on all platforms.

They give 100:1 leverage which is very low compared to many other brokers.

  • Forex Options

For forex options they have one-pip accuracy.

Swissquote has 45 FX Options with good liquidity and instant execution.

  • CFDs

For CFDs, Swissquote gives L leverage up to 1:50 (2% margin requirement)

For providing high liquidity they are associated with the network of our Tier-1 banks as well as regional liquidity providers that are not banks

  • Robo-Advisor

If you're looking for an asset management system that allows you to stay in control, without the need to continuously monitor the market as well as financial headlines, then Swissquote Robo-Advisor is the ideal solution.

Investments in Robo-Advisor starting from CHF 50'000

You can enjoy a fixed fee of 0.75% of your investment amounts.

Apart from the above products they also have Crypto-Assets, Credit Solution, and Institutional investment facilities.


Swissquote Review: Customer Support

Customer support

Recognized as one of the finest online brokers, Swissquote Bank provides customer support service that is available from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday. While you can contact their representatives via live chat, fax or the telephone, their knowledgeable and polite support team can quickly provide relevant answers to all of your questions in different languages like English, German, French, and some other major languages.


Is Swissquote Regulated?

Regulations comparison

Swissquote Bank Ltd is regulated and licensed by top-tier financial regulatory agencies. Being among the few holding a bank license from FINMA, Swissquote has met the complex requirement of having at least a capital of CHF 20 million. Apart from this, the regulator requires all brokers to safeguard the deposits of all investors to a maximum of CHF 100,000. Hence, if you are their client, you'll get the investor's protection per account. For Swissquote to be authorized and regulated by FINMA, it means that they can be sanctioned if they are not in compliance with the requisite laws. Swissquote is also authorized and regulated by FCA, which means that the brokerage firm holds fast to high security, ethical and transparency standards. Before obtaining a license from the FCA, a broker is mandated to prove their financial stability by maintaining at least £730,000 net tangible assets and also make sure that traders' funds are kept safe in a segregated bank account. All of these guarantee the safety of clients' funds as well as give traders confidence in investing in Swissquote.

Is Swissquote safe?

Broker security

The administrative and regulation status of the broker can also be a major factor in the choice of a broker such as Swissquote. Brokers conducting trade transactions without supervision by regulators can do that on their own. All investments are vulnerable. Switzerlandquote is the largest company in Switzerland with an office in the United Kingdom. Swiss quotes are subject to change. Swissquote will therefore be monitored and inspected on the basis of compliance by financial regulators. Regulated brokers cannot alter the market price. withdrawal requests are accepted on Swissquote.


Over the years, Swissquote has continued to innovate to provide their clients with more satisfying banking services all of which has certainly gone a long way to backing up its reliability. Based on this, Swissquote was awarded as the Best Online Broker in Switzerland in 2010. As a well established online forex broker, with all the necessary licenses and regulations by reputable authorities, you can trade with complete peace of mind knowing that your funds are in good hands. In conclusion, by not requiring a minimum deposit on their standard account, Swissquote has made it very easy for customers to open a Fx trading account with them.


Trading Platform
Account Types
Customer Support

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