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Finlogix Review & Rating 2023



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Finlogix, a social trading platform for traders and investors, is free. Both novice and experienced traders can use the Finlogix platform to share and learn about any stock or instrument. It is home to one of Australia's largest and most active traders communities.

  • Finlogix for traders, analysts, and educators discovering and contributing ideas within the active trading community.
  • A platform to experience the power of Intuitive charting combined with powerful trading tools.
  • Finlogix seamlessly integrates with your business website and takes it to the next level, allowing your clients to access wiggles that provide real-time prices across the global financial markets and much more.

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Products and Services


Finlogix offers a variety of functionalities and tools that can be used by everyone. The economic calendar is one of the most popular tools. For traders who want to monitor market movements and speculate on the outcomes of certain forex pairs, stocks or commodities, as well as for indices, oil and indices, the economic calendar is a must-have tool.

The Finlogix platform also has a Watchlist. The watchlist lists the most popular instruments in each market in terms of trending conversations and movement. Below is an example of what you can expect to see on the watchlist.

The watchlist is an excellent feature for traders who want to keep up with market trends.

Finlogix has many features that are waiting for you to use. They will all be useful, regardless of how much trading experience you have.

Finlogix charts

The Finlogix platform's charts are simple and precise. They are simple but provide a variety of functions and indicators to help you analyse your chart. There are many indicators available to choose from, including oscillators, trends, volumes, and williams. Each category has a variety of indicators. Below is a small sample of what you can anticipate.

Finlogix charts include the position tool, time frame tool, and time zone tools. You can also use the template tool to alter the background colour of your chart. Although the dark background is popular, it can be customized (see image below).

Finlogix for Businesses

Do you want to enhance your website? 

Finlogix is not just for traders looking to analyse markets and connect with other traders. Finlogix also offers free widgets that business owners can use on their websites.

With simplicity in mind, they have created financial widgets. It's as simple as embedding a YouTube clip on your website.

The Finlogix widgets can be used by any Forex broker, Forex educator, news site, or anyone who simply wants to improve the user experience on their website.

The following widgets are available for free:

Small Markets widget This widget allows you to see the market movements in real-time.

Symbol Strip Widget The symbol strip widget, which displays all the market movements without taking up too much space on your site, is another useful tool that you can have on your website. It allows you to take your website to the next level with just a simple drop of code.


Market Indicator Widget The market sentiment widget allows you to see what percentage of people are investing in a specific investment. This widget can help people make an investment decision if they so desire. The following example will show you how much of the market is long USD/AUD.


Economic Calendar The Economic calendar widget gives users access to the most important economic events and breaking news. Users can filter their preferences, which allows them to plan ahead for global financial affairs.


You can download any of these widgets to enhance your website. Simply follow the link below to get them free. It's as simple as embedding a YouTube video link.

Widgets enhance the website's user experience and provide rich analytics through the developer portal.

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  • Traders
  • Analysts
  • Finance media companies
  • Financial Brokers
  • Finance companies
  • Fund Managers



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Latest News

Australian multi-asset broker ACY Securities announced this Wednesday that it has partnered with Finlogix, in order to offer its customers access to a suite of trading widgets.

Finlogix is an emerging fintech provider in the global derivatives markets. The company has developed trading widgets, which aim to help improve traders’ success, such as live market data, real-time HTML 5 charting, an economic calendar, and social sharing capabilities. Read More from here 



Finlogix is a social trading and charting platform that traders of all levels can use. You can use a variety of tools and analyze the end-user to help you make better investment decisions. It's designed for analysts, traders, businesses, media companies, and business people. The platform was launched just two years ago and offers great growth potential, thanks to highly skilled management and industry specialists.


  • The platform is valuable for traders, analysts, and businesses in the sector, including brokers, media companies and educators.
  • Value at no cost
  • There are many services available, including HTML charting and trading tools as well as financial widgets that provide live market data and data feeds.


  • Emerging brand, relatively new to the market
  • Potential for the development of more advanced widgets

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