Twitter Launches NFT Profile Pictures Verification Feature

Twitter has integrated the ability to add NFTs as profile avatars. The option is available on iOS to subscribers of the Twitter Blue premium service after linking an Ethereum wallet to an account on the social network.

Twitter on Thursday began rolling out a feature that will let some users set non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that they own as their profile picture to signal their investment in the emerging digital art space. The move makes Twitter one of the best-known tech platforms so far to launch a feature for the flashy NFT trend.

NFTs are unique verifiable digital collectibles, often works of art, that can be traded on the blockchain, the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Twitter rolls out NFT profile picture verification feature via OpenSea

The NFT Profile Images feature works with the OpenSea API and the user must have a cryptocurrency wallet to purchase a Non-Fungible Token. The tool is not yet available to everyone. For now, only Twitter subscribers who have iOS have access.

Now those who log into Twitter will see the following message with a brief explanation of what an NFT is. The post explains that tokens are collectible digital items, with proof of ownership stored on the blockchain, a publicly accessible, traceable database.

“NFT profile pictures will be displayed in a special hexagonal shape and in order to choose an NFT as your profile picture, you need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet.”

In another post on the same social network, the OpenSea marketplace provides more details on why the new feature was added to the microblog. The explosion in the popularity of NFTs in 2021 is the first argument used.

Now Twitter users will be able to use NFTs as a new form of digital identity and self-expression signaling membership in a community and ownership of a particular NFT.

“Using the OpenSea API, metadata, and collection verification, the integration allows you to seamlessly verify ownership and discover key NFT information, including: NFT name, original creator, collection description, and additional NFT properties. NFT. Work of art”, explains OpenSea.

Once authenticated, the NFT will appear as a uniform hexagon on all Twitter surfaces where your avatar is viewed. And if you tap on the avatar, you will get detailed information about the NFT, the creator, and the collection.

With the new feature, anyone can become a bored little monkey from one of NFT's most famous collections just by right-clicking on the image and setting it as their profile picture.

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According to the technology company, for now, the user needs to link an Ethereum wallet to their Twitter account. For now, verification is only available for Ethereum-based NFTs, but a company representative said "this is only the 'first iteration' of a feature that may continue to support other blockchains ."

Twitter did not say whether it will offer protection against theft of digital property that has grown at the same rate as the popularity of NFTs.

Recall that Twitter announced support for NFT verification along with the addition of bitcoin transactions last September 2021.

In a related development, Meta (formerly Facebook) is working on tools that will allow users to issue NFTs and display them on their social media profiles. In addition, Financial Times sources claim that the company is considering launching its own marketplace for buying and selling NFTs.

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