SilentNotary and Langia Partnership will Transform Translation Industry

More industries are turning to blockchain technology, and the translation industry or notaries, are no exception to this. Could the SilentNotary and Langia partnership ignite a large scale revolution within the translation industry?

Inconspicuous online translators doing the chores of certified translation of official documents can be such a force. After all, for many decades they have been a legalized source of official documents accepted as the basis for hundreds and thousands of business processes - from marriage to opening bank accounts. And if this basis is transformed into a new digital form, then this will open the way for large-scale transformations.

An example is a partnership between the global online translation house Langia, which has several thousand certified translators around the world and serves normal business clients as well as some of the world’s largest international organizations, and SilentNotary, a blockchain startup developing on-chain notarization built on Ubix.Network (UBX) integrated hybrid blockchains.

AtoZ Markets Interview with SilentNotary CEO Max Breus

To dive more into the blockchain led revolution of notary and translations industry, AtoZ Markets's team has conducted an interview with Max Breus, Co-Founder, and CEO of SilentNotary. During this interview, we also asked Max about the significance of the partnership between SilentNotary and Langia. At the end of the interview, we asked how SilentNotary can transform not just the translation industry, but numerous business sectors worldwide.

Shulammite Edheri: Can you tell us in short about SilentNotary and the UBSN token?

Max Breus: "SilentNotary is a decentralized blockchain solution - a digital notary - for the legal confirmation of events. Hereby, you can think of an event as an image, a video file, an email, and/or instant messaging communications. SilentNotary's vision is to combat fraud, falsification and fabrication in the entire industry. This real-life use of the UBSN token is seemingly destined to become a disruptor not only in the crypto industry but also within various business sectors and our everyday lives."

Shulammite Edheri: In turn can you also tell us more about Langia?

Max Breus: "Langia was formerly known as CUZ Translation, but got rebranded. Langia is a multiplatform application that was created to solve major issues within the translation industry, including underpaid employees, overcharged customers, lengthy turnaround times, and overall inefficiency. The company is focused on providing service to the user at a lower price, while still maintaining high quality, quick turnaround time, and efficiency. The company provides services to businesses, government organizations, NGOs, and some of the world’s largest international organizations."

Shulammite Edheri: How can the SilentNotary and Langia Partnership disrupt the industry?

Max Breus: "This partnership demonstrates SilentNotary’s real-life value and reiterates our commitment towards making the world a better and safer place through our digital notary application.

The beauty behind this partnership is the fact that Langia can strive to meet their goals of providing both high-quality work and quick turnaround times, whilst also having the peace of mind with SilentNotary’s ability to act as a quality control mechanism. This is what makes SilentNotary so special.

This partnership also demonstrates the versatility of the SilentNotary platform, and furthermore, exemplifies how SilentNotary’s team is looking to revolutionize the notary industry. The SilentNotary aims to become a household name, reimagining user powered validation using the blockchain technology. SilentNotary’s multipurpose platform can be utilized not only by Business to Consumer (“B2C”) and Business to Business (“B2B”) industries but also Business to Government (“B2G”) industry players."

Shulammite Edheri: How can SilentNotary transform not just the translation industry, but numerous business sectors worldwide?

Max Breus: "SilentNotary helps users store and obtain the necessary detail and evidence to prove that an event actually occurred between parties and that the outcome can be trusted. This is what makes SilentNotary’s technology transferable across nearly all business sectors - construction, legal, insurance, and media - just to name a few.

Docusign Inc. (Nasdaq: DOCU) reimagined the bureaucratic document signing process in 2003, which turned into a USD $26 bln company. Imagining global documents validation using blockchain (beyond NFTs) with minimum cost and maximum effectiveness alone makes me excited.

As a result of this partnership, PDF files familiar to everyone should give way to Verified Credentials, built on the principle of Self-Sovereign Identity with indestructible marks in the blockchain about all the actions taken. And for ordinary users, it will soon be customary to issue permissions to access certain personal data, as we do now, allowing mobile applications to use, for example, your smartphone's camera. Can this turn the whole officializing (notaries, apostles, translations, and more) market upside down? We will soon see. For now, an ordinary translator signing the translation with his private key could be the changing point."


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