OneCoin Money Launderer Frank Schneider Arrested in France

Frank Schneider, a key figure in OneCoin’s money laundering operations, has been arrested in France. Schneider is also believed to have tipped off Ruja Ignatova about the FBI investigation, leading to her disappearance.

May 4, 2021 | AtoZ Markets – Luxembourg citizen Frank Schneider, wanted by the US authorities for fraud in the OneCoin cryptocurrency pyramid, was detained in the French city of Auden-le-Tiche, local news media L’essentiel reported.

His arrest was carried out on the basis of an international warrant issued by a New York court.

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According to the investigation, as a partner of OneCoin, Schneider hired the law firm Carter-Ruck and the reputation management company Chelgate to put pressure on the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Subsequently, because of this, the department removed the warning about the OneCoin pyramid from its website, which OneCoin representatives used for a PR campaign.

In 2019, Frank Schneider appeared in New York City court on charges of money laundering and working as an informant for OneCoin.

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Previously, he was involved in the wiretapping of the Luxembourg National Security Service (SREL).

In the near future, Frank Schneider may be extradited to the United States.

Recall that the damage from the activities of the OneCoin financial pyramid is estimated at at least $4 billion . The whereabouts of the alleged main organizer, Ruja Ignatova, have not been known since 2017. Schneider is also believed to have tipped off Ignatova about the FBI investigation, leading to her disappearance.

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  1. Search of the US federal PACER shows no open or closed against Schneider.

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