New DEX, ADAX, Offers Instant, Cheap Trades

As a crypto trader, the exchange you use is a vital part of your toolkit. The right exchange can offer you low costs, fast execution, and a wide range of trading options.

When it comes to day trading, the seconds and the cents matter. That’s why a new DEX, ADAX, is quickly gaining a following in the crypto world. Following their January 30th launch, they’re expected to make a big splash in the coming months.

ADAX is a non-custodial exchange that offers instant and cheap trades. And because it’s built on the Cardano blockchain, it offers all the benefits of that platform — including security, scalability, and liquidity.

What’s more, ADAX is designed for day traders. Its order-book model means you can trade quickly and easily without worrying about censorship or custody.

ADAX's Partner Network

ADAX also has a strong partner network. It has already partnered with Stockgeist.AI, a market sentiment monitoring platform, to give traders early warning of changing social sentiment around individual tokens.

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More recently, ADAX has announced partnerships with the likes of GeroWallet and CCVault, representing the start of a widespread wallet integration ecosystem. Wallet integrations are vital to exchange users, as they provide a convenient way to store and manage their digital assets.

ADAX DEX's partnership with BlackDragon, a community-backed crypto investment platform, will give ADAX users unique investment opportunities, while their partnership with Charli3, a decentralized oracle, ensures secure and accurate information on prices and other data.

Further, with its World Mobile partnership, ADAX will help contribute to telecommunications infrastructure. World Mobile offers users rewards for contributing to telecom connections. Users with a computer and an Internet connection can help secure the network for billions of people worldwide, earning the cryptocurrency, WMT.

Cardano in 2022

Cardano is taking off, with its ADA currency now worth more than $1 apiece -- up from just $0.18 at the beginning of 2021. That gives the currency a market cap today of more than $35 billion.

ADAX is joining a fast-growing ecosystem of exchanges, wallets, and other services built around Cardano.

As Cardano continues to forge new partnerships and cement its place as one of the top blockchain platforms, ADAX will be well-positioned to offer traders a seamless experience and capture a slice of this growing pie.

After a recent successful hard fork, Cardano launched smart contracts using Plutus scripts, which is a purpose-built smart contract language and execution platform. ADAX utilizes these Plutus smart contracts to ensure a high level of decentralization.

Cardano has a busy roadmap ahead, culminating in a blockchain that’s truly self-sufficient, decentralized, and in the hands of the community. In other words, ADAX will only become more decentralized and distributed as time goes on, providing users with greater trust, transparency, and control.

ADAX is sure to quickly establish itself as a premier Cardano DEX, thanks to its low costs, fast execution, and strong partner network. If you’re looking for a reliable, censorship-resistant exchange, ADAX is well worth a look, and we’ll be keeping an eye on them for future updates.


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