How Can Cloud Workflow Improve Your Law Firm’s Productivity?

There are several cloud workflow software you can use to transform your law firm. It's important that lawyers find the one that's right for their firm.

June 23 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Law firms face a lot of challenges from every direction. This is not a big problem but in recent years, the pace of change in all aspects of the industry has accelerated.  A law firm that does not have a clear vision and well-defined business objectives may not be able to get any success. Plus, different rules have to be made to improve the quality of work. 

How cloud workflow improves law firm’s productivity

Cloud workflow can greatly improve the productivity of a law firm. Do you want to know how? Here we have a large number of pre written essays for sale, and we present this interesting list of apps for attorneys.

Cloud workflow improves law firm’s productivity

Google Docs

It is a great workflow software for law firms. Both lawyers and attorneys can use it without investing a lot of money. The app provides editing and writing facilities, and attorneys can share sensitive information with their clients using Google Docs. You just have to choose a template from the Gallery, create the document, and share it with your client within seconds.


We’d like to say that while managing a law firm, the lawyer or attorney will be required to handle multiple tasks at a time. Clio is an excellent app in terms of its ability to simplify the management process. 

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When you set up your law firm, you will be kept under pressure. Maybe, your client will demand instant results. With this tool, you can turn the hectic hours into a breeze. Isn’t it great? Yes, it is – easy navigation is allowed when you start using Clio. It is not only suitable for attorneys and lawyers but also other legal professionals who want to develop good relationships with their clients.


If you are looking for the best cloud storage for lawyers, then LawStream is the right option for you. It is a great app to store and share sensitive files or documents. One of the best parts is that this application is already being used by top law firms. It can unlock a new level of management and can enhance the productivity of your law firm to a great extent.

 The application features almost everything you might need to handle your law firm, such as the billing option, invoicing options, document sharing option, CRM and legal case management. You can also track the time you took to resolve a particular case.


Attorneys and lawyers who do not want to use LawStream to manage time can try TMetric. It is one of the best applications out there. Timekeeping is the key to a successful business. Am I right? TMetric is a reliable tool that enables lawyers and attorneys to get to work on time and do calculations effortlessly. You can also use this tool to keep a record of how much money your law firm has made during a week or month.

How Cloud Storage Enables Legal Process Innovation?

The cloud enables legal process innovation in the following ways:

Easy access

One of the best parts is that cloud-based legal management systems can be downloaded, accessed and activated anywhere, anytime. This means you can use the above-mentioned applications or traditional cloud-based legal management systems wherever you go. Attorneys and lawyers can keep working whenever they want. These apps and systems may not work well if you don’t have access to high-speed internet. Full flexibility is also provided to every user. You can also share files with your clients and employees without any need of compromising on quality. It is up to you whether you want someone to access private files or case histories or not.

Multiple Languages

There are plenty of cloud services for law firms, all of which provide macro extensibility to attorneys and lawyers. A key benefit of the cloud platform is that it provides the attorney with the facility to share official documents or files in any language. For example, if your client lives in China and you are in the United States, you can easily change the language of the official document and share it with the client through Google Docs.


The security of users is always guaranteed. When you look for the best cloud storage for lawyers, you might want to get your information secured. Isn’t it? With apps like Google Docs or other cloud storage systems, you can protect official documents. Whenever a document has to be shared with an employee or customer, you can share it after protecting it with a password. Make sure the password has been given to the other party so that they can access and read the document before getting back to you with a response.

In conclusion, we can say that there are many options for cloud storage for lawyers, but all of them are not good to go with. ResumeThatWorks thinks that the above-mentioned apps will suit law firms of all sizes. So if you have just established your firm, you might like to try any of these applications to improve productivity.

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