REvil Ransomware Group Auctions Stolen Data of Two US Law Firms

Ransomware group REvil launched an auction of confidential data stolen from two US law firms "Fraser Wheeler & Courtney LLP" and "Vierra Magen Marcus LLP".

09 June, 2020 | AtoZ Markets – REvil ransomware continues to invent ways for a fortune, even if the victim refuses to pay the ransom. Recently, ransomware revealed a new auction section on the dark web. If victims don't pay the ransom, they don't leak stolen data for free but instead, auction it to the highest bidder.

REvil Is Auctioning off Confidential Data of Two Law Firms

REvil launched an auction listing confidential data stolen from two US-based law firms on the dark web on June 6. A total of 1.8TB data was stolen from those law firms. They are Fraser Wheeler & Courtney LLP and Vierra Magen Marcus LLP.

Fraser Wheeler & Courtney LLP

Fraser Wheeler & Courtney LLP is a law firm in Lake Charles, LA. Hackers stole 50GB of confidential data, including client and customer information from the law firm. The starting price for its auction listing is $30,000.

Vierra Magen Marcus LLP

Vierra Magen Marcus LLP is an intellectual property law firm. According to its website, "it provides industry-leading counsel to the world's most innovative companies. Since its inception in 2001, it has focused on delivering high-quality IP services at a reasonable price."

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The hacker stole 1.2TB confidential data from the firm. It includes internal documentation of the company, electronic correspondence, patent agreements, business plans and projects, and new technology that has not yet been patented. Brett Carrow, a threat analyst at Malware Lab "Emsisoft," said:

"I suspect that the primary purpose of the auctions is not to create revenue, but to up the ante for future victims. The prospect of data being auctioned and sold to competitors or other criminal enterprises. They may worry companies far more than it simply posted on an obscure Tor site and so provide them with an additional incentive to pay the demand."

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