Twitter Adds Support for Transfers to Ethereum Addresses

The Twitter social network has provided an opportunity for users to send donations in Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by capitalization.

Social media giant, Twitter, has added support for Ethereum addresses to the money transfer service within its application. Last September, Twitter added support for Bitcoin transactions, and now users can also use Ethereum wallets to send donations.

Twitter now supports Ethereum wallets on its tipping feature

In addition, Twitter Tips supports payment systems such as Cash App, GoFundMe, Patreon, Wealthsimple, Venmo, as well as fintech providers Paga, Paytm, and Barter by Flutterwave. Payments in Ethereum are available to all Twitter users, subject to agreement with the company's policy.

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“Starting today, Twitter users can add Ethereum addresses to the Tips service,” the company said. “We continue to expand the list of payment providers so that Tips is available to the maximum number of people, regardless of their location.”

In November, developer Jane Won discovered the possibility of adding Ethereum wallets to Twitter, while only transfers in bitcoin were publicly available. Now donations in ETH have become available to a wide range of users in the mobile application, however, unlike BTC, direct connection of Ethereum wallets is not yet provided - you need to manually copy the wallet address in the profile.

“Like Twitter, digital currencies function without global barriers,” the company representative continued. “We are excited to include support for Ethereum in addition to bitcoin payments in Tips, allowing even more people to participate in the digital economy with minimal effort.”

As AtoZ Markets reported last month, Twitter added the ability to authenticate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to customers of the paid Twitter Blue service. This happened after the well-known supporter of bitcoin, Jack Dorsey, left the post of CEO of the company in November.

Interestingly, Ethereum wallets registered using the ENS domain system are not currently supported. This system is similar to the DNS system on the Internet - it allows you to give alphabetic names to addresses on the Ethereum network.

As of the time of this reporting, Twitter trades on the New York Stock Exchange at $36.24 per share with a market capitalization of $28.98 billion.

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