Fxview Prioritises Technology Enablement

Giving traders more control with low-latency technology and rocket-fast execution

Fxview, an innovative brokerage firm part of Finvasia Group’s financial ecosystem, transforms the Forex and CFD trading landscape by focusing on technology development.

Aiming to reshape the global financial ecosystem, Fxview addresses the challenges that many traders face today with the wide spreads, high latency, delayed execution, and delayed deposits and withdrawals. The broker offers bespoke trading solutions that meet the needs of all traders. Its innovative low-latency technology facilitates order execution in milliseconds, thus allowing traders to benefit from the best trading conditions and best bid-ask pricing.

In addition, Fxview offers tight spreads, starting from 0.0 pips. This gives access to a wide range of technology-enhanced products and services at a low cost, which has been Fxview’s mandate since its inception.

“Our mission is to make trading accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or financial literacy. Focusing on technology enablement and education has helped us put Fxview on the world map. Traders nowadays look for execution speed and cost-effectiveness, and this is what we offer them,” Finvasia Group Co-founder and CEO Tajinder Virk, said.

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Speed is the name of the game

In Forex trading, every millisecond counts. The smallest delay can lead to significant losses. To minimise slippage and allow traders to take advantage of the best pricing, brokers must execute trades at the fastest rate possible.

Fxview takes pride in prioritising execution speed. Thanks to its agile STP technology, orders are executed almost instantaneously, giving traders a distinct advantage - low to no slippage and higher profitability.

The broker takes pride in offering access to a bundle of empowering tools, including:

Deep liquidity engine: Fxview provides ECN connectivity to aggregated liquidity sourced from top-tier venues around the world. This allows traders to execute trades at the best bid-ask prices available.

Free VPS: Yet another cutting-edge solution that Fxview traders can enjoy is the free VPS (virtual private server) hosting. This is a robust hosting solution that creates a stable environment by connecting different servers located near the main server. The convenience of the Fxview VPS is that it can be accessed from any device and it offers smooth trade execution, ultra-low latency and 99.99% uptime.

API trading: Fxview also offers API trading options for fast execution and low latency. The types of API connections available are REST and FIX API. While the REST API can be accessed free of charge, FIX API is subject to two requirements: a monthly balance of at least USD 10,000 and a minimum monthly commission of USD 1,000.

Trader’s Tool Box: The broker has developed an advanced toolkit for traders including a slew of decision-support solutions to help them navigate the markets with confidence. Some of these tools are the Alarm Manager, an automated trading solution that notifies traders about the latest account or market activity in real time and even place trades on their behalf based on pre-set rules, the Correlation Matrix, which offers a single view of the real-time correlation between various instruments, Sentiment Trader, which provides insights on traders’ sentiment on specific assets, and many others, enabling traders to make their moves in tandem with the markets.

Combined with the intelligent indicators, such as Pivot Points, Renko Bars, Order History, and many more, these tools form an arsenal that any trader can rely on to customise their experience.

Advanced trading platforms: These tools do not exist in a vacuum, they are an integral part of a reliable trading environment consisting of MT4, MT5 and ActTrader. While more “traditional” traders may opt for any of the two industry-standard platforms developed by MetaQuotes, more sophisticated investors will opt for the advanced ActTrader platform.

Featuring a fully customizable interface that lets users combine various types of charts, generate live risk reports and stream prices according to their preferences, ActTrader is the solution of choice for numerous traders looking for more flexibility.

Apart from these superior capabilities, the platform also allows traders to simulate their market position with a “what if” analysis, helping them gauge risk and identify key trading opportunities. This is possible thanks to ActTrader’s Interactive Risk Management tool and the platform’s wealth of graphs and charts.

Another key ActTrader feature is its Visual Strategy Builder that facilitates the building of investment strategies using a visual editor, without the requirement of prior coding knowledge. Finally, ActTrader’s One-Click Trading feature simplifies the trading process, facilitating trade execution. In this way, users can take advantage of market opportunities the moment they arise.

This comprehensive trading platform helps Fxview’s clients mitigate trading risk and manage their investments more efficiently. This impressive range of features makes the platform an ideal choice for both experienced and novice traders.

Setting a new standard in online trading

Fxview uses its group’s 14-year-long engineering experience to reshape the online trading arena through state-of-the-art, low-latency technology.

The company goes far beyond providing advanced technological solutions to its clients. Committed to a client-centric approach to trading and cost-effectiveness, Fxview continues to deliver on its promise of a transparent and equitable trading environment that levels the playing field for traders.

To gain a more detailed understanding of what Fxview has to offer, visit the website.

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