Free Bitcoin for the Vaccinated? Only in Australia

Hey Australians, this is your chance to get free Bitcoins to keep yourself when you get vaccinated and keep Australia safe from COVID-19! 

August 19, 2021, | AtoZ MarketsAustralian millionaire Fred Schebesta has announced that he will be giving away free Bitcoins to Australians who get vaccinated with the Covid vaccine.

Free Bitcoins to every Australian who got vaccinated

In an interview with KIIS 1065, co-founder revealed his intentions to encourage vaccination by giving away $5 in BTC to every Australian who got vaccinated since February 21.

Speaking to the breakfast program hosts Kyle Sandiland and Jackie 'O' Henderson, Schebesta said he hoped this initiative would not only get people to vaccinate but also take responsibility for their finances and investments while introducing them to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Australia currently has a population of over 20.6 million people over the age of 16. To date, at least 27% of them have been vaccinated. If everyone in this age group got vaccinated, Schebesta would have to give away about $104 million of his fortune, which is valued at $214 million.

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Who is Fred Schebbester?

Fred Schebester himself achieved his success and became a millionaire at the age of 26. Currently, he is the CEO and co-founder of the internet comparison engine. He is also a renowned media commentator, digital marketer, author, international speaker, and mentor. Recently, he has also been involved in cryptocurrencies. Schebester revealed that he invested in the Nexo project's ICO in 2019.

Commenting on the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies, Schebesta said:

"This is real time. It's always on. It is a combination of finance, technology and marketing which are my three favorite activities. And it allows you to earn money. I think it is like when the internet first appeared. I was in 2000, 2001 building websites and stuff. It's just the same. I feel DeFi is the first real case that makes it really simple and easy to do. It is like a cryptocurrency email where you can earn because there is a need for profit right now."

Later in the statement, the millionaire referred to his crypto investment:

"I invested in an ICO with Nexo in March 2019 and have been keeping these coins for a long time. I believe this is a great company as they obviously have a yield. I just loved the idea. This is a genius."

Australian crypto bank

Since May 18, users can buy and store Bitcoin. Schebesta already in August 2018 spoke of his intention to create the first Australian cryptocurrency bank due to the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream. He argued that the process could take around 18 months and would be easier to do through a partnership with an already operating bank. If Finder wanted to transform into such a bank, it would have to apply for an Authorized Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) license.

As cryptocurrency adoption gains momentum and gets bigger, people will need certain services like trusteeship, cold wallet storage, escrow, exchange, and spending. And then lending - lending is what makes the fiat economy work, and when lending really takes off in cryptocurrencies, it's the thing that will basically take it to a whole new level.

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