Do.Exchange (DOEX) Joins the DeFi Race on Cardano, will Conduct Public Sale on KICK Launchpad

Per a recent announcement, Do.Exchange will conduct its first Public Sale on—a Cardano-centric launching pad and a project accelerator that's purposely designed to provide fully transparent and decentralized crowdfunding services—on December 6, 12:00 pm, GMT+02:00.

The DOEX Public Sale is Highly Anticipated

The exchange developers will be offering DOEX--the native token of the platform--to investors. The announcement comes when the exchange's private sale is ongoing, ending on December 5.

To boost the number of the already high profile investor count, the team is open to inquiries from institutional investors who wish to participate in the private sale, buying the token at a discount. The team is distributing 30.8 million DOEX tokens, each selling at $0.05 and subject to a four months lockup.

Do.Exchange is offering 23,800,000 DOEX, or 17 percent of the total supply, to public investors in the first phase of the Public Sale. Notably, there is no KYC, and all DOEX purchased will be immediately released on listing.

From the overwhelming number of inquiries from global investors and high subscription rates, the DOEX public sale is highly anticipated.

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There are various strategic reasons guiding investors on this public sale. Chiefly, Cardano is an established Proof-of-Stake blockchain that's activity dense. Its developers, Input-Output Global (OGS), emphasize code quality. The Charles Hoskinson-led team has been guiding the project since launch, building the chain from scratch with the sole reason of resolving problems plaguing legacy blockchains like Ethereum.

The other is the Cardano Foundation's goal of seeing its ecosystem flourish, primed with vibrant dApps. There have been initiatives such as Project Catalyst offering support for DeFi projects, a sector that Do.Exchange wants to establish itself in.

Do.Exchange - A Unique Approach to DeFi

However, the most prominent reason why investors are thirsty for DOEX is because of the project's approach to DeFi on Cardano.

Its creators are cognizant of existing problems and have created a secure and tailored AMM platform to alleviate pain points.

Aside from their vision of value maximization, their mission is to create better interoperability for seamless swapping of tokens in Cardano and those from other chains like Ethereum through a fool-proof bridge.

Commenting, the Do.Exchange team said:

"Our vision is to become the first Cardano-based DEX, ensuring interoperability across chains and allowing for the seamless swap of tokens both on the Cardano blockchain and other ones like Ethereum via a fool-proof bridge or converter. This is part of our extended vision of laying a solid background for extended business and expansion opportunities. Our long-term objective is to be the one-stop-shop for DeFi services on the Cardano blockchain, including, but not limited to, staking and asset management."

By launching on the high throughput Cardano with a 1k TPS, Do.Exchange's distinguishing features will include a single liquidity pool, a trade router, an instant price feed mechanism, and the implementation of Automatic babel fees redemption for Stake Pool Operations (SPOs). Being an AMM and reliant on self-executing smart contracts, Do.Exchange is also transparent, operating from Cardano, and community-driven.

Accordingly, DOEX token holders will participate directly in governance by voting on development proposals and paying swapping fees. At the same time, the exchange will reward liquidity providers with DOEX as part of their incentive program.

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