Cryptodating Is a New Trend in the Dating Industry

August 18, 2021, | AtoZ Markets – The dynamic growth of several digital currencies has caused a worldwide chase for smart investments, and this trend is now spilling over into other spheres of life, including online dating.

When Bitcoin was first launched, it was regarded as a novelty that might or might not have a long-term future. Over the past years, its value has skyrocketed, and numerous similar cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology emerged. Things accelerated even more in 2021 when we saw robust growth of all crypto coins and an explosion of mainstream interest in this type of asset.

In effect, young people all over the world are imagining a bright future where they are living comfortably off their crypto investments. Even on dating sites for young singles, this topic is frequently discussed among people who just met. It’s fair to ask – is crypto dating really a phenomenon that should be taken seriously and analyzed scientifically?

Millenials – a finance-savvy generation that loves long-term relationships

One defining characteristic of Generation Y is long-term planning. Millennials crave stability in their emotional lives just as much as in their finances, and many among them are trying to put together a life plan that allows them to be comfortable in their middle age. A large percentage of them are working in the digital economy and are very tech-savvy, so it doesn’t surprise that this generation leads the way when it comes to investment in cryptocurrencies. Early adopters who bought or mined Bitcoins ten years ago are now rich, and a whole army of eager investors is following in their footsteps. While there are no guarantees that cryptocurrencies will continue to gain value, millennials don’t seem to mind the risk for as long as there is an opportunity to set up a comfortable future.

Common interests are the key to success in relationships

When people meet online, they usually start by inquiring about personal interests and attitudes, so couples that share a passion for crypto investment have a built-in advantage. While dating sites are not places where you would expect conversations about short selling or growth indicators, they occur far more frequently than you imagine, especially between young people. This topic has added importance for individuals who are looking for long-term relationships, and shared investments could be a part of the allure. Since the crypto market is very volatile and there is never a shortage of shocking news, the couple will have plenty of things to talk about if they both have stakes in cryptos. If the investments pay off in the end, there will be a sense of shared success and mutual support that is an excellent foundation for a lasting relationship.

Advantages of dating a crypto investment enthusiast

If you meet someone who is super-hyped about cryptocurrencies at an online dating site, that shouldn’t turn you off. Guys and girls who follow this market tend to be smart and educated and to have an entrepreneurial spirit. They don’t necessarily have to be tech nerds since a lot of millennials are now into cryptos, and they represent a large percentage of membership at many dating apps. It’s less risky to date someone who is saving money to speculatively buy virtual assets than to trust a guy who squanders everything at a bar or a casino. On top of that, a person who spends a lot of time analyzing the numbers is unlikely to be violent or impulsive, so it should be possible to solve any disagreements through rational negotiation.

All things considered, you could do much worse than ending up with someone who is totally into cryptocurrencies.


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