Gamify Your Forecasting Abilities with the Fastest Growing Crypto Prediction Platform and Make as Much as 97% Profits

July 14, 2021, | AtoZ Markets – Converting the serious and data-driven world of crypto price prediction into fun and easy-to-do tasks, Trade Fighter creates a whole new gamification method that allows anyone to try their luck in the cryptocurrency market.

What is a Crypto Prediction Market?

Calculating the outcome of future events is an activity that has been around since recorded history. Whether mystic oracles that have tried to help ancient kings to overcome their enemies or the modern equivalent of Google using numbers and statistics to find the best dates to launch their products, peering into the future is a complete financial industry that is found in every corner of the world.

In the last few years, cryptocurrencies have proved time and again that digital assets are a serious business and their increase in value is something to behold. As time passed, people started to make guesses on the tokens’ value, especially the leading Bitcoin. This has ranged a lot from using technical analysis such as the simple moving averages to the complex stock to flow modelling and even based on personal beliefs, the late John McAfee tweet on BTC crossing half a million Dollars perhaps one of the most famous ones.

While a lot of predictions tend to be wrong, there are also a large number of these that turn out to be correct in due time. This is how people make money. They predict certain outcomes of crypto prices and then either buy in, sell out or use derivative contracts to make money.

Trade Fighter: Gamifying Boring Prediction Market

Trade Fighter takes the concept of the bland crypto prediction industry and gives it a whole new flavor by converting it into a game. Instead of the boring opening and closing positions, using an interface with graphs and numbers, Trade Fighter simplifies it all and allows anyone to start making money on their guesses in easy steps.

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  • Connect your wallet to the Trade Fighter platform.
  • Deposit your desired amount in the smart contract.
  • Select your prediction direction (Bull or Bear) for BTC and ETH.
  • Choose your time frame (30 seconds, up to 24hr)

After you have executed your order, you sit back and watch the crypto market. If your guess is correct, you can make as much as 97% of your placed amount.

Leveraging Blockchain

What sets Trade Fighter apart from other crypto prediction platforms is its use of blockchain and smart contracts.

Using the technology, Trade Fighter makes the whole prediction gaming transparent and eliminates chances of fraud. Secondly, smart contract usage means that there are no intermediaries that would otherwise eat into the profits made and the distribution is instantly done as soon as the round is over.

The platform is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and currently, participants can only use BNB to fund their efforts. Another feature of the platform is that its minimum requirement for taking a chance on BTC and ETH price is just $1 worth of BNB. Unlike other platforms, this means that everyone now can take part in it. Trade Fighter will make it more accessible with its TDF, the BEP20 compliant native token that is in the works and will be launched soon. 

Through its efforts, Trade Fighter completely revamps how prediction platforms operate and it opens up a whole new gamification of the industry, making it the best choice for people to test their skill on crypto futures.

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