Will Tron Ever Beat Ethereum?

December 10, 2018 AtoZ Markets-TRON is one of the largest blockchain-based platforms. Despite that the value of the native TRX token is going down the project continues to flourish and expand with the launch of the TRON Accelerator, which might help Tron Foundation eventually overtake the blockchain market and beat Ethereum.

What Do We Know About Tron Accelerator?

Tron Accelerator project was launched last month and set foster the new development opportunities with the TRON blockchain. The new project with its purpose of helping young developers to fulfill their dreams and search for the new minds is very similar to Ethereum. That makes TRON a kind of competitor to the third largest cryptocurrency. TRON project just like Ethereum facilitates the development of decentralized applications, which allow users to engage with blockchain in order to carry out certain tasks and activities. TRON creators believe, that their project is better and faster than Ethereum and one-day TRX token will surpass ETH and launching their accelerator will secure odds for success.

According to the TRON Accelerator official description it is a $1 million USD program, aiming to empower developers and foster innovation within the blockchain industry. Developers are invited to submit their decentralized application project, build on the TRON protocol, and compete in the Blockchain hackathon.

Is Tron Flippening With Ethereum ?

Just the way attitude toward Bitcoin has split society in its supporters and critics, launching TRON project caused the same controversial reactions. Despite all doubts, TRX is one of the few cryptos which are maintaining stable price against BTC pair in the bear market.

In his recent interview with one of the online media channels, Tom Mao – TRON Foundation executive emphasized, that their blockchain project managed to solve “the scalability issues that were present in Bitcoin and Ethereum,” with unique proof of stake system where TRX holders have the right to vote for Super Representatives. According to Mao, who also handles technical writing and media division in the company, the aforementioned coins have “a proof of work system which gives rise to energy inefficiency and very centralized mining cartels.” TRON Foundation executive outlined in his interview, that the new technology in TRON helped to democratize and decentralize the ecosystem.

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On the question, “whether TRON will kill Ethereum?“, the technical writer of the Tron Foundation gave a hint, that " it is half cheaper to develop smart contracts on TRON than on Ethereum. Moreover, as Mao emphasized, TRON has transaction speed of 2000 TPS compared to Ethereum’s (10-15) TPS. “From a perspective of developers and businesses, I think there’s definitely advantages of Tron over Ethereum,” he added. In his interview, Mao also mentioned 4 major tools for developers, released by TRON Foundation recently – tonbox : Framework for integrating with Tron network and creating DApps tron-studio: IDE for testing, compiling and deploying smart contracts tron-grid : Load balanced API service to access TRON blockchain tron-web: Extensive library of API calls like HTTP, JavaScript as well as PHP & Python. In his conversation with the interviewer, he encouraged developers to migrate their DApps from Ethereum to TRON and argued that there are many good incentives for developers to migrate from Ethereum to TRON.

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