What is Tron? All You Need to Know about TRX

While cryptomarket is flourishing with numerous altcoins, not all of them are worth the hype. Today, we look into one of the most active and promising coins of the last year - Tronix. What is Tron? Let's go over the key facts.

8 January, AtoZForex Last year saw the crazy Bitcoin and altcoins rally, while the cryptocurrency market has been pretty volatile, too. There is no doubt that the big portion of traders’ attention is focused on the crème de la crème of all cryptocurrencies. However, it is also very important to pay attention to the less popular digital coins, such as Tron.

What is Tron? All You Need to Know about TRX

In this small educational piece, we will discuss the key facts about Tron, a relatively new and exceptional digital coin on the market. What is Tron?

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Tron has hit the cryptomarkets in September 2017. Just like Bitcoin, this young cryptocurrency is traded online. Yet, unlike the king of all cryptocurrencies, Tron is attached to the new blockchain-based technology that looks into revolutionizing the way people consume entertainment.

What is the purpose behind Tron?

This promising coin claims to enable users to freely store, own, and publish data. This aims to create a decentralized content distribution platform.

In fact, the company states this will allow overcoming its centralized competitors such as Google Play and Apple’s store.

What is the price of Tron?

Tron is based on Ethereum, while its official coin’s name is Tronix (TRX). As of now, the price of one native Tron token stands at $0.158866, with its market cap being $10,445,152,346.

What is Tron

Tron coin has been on the market since the middle of September. On December 5th, the price of a single Tronix was standing at $0.0021, as of 5th January, the single coin was worth $0.21. This marks a remarkable increase of around 1000% in just one month.

How to buy Tron?

Normally, you would buy TRX with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. You can do so via any cryptocurrency exchange. However, there is also an option to buy Tronix with real money.

Yet, you need to exercise extreme caution while trading TRX or any other cryptocurrency. The nature of digital coins is volatile, while they are able to plummet and surge very rapidly.

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