Why my trading is not yet profitable?

Every beginner trader makes mistake in the early stage of their trading journey. In this article, you'll learn why your trading is not yet profitable.

17 September 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Thousands of investors are entering this sector daily but only a few can make a profit. This sector is completely online and anybody can access his fund designated terminals provided by the broker. There are countless online communities to assist individuals but it is a mystery because the majority fails to make a profit constantly. Despite the countless help, one is not always successful in currency trading. If a person manages to earn money, the amount may not be substantial to support his livelihood. All this complicated factor worsens the situations and many wonder whether this trading can be made profitable for them. It has been found that people like to remain silent about this aspect and investors are in confusion.

In this article, we are going to describe some techniques that will help to turn a mediocre performance into a profitable one. We want the readers to start this post with an open mind and do not get influenced because making money requires hard work. This will never happen in a day but if a person is persistent, we can learn to master the methods to achieve success.

Always staying in the market

Learning to exit from a situation is more important than entering. When a person plans to steal from someone he first plans the escape strategy before trying to break into that particular place. If you are always trading whenever there is it rained appearing on the chat, there is no way to make a profit. This sector is always appealing but one needs to learn to control emotions. Imagine a person who has made a $10 profit. Instead of enjoying this experience, he against open another order, and this time it is a failure.

This is the scenario for the majority as they struggle to cope up with the losses. There is no valid reason to always trade on the market even if there is no profitable volatility. Only enter when there is a profitable trend but do not get carried away. Less is more in Forex and people should realize this concept in due time. You can also use a great demo account with Rakuten Securities Australia to get the real concept of trading.

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Choosing the lower time frame

Choosing a lower time frame is another key reason for which people lose money. You may have the best trading accounts but should not focus on the lower time frame. Lower time frame trading is a bit riskier as the price fluctuation is very high. Most importantly, you won’t be able to manage the losses in a systematic manner. People lose money most of the time as they don’t have analytical skills which can help them to identify the trade setups in the lower chart. So, get used to the daily and hourly chart to see the visible impact in your trading results.

Not using a proper strategy

You cannot make sufficient money by making only once and profit per order. An appropriate from others should be developed to generate sufficient earnings to survive in this competitive sector. Many focus on the initial phase of the formula but ignore how to execute the order eventually. This results in an incomplete execution of financial decisions which subsequently affects the performance. Set a stop loss before investing as trends are volatile. Never invest money in a hunch and expect a fair return. Using a common method is not profitable but should be meticulously crafted from scratch. Spend time in a demo account to elevate the performance and develop the working formula.

Never withdrawing the profit

The virtual money is not going to appear magically in the bank account. Make a schedule and always withdraw a certain amount weekly to ensure sufficient cash in hand. If a person manages to make $100 profit but loses all the money within a few months, his skill is a waste. Always with you from your pant and this will help to keep you motivated in this industry.

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