Why do Brokers Sponsor Sport Events?

20 September, AtoZ Markets - Behind the scenes of any sport game, stand big efforts to make it come out with its outstanding image that grips the attention of the viewers who count in billions today all over the world.

This is what is called “sponsorship”, which in fact translates mostly in- but not limited to- covering the financial cost from A to Z.

In return, this gives the sponsor who undertakes the business the right to make loads of money out of the game or event they sponsored.

The commercial advertisement campaign plays a key role to make such a profit from the event sponsored, from boxing and polo to football and Formula One.

Brokers do not spend millions of dollars on sponsoring teams and players if they do not guarantee they would be getting something in return.

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Brokers Care About Numbers  

First and foremost, brokers care about in their sponsorship of a sports team, is to gain more exposure of their brand.

Profits of such kind of sponsorship can be measured depending on the size of the fame of a sports team or the game’s name.

The English Premier League, for instance, has an audience of 4.7 billion people across 202 territories. That means, over 60 percent of people will watch a Premier League football game in one year.

So the average game is watched by some 80 million people, while the average viewers of the Formula One race is 79.6 million people, cumulatively, 1.6 billion people, from different parts over the globe.

Sponsorship Returns More Expansion

The global reach the sponsorship of of such events is capable of achieving, can benefit in particular those companies looking for expansion on an international basis, especially those already involved in operations overseas.

Another point to take into consideration is that Online advertising may be forbidden in some countries, like China for example, but there is nothing to prevent people in the country seeing a logo of a specific product or company on the shirts a football team will be wearing during the match, and that is where exposure to viewers through sport events can help brokers get around legal restrictions.

As a whole, sponsorship efforts raise awareness about retail brokers, so people will be curious as to what it is they do, when they see the logo or name of a company or product scattered all across the field that hosts the event. 

Stephen Pearson- CEO of Sports Gaming LTD, told AtoZ Markets: "Over the last 5 years, over 400 million dollars have been spent on sponsorship of sports events by brokers. 65% of them went to football sponsorships, and 25% to other events like the Formula one.".

Pearson explained that the outcome brokers get from sponsoring events is constituted in consolidating their credibility and raising global awareness to their names and products.

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