Journey of Stardust Paving the Way for the Future of NFT Comics

The NFT market has been expanding rapidly over the course of this last year, to the point where it is now possible to find pretty much any form of art or collectible in the form of NFTs. Blockchain-based gaming that relies heavily on this trend has been exploding as well, but it might have to share the new wave of appreciation with another form of media — comic books.

Digital comic books have been a thing for years now, but with the arrival of the NFT sector, they are entering a new era of collecting, managing, and displaying. The most recent example of this is Journey of Stardust, which is a new NFT collection spanning 100 pages of comics.

According to the comics’ creator, they plan to give away the first 10 pages of the full 100-page collection in order to generate interest in the project. Best of all, these comics are related to the crypto industry in more ways than one, as they are also taking inspiration from the BitColors collection.

What is Journey of Stardust About?

As mentioned, the NFT sector is huge now, which is not surprising given all of the potential use cases that are already known, plus all the ones that are still being discovered all the time. One such possibility is the use of NFTs for digital comics, such as Journey of Stardust.

This particular collection is telling the tale of a young wizard called Stardust, who is going on an adventure to explore the world in which he lives. Along the way, he learns that humans and wizards of his world are in a complex conflict. As if that wasn’t enough, he also finds that there is an unknown entity that threatens the existence of both, and due to their conflict, neither side appears to be noticing a greater danger.

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Journey of Stardust is spanning 100 pages, and it will be offered in the form of NFTs. In fact, the decision to offer the comics as NFTs has quite a large potential, as it will allow the fans to access unique pages, create a full collection, and be able to get to the comics from anywhere in the world.

The first ten pages will be distributed in a giveaway to attract some attention and popularity to the project, as mentioned, while the remaining 90 pages will be available for sale on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. The first 2 pages have allegedly already found their way to a new owner via the giveaway, while the remaining ones will follow as well, in days and weeks to come.

Can NFT-based Comics Go Big?

The big question now, however, is whether there is true, viral potential for digital comics? When they first emerged, comics and comic books were a huge hit that ended up going big and strong for nearly a century now. However, even though traditional comics and comic books are bigger than ever thanks to the initiatives such as the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and major DC films, the world might be ready to drop the traditional form of comic books ans switch to digital ones completely.

This has been going on for a while, with new comic books becoming available online on subscription sites, allowing users to read them on demand. However, for those who wish to own them and collect them, the NFT sector will be the next step. In their digital form, they will be much easier to share with people, and the BitColors and Journey of Stardust are embodying that vision.

Of course, it is never easy making something go viral on purpose — usually it is just something that blows up on its own. But, Journey of Stardust has everything that it is needed to blow up in such a way, from being a one-of-a-kind comic, being easy to share, having scarcity on its side and more, this might be the pioneer of NFT comics that will bring forth a new age for all fans out there.

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