IXFI Exchange Offers Banking Benefits to both Existing and New Crypto Traders

In this present day where both experienced crypto traders and newbies find it difficult to smoothly transact in the crypto industry, causing many of them to encounter product issues, including lack of liquidity, high exchange fees, and quality customer support.

More than 70% of millennial millionaires have their assets in crypto. This is evidence that these digital assets have come to stay. Better and more functional exchanges like IXFI need to be put in place to help crypto investors and traders have a good trading and transacting experience.

Understanding The IXFI Crypto Exchange

IXFI is a crypto exchange platform built to provide a complete alternative to banks and other financial institutions. It was birthed by a team of dedicated and experienced entrepreneurs who aim to empower newbies into the crypto industry.

The platform also aims to ensure in the future swift transactions, uninterrupted access to crypto loans and card solutions for a pleasurable trading experience, having complete security with no hidden fees. Through IXFI, both experienced and newbies users can get crypto loans, access card solutions, trade, stake, participate in the NFT barter trade, and practice their trading skills.

It is a centralized exchange crypto trading ecosystem built to become an all-in-one alternative to banks for users across the globe. Currently, the IXFI wallet supports 500 coins, giving holders the options of high flexibility and automated trading via the accurate reports and data the network provides in real-time.

Through IXFI, traders can select between crypto swap and spot trading, which allows them to acquire crypto with a credit card in a very secure and yielding way while trusting the team for 24/7 maximum support.

Next-generation Features of IXFI Exchange

To further emphasize its position as a complete alternative to banks, the IXFI network is currently developing some interesting services that are presently a work in progress and will be available to users in the near future. Some of these prominent innovative features include:

A Test-run for Newbies

Imagine learning how to trade using virtual currencies with zero risk!

The IXFI exchange is built to allow inexperienced traders to practice how to trade before they venture into investing their assets. It is known as a "playground environment" where these inexperienced traders can freely access virtual currency and then use it to sharpen their skills in the crypto industry. It would also interest you to know that these newbies traders can generate experience points and rewards that they can continually use in the main IXFI exchange.

Crypto loans 

Even though securing a loan is one of the distinctive products of any bank or financial institution. However, it is novel to the cryptocurrency world. IXFI exchange allows holders to borrow crypto loans using their current assets as collateral. Despite the exchange holding on to the collateral for the loan period, they can accumulate interest depending on the borrower's activities.

There is a wider range of crypto assets on the IXFI exchange platform, and borrowers can access the borrowed asset straightaway.

Apart from crypto loans and testing ground for newbies, these are other interesting features to be on the lookout for;

  • NFT barter exchange program
  • Zero wallet address requirement
  • A very competitive earning program

The above features are presently under development and designed to provide holders with the best experience in cryptocurrency trading.


Although change doesn't occur at a glance, the crypto world is about to experience a massive change through the IXFI exchange. With its alternative to bank services and user-friendly development, there are lots of benefits for users. For more inquiries, visit their official website.

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